Total Divas Season 4 Episode 11: An Unwanted Proposal

Scott Fishman

This week’s WWE Total Divas involved cast members contemplating decisions that could alter their respective futures inside and outside the ring.

Kevin tries to gauge Paige’s interest in jewelry during a shopping trip. She is starting to get the hints that he may want to propose. Paige thinks they should take it slow. Paige and fellow diva and partner in crime Emma go on a search for a ring inside the house to confirm her suspicions. Paige finds Kevin’s coin collection, but no ring to rule them all.


They go through a jacket and find a box containing…a ring(cuts to Gollum). This stresses Paige out. She loves Kevin and doesn’t want to be without him. As someone in her early 20s, Paige also isn’t ready to be engaged. She feels it’s too soon. Paige consults other divas Alicia, Summer, Natalya and Rosa for advice about the situation. Natalya says to come clean and tell the truth that she found the ring and doesn’t want to get married right now. Look at Nattie going with the honesty is the best policy.


Paige thinks Kevin is going to pop the question at some point during a dinner. She plans to change the subject at the first sign of a proposal. Paige goes to the women’s bathroom to call Alicia for advice when things get a little to uncomfortable. Foxy suggests that she pretend she is sick. Crisis averted…for now.


Later on Kevin goes to get a tattoo and takes Paige along. We find out this was part of a grander plan. Kevin shows her a tattoo that leads to him on one knee with the familiar ring revealed. I guess she gets a change of heart and says yes! Paige thinks the engagement is ultimately a good idea. So Paige is off the market, leaving many crying themselves to sleep.


Elsewhere, Brie had to witness her husband Bryan forfeit the WWE Intercontinental championship due to injury. It’s the second time of enduring this heart-breaking scene. She is torn because she doesn’t want to see Bryan’s career end, but as a wife she wants him to stop wrestling now. Health comes before career, thinking about the long term.

Bryan and Brie go to eat with the Bella family to reveal Bryan has been cleared by his doctor. Brie says Bryan has been given a second chance to walk away and have a healthy body and mind. Bryan understands Brie’s point-of-view, but sees tremendous earning potential and that he was just getting started. He believes you can’t live your life in fear.


Bryan awaits word from WWE decision-makers about his future. He finds out they are afraid of having him wrestle again. He understands why, but is willing to give them time to ultimately decide what they want to do with him. Brie asks him what he would do if they don’t clear him. He doesn’t know, but is confident he wants to wrestle again one way or another. Brie supports him, but thinks Bryan needs to think big picture and not live in the moment. Bryan asks Brie if she feels he is healthy enough to wrestle again. Brie says it doesn’t matter what she says, but you can tell what her answer may be. They are at a stalemate.


Trinity thinks Jon should try stand-up given his sense of humor. Dolph Ziggler books Jon for the Laugh Factory in L.A. for a three-minute set. It turns out Trinity went to Dolph for help in setting it up for her hubby.


Trinity wants to do something to make Uso more comfortable before his big comedic debut. He performs in the living room before Trinity and her dad, who cracks up watching him. Trinity didn’t like being the butt of a lot of the jokes.


She thinks he needs to get some new material where it isn’t roast the wife. Trinity talks to Dolph about her concerns. Dolph says you write what you know and take from real life on stage. It’s normal. She starts to see Jon’s routine isn’t as good when he leaves her out of it. She is willing to sacrifice her pride for the greater good.

The moment of truth arrives where Jon takes the stage, and the Uso knocks it out of the park. Look out Kevin Hart. Trinity thought he did a great job and didn’t even have to use her to get a laugh.

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Photos Courtesy: WWE