Recap: Monica The Medium, Episode 4: “Junior Slump”

Monica The Medium, Episode 4 Kellie Freeze
Monica stuns a woman with a message from Spirit. Image: ABC Family/Donald Rager

Mommy is coming! Mommy is coming! Hide your candles and crystals because we finally get to meet Monica’s mom (whom Monica does a killer impression of). But first, Monica has a classy issue.

Monica The Medium, Episode 4
Monica and Krista need to get their study-on, and their coffee-on!
Image: ABC Family/Donald Rager

She’s not doing well in a statistics class. BFF Krista’s solution? First, have coffee. Then, find Mon a cute math tutor. Monica and Krista also decide to have a singles bash at their casa, because it’s been a whole three episodes since their last throw down. But this one is for the single ladies (cue Beyoncé) but only the single ladies who are named Monica, Krista and Ann.

First, Monica has a reading in her newly renovated den/ office. The space looks great and Monica talks with two girls who want to reconnect with a friend. “Court” is coming through to talk to her sorority sisters. The two girls instantly brighten while Monica shares memories of their deceased friend. The quote on a memorial stone reads, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Spirit reveals to Monica that the two friends were in the car with Courtney when the car they were riding in, slipped on black ice, and crashed. Courtney passed along the message that she has traveled the world alongside her friends. The two girls, who seemed skeptical at first, are so happy to know that their friend is okay, and happy, in the afterlife.

Later, Monica’s Mom arrives at Casa Monica. The best thing about Mom-ica’s arrival is that Monica’s sister came too! Monica promises to teach Monica and her roomies how to make a traditional Costa Rican dish, but first Monica, Joanna and their mom go on a walk.

Monica The Medium, Episode 4
Mom-ica wants her daughter to be anything she wants … anything but a medium.

Monica’s mom is concerned that Monica’s life as a medium is interfering with her college courses and doesn’t want her to make being a medium her career. Monica’s conservative mother is still anti-medium and texts Monica Bible passages and notes from the Catholic Catechism about the church’s stance on mediums. Monica’s mom has never seen Monica’s gift at work; I wonder if she’d change her tune if she saw Monica’s gift changes people’s lives.

Monica meets Nathaniel the charming tutor at a local bookstore (Webster’s bookstore and café). He’s got numbers on the brain, but she’s thinking that he’s possible boyfriend material. But suddenly, Sprit shows up to spoil the math-time romance. Monica takes a study break to give a message to the two girls, and Nat give her a look like, “maybe she won’t notice if I just sneak away…”

Jaclyn and Katie call Monica’s visit “kind of random” but they listen when Monica reveals that Katie’s mom is coming through for her and her brother Kevin. Katie has kept a lock of her mom’s hair, and she’s floored that Monica told her about it. Monica also has a message for Katie’s grieving dad, “It’s okay to let go.” Katie knows this message from beyond will bring her father the peace he needs.

Surprise! Nathanial is still there! And he doesn’t think Monica is nuts. Monica asks for a second study session so she can see her cute tutor again.

Monica’s Momma is making Monica’s favorite meal, Gallo Pinto, which looks like a fantastic rice and beans dish. Mmm, Momma Ten-Kate, can you make me some Gallo Pinto?!? Monica — can you share your mom’s recipe?

Monica meets her roomies for pizza and they talk about their party. They come up with a cute party game where guys bring ties and the single ladies pick their fav tie and then the couple gets tied together at the wrist. Very 50 shades of fun!

Monica meets Nat for yogurt and study time. We can all agree that this is a date, right? Not just a study date, but a date date? Nat is a great tutor (Admission: I married my tutor from my college Logic class) and after she gets great vibes, she invites him to her party. Needle scratch. He changes the subject to “limits” math limits, but also tutor-tutoree limits, perhaps?

While shopping for party supplies, Monica reveals that she’s my twin because we share a love of cheese. “Don’t lie to me, everybody loves cheese,” says Mouse-ica, who describes her dream food combo as Cheese, Eggs and Avocado. I hear ya, twin!

Monica The Medium, Episode 4
Monica stuns a woman with a message from Spirit.
Image: ABC Family/Donald Rager

Monica sees a flickering light and she notices two girls in super-short shorts. So she supermarket stalks them because one woman’s deceased mother is coming through. The young women still wears her mom’s lipstick/lip gloss and keeps the last bit of her mom’s perfume. Monica reveals that her mom was with her at her death and heard her words of love and peace.

The night of the party is here! And the house is looking very clean! (a good sign after last episode’s pigsty). After a shot of liquid courage, the girls realize that the place is a sausage fest. A lot of men equals might mean too many men for Monica.

She slips outside and reveals to Krista that she’s too nervous to talk to them! This is insane because Monica normally has so much confidence in approaching strangers! Maybe she wears Spirit like a protective mantle?

Monica The Medium, Episode 4
The bros hang up their ties, which one will Monica choose?
Image: ABC Family/Donald Rager

“I’d rather hang out with Spirit. I’d rather party with Spirit,” she tells an exasperated Krista, “Spirit, wanna drink some shots? Because you’re way more enjoyable than real people.” LMFAO! Monica has no idea that she’s gorgeous and all of those guys are probably dying to meet her. And, she’s drunk and I think Krista may punch her to get her out of her self-deprecating funk. Thankfully, Krista imparts words of wisdom and confidence into her beautiful friend, gets her off of the crazy train, and back into the party. Because it’s tie-me to pick ties (see what I was trying to do there — tie + time = tie-me?!?)

Monica picks the tie of a hottie named Mitch, who after spending time attached to Monica, asks her out to dinner. And then he plants one on her! Mitch and Monica (I ship thee Mitchica) make out while everyone watches. It’s awkward unless you’ve had a few doses of liquid courage. To alcohol!  The cause of … and solution to … all of life’s problems. Thank you Homer Simpson for those words of wisdom.

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