7 Ways To Have Fun On Emmy Night


They say Oscar Night is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. But Emmy Night can be right up there, too. The Emmys are steeped in rich history as well. And, with the fall TV season getting ready to roll, the 67th edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater (formerly the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live) in Los Angeles will be a great kick-off event that really deserves some special attention. The Emmy Awards air live Sept. 20 at 8pm ET/5pm PT on FOX.

So, with that in mind, here are seven ways to have some fun on Emmy Night …

1. Throw a party. That’s obvious. Oscar night usually wins out when it comes to viewing parties. But face it – television screens attract a lot more eyeballs night after night than movie theatres tend to do. It’s time to give Emmy the attention she deserves. Plus, there’s a good chance your guests will have seen way more of the Emmy contenders than the flicks that sometimes snag Oscar nominations.

2. Cocktails, anyone? Check out “Emmy cocktail” on your favorite search engine and you’ll get a plethora of worthy suggestions for beverages of a sociable nature. Cheers!

3. Pool your resources. Put together an Emmy-pool ballot and let your guests/friends vote for those they think will snag the high-profile awards. You can keep it simple and limit things to the two main program categories (drama series, comedy series) and the eight core categories covering the lead and supporting actors and actresses in each of those genres.

4. Make it a dress-up night. Sure, black-tie attire is the order of the night for the Emmy hoopla going on at the Microsoft Theater. And it would be cool to dress up in fancy duds to watch at home, too. But, hey, a Game Of Thrones or Orange Is The New Black costume theme could be a lot more fun and/or comfortable way to perk everything up. Or, if you want to push that envelope, throw in your own wardrobe salute to Transparent.

5. Bone up by binge watching. Do some advance prep work by checking out a few episodes of the most buzz-worthy series competing for Outstanding Drama and Outstanding Comedy. Or set up a laptop or tablet to stream some episodes before the Emmy show gets under way.

6. Get Cyber Social, too. You can follow the @TelevisionAcad via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest. It’s one sure way to get the latest buzz from beginning to end.

7. Buckle your seat belts. That’s what Andy Samberg told everyone to do when he was announced as this year’s Emmy host back in March. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star promised it would be “a wild ride.” It may be his first time hosting an awards show, but Samberg is a likable dude who has had a lot of experience with live television, thanks to his years of doing Saturday Night Live. Plus, if you’ve followed Suggestion No. 2 above, Samberg is bound to make you giggle.

The Emmy Awards air on FOX  Sunday, Sept. 20 at 8pm ET


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