TLC’s Labor Games Delivers Two Episodes Tonight

Labor Games TLC
Parents-to-be can win big on Labor Games

This past May, TLC delivered a sneak peek of Labor Games, a game show where comedian-host Lisa Arch surprises parents-to-be in the delivery room, giving them the opportunity to win some cool swag (and maybe even a $10,000 college scholarship) for their little bundle of joy. The sneak peek must have been successful: Labor Games returns to TLC tonight at 8pm ET/PT (7pm CT).

If, after their initial surprise and agreement to play along, the parents-to-be can answer all of the questions before the baby crowns, they’re crowned the winners of Labor Games. (Okay, that’s not quite accurate. I don’t think the contestants get crowns. It sounds like there will be crowning on the part of the baby, though, because on tonight’s premiere episode, TLC promises that the first on-air birth will be captured on camera. Ew? Or awwww? You decide.) For a little more information on how the game is played, here’s a shameless plug for my May write-up on the game, which you can and should read right here.

Tonight, viewers can play along with the series on their smartphones, tablets or computers (by visiting this link) to test their own baby knowledge. Back-to-back half-hour episodes air tonight. The first episode, “Pregnant Women Want Pickles,” is the one that promises the on-air birth; the second episode is called “Cervix Says.” (I’d just like to say that I want to be BFFs with whoever came up with that second episode title, because it made me LOL. I’d also like to apologize for blogging in textspeak, as though I’m a 14-year-old.)

Here’s a look at tonight’s Labor Games!

Photo and video courtesy of TLC.