Ray Donovan recap Season 3 Episode 10: Non compos mentis, Invisalign and dick picks?

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan recap Season 3, Episode 10 “One Night in Yerevan” (original air date Sept. 13, 2015): The episode starts in a new venue — a concert for an Armenian pop star named Hasmig (Sarah Shani). Lena (Katherine Moennig) and Ray (Liev Schreiber) attend the singer’s after party where Hasmig is excited to see Ray — he helped her once with a stalker — but is unwilling to get involved in any doings with her fellow Armenian countrymen, the Minassians. She claims she does not know them. [On a side note, this episode marks the reunion of Shani and Moenning who starred as partners on Showtime’s The L Word.] Even if Hasmig did know the Minassians, she was unwilling to help Ray’s father thinking, why should she care when the U.S. fails to acknowledge the massacre of millions of Armenians as a genocide, and radio stations refused to play her song that called attention to the atrocities. Sorry, I know this is getting deep into the detail, but you need the background here.

Mickey (Jon Voight) is out of options. He’s working with authorities serving as their decoy in a sting that will bring down the Minassians and the Russian mafia for trafficking sex slaves. Mickey reviews the plan with Detective Muncie (Michael Hyatt) — half listening/half seriously courting her. Detective Muncie wants to talk about witness protection. Mickey doesn’t like the sound of Redding as his future home. As a precaution, she assigns one of her men to follow Mickey just in case he gets another idea to Mexico.

Ray Donovan recap season 3 episode 10At Ray’s house they are starting to look like a normal family — Terry (Eddie Marsan) and Conor (Devon Bagby) are enjoying a competitive game of Assassins Creed before school, Abby (Paula Malcomson) is preparing breakfast and Ray is enjoying his coffee. Ray offers to take Conor to school, but Abby and Terry already have it covered. Terry may be the answer to Abby’s loneliness. Abby questions Ray on being out until 3am, but his alibi is actually legit for once — he and Lena were trying to help out Mick — she just doesn’t buy it. “That’s a new one,” Abby remarks.

Ray DonovanEd Cochran (Frank Azaria), the former FBI assistant director whose career was ruined by Ray when leaked his orgy sex tape, is now investigating the disappearance of Varick Strauss for a company called Dybek that works for the NFL. He’s downright giddy investigating the case knowing that Ray’s got a partial ownership in this NFL deal. He tells his boss Iris (Liz Burnette) that a vacationing CFO (Varick) isn’t the one to be alarmed about on this deal, and hands her a folder on Ray. “He’s the most corrupt mother fucker in Los Angeles,” Cochran shares, “and he would be part owner of this team.” But the NFL is not going to disqualify the Finney’s over a minority stakeholder. Iris doesn’t care about how he use to run the FBI, she tells him to find Varick in 60 minutes or she’s going to put a red flag in his employee evaluation. It’s actually fun to have Azaria, and that comedic side of his character back on the show.

Mickey, Daryll (Pooch Hall) and their ladies are hanging in Mickey’s apartment when Ray shows up and tells them all to get out. “If Ray says you got to go, you got to go,” Mickey tells them. Ray collects the drugs and flushes everything down the toilet.Daryll is livid. “Pop, you dragged me into this business, got my car blown up and now that’s my only source of income (referencing the flushed drugs).”
“If you haven’t learned that Mickey always draws a shit hand that’s on you,” Ray tells his half-brother.
Daryll’s not buying it. “What the fuck are you talking about? Now all of a sudden you’re like a morally superior guy? I don’t go to your house and judge you, do I? You don’t even let me at your house.” Ray tells Mick they need to leave. Daryll is exasperated, he doesn’t know what his next move will be. “So what? I go to ITT Tech for web design now?”
Mick leaves him with some fatherly encouragement: “You’re a smart kid Daryll, you’ll make it whatever you do.” Later, Daryll grabs Michelle and takes off with Mickey’s car believing the possibilities are endless for starting over.

Ray Donovan

Ray takes Mickey to see his attorney, Lee Drexler (Peter Jacobson). As they walk into his office, Mick gives a schoolboy F-off to the goon Detective Muncie has following him. Voight’s priceless. Drexler needs Mickey to sign a declaration of non compos mentis (which according to Ray means “he’s not right in the head”). He’s already found a doctor who has diagnosed him with memory loss, confusion and other signs of Alzheimer’s. Drexler tells him they are looking for him to be protected from things like general kitchen accidents, freeway wandering, and getting mixed up with international sex traffickers. Ha! Essentially it means Mickey is senile and Ray will be his guardian. “I ain’t fucking senile,” Mickey tells them.

“Fine, your not senile, go tell fucking Joe Friday out there that you want to wear a wire and go get your brains blown out in Long Beach,” Ray suggests.
Mick thinks about that. “You could say I get confused from time to time.”
Mickey agrees to the paperwork. In the car home Mickey tells Ray that they aren’t going to believe he’s senile. Ray doesn’t think it’s much of a stretch. Ray calls Lena and asks her to set up a meeting with Flip (Bronson Pinchot), a TV personality he’s helped in the past.

Ray Donovan recap season 3 episode 10

Bridget loses her cool in the classroom when her dope-smoking/after school drinking pal Janet (Alisha Boe) insinuates that she’s giving Mr. Donellen blowjobs in exchange for better grades. She punches Janet in the face in front of all her classmates.

It’s an awkward meeting at the Finney house, when the Dybek people (that would be Iris and Cochran) show up. Paige introduces Ray as their head of security. Cochran’s amused. Ray’s not. Ray goes to intercept Finney before the meeting, wanting to review their Varick story. Finney is in a sour mood. “You know what Ray, we’re not doing it your way anymore,” he says. “It means I want back the piece of evidence that you took from here and I want to know the exact location where you buried Varick’s body.” That’s not going to happen. “I did the job. I did it right,” Ray tells him. While Ray was dealing with Finney, Paige (Katie Holmes) was getting her own backstory vetted. When asked about Varick she told him that he stole their money and took off to Belize. Ray interrupts her and gives a signal that Finney won’t be joining them.

Ray Donovan

“Boy, what a freak show that was, huh?” Cochran says to Ray as he exits. “Has that chick ever heard of Invisalign?” OK, that was hilarious. A great shout out to all you fans who have been complaining about Holmes’ fake braces. But Cochran’s not done, he continues: “Hey, did you hear that my wife left me for a landscape architect? Did you know that? And now that little bitch (pointing to his boss Iris) bosses me around for nine hours a fucking day. Until I get to go home to my apartment and stare at my cottage-cheese fucking ceiling while listening to 12-step tapes.”Ray just wants to know what he wants. Cochran tells him he’s just catching him up on his life. “I don’t have time to fuck around with you Cochran. Tell me what you want.”
“Or what? You’re going to release the sex tape of me and my wife? Enjoy your day Ray.” Finney secretly watched their conversation from his second-floor room (that is becoming a habit).
Bridget is in some serious trouble. She’s facing potential expulsion and possible assault charges for breaking Janet’s nose. Abby and Bridget meet with Dean Bloom (Marybeth Massett) and Mr. Donellen (Aaron Staton). The only good news in the situation is that Janet and her parents have agreed to let the school handle the disciplinary actions. Abby returns home where Terry offers to help with the groceries. He sees she’s upset but she heads up to her room with no explanation. Adorably, Terry almost becomes her personal assistant and he prepares a tray of food and brings it to her. Abby can’t eat, she’s rummaging through Bridget’s belongings not sure what she’s looking for.

Ray asks Avi (Steven Bauer) to break into the Dybek database, specifically Cochran’s machine where he leaves a special surprise. Avi unzips his pants and takes a selfie of his junk — or as he would later describe to Ray — a dick pic.

Ray has a two-sided fix to get Mickey out of this mess. He makes a visit to Detective Muncie, with Mickey and Lee Drexler in tow. “If you’re worried about being outed Mr. Donovan a family reunion at the station is probably not the play,” Detective Muncie warns.

“My father’s done working for you,” Ray tells her. Then Drexler hands over that declaration of non compos mentis.
“Who is this shit?” Muncie asks, referencing Drexler.
“My lawyer,” Mickey tells.
Then Drexler explains how he represents Mickey Donovan, as well as his court-appointed guardian Ray Donovan. Muncie is ticked. She wants to know which one of these assholes paid off the judge to the declaration.
It’s a smart play by Ray. And Drexler’s got things covered, too, warning Detective Muncie that if she tries anything he’ll bleed her department dry with an elder abuse lawsuit.
Despite all of this Mickey actually thinks he might still have a shot with Detective Muncie. “Once the dust settles on all of this, how about if I take you out for Burmese,” Mickey suggests.
“We will be watching you, asshole,” Muncie tells him. “You fucking cross on red I’ll be on you like a fly on shit.”
“Mango beef, coconut rice ­— you’re missing out on a good time,” he tells her.

Back at the office Lena does some more research on Hasmig’s claims of genocide. Ray shows up. Avi’s excited to tell Ray he got the job down at Dybek and “took a dick pic.”
“What?” Ray asks.
Yep, he took a picture of his dick using Cochran’s computer and sent it to all of Cochran’s coworkers, thinking he’s going to lose his job over this one. Avi thinks the picture will come in handy (as the episode later plays out, this could be the stupidest thing he’s ever done).

Ray calls on former weatherman now TV personality Flip Brightman (Bronson Pinchot). Earlier in the season Ray helped Flip out of a jam when he got his penis stuck in some porn shop’s “glory hole.” Flip has Nick Jonas scheduled for his show that night, but Ray tells him he needs to pull Nick and replace him with the Armenian singer Hasmig who is going to sing a song about her murdered grandfather. Flip says no way. Ray pulls out the promiscuous photos of Flip, and say no more, looks like Jonas is getting bumped.

Ray Donovan season 3 episode 10Bridget comes home and announces that she was suspended from school for a week but that it won’t happen again. “Sit the fuck down,” Abby tells her. She pulls out Mr. Donellen’s meds and asks where she got them. Bridget tells her she stole them from him. “I don’t believe you,” Abby says. “Did he do something to you?” Abby wants to go back to the dean and talk to her about him. Bridget panics and thinks he’ll lose his job. “He shouldn’t be working with children,” Abby tells her, and reminds her that she’s still a minor. “I’m almost 18 and I love him,” Bridget drops. “I love him and he really has deep feelings for me.” Oh dear, he’s so done now. Abby says she’s calling the police. Bridget begs her not to overact or worst yet, tell Ray, as she knows what will happen then. Abby orders her to go to her room and get out of her sight.

As for Finney (Ian McShane), he did some of his own research, as well, where he learns that Cochran was investigating Ray for the Sully Sullivan case. “Get this FBI guy back here again,” Finney asks. And then asks to see Cochran’s sex video. He seems pleased.

Cochran is investigating Avi (Steven Bauer) and impersonates him to get into his storage unit. He takes a bunch of pictures of files he has in storage.

Ray takes Mickey to the Minassians where he tells Mrs. Minassian (Grace Zabriskie): “My father’s a dip shit. He’s always been a dip shit. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that.” What he can do is offer to pay her back for any of the inconveniences he has caused. “There is no number. We have a deal,” Mrs. Minassian says, shooting down that effort.“He belongs to me.”
Ray tries to play the old man hand, but she doesn’t care. “Let him eat dog food. Let him shit his pants. I don’t care. I own him,” she says. And gives a signal to her goons – who take a nightstick to the back of Mickey’s knees. The other goon points his gun at Ray’s head.
“You want out. There is no out. This is so disappointing,” she tells Mickey. And the goons start beating up Mickey further. Ray grabs for his gun and when it looks like it’s going to be a standoff, in bursts the Hasmig, the Armenian pop star, and her posse who demand they stop. The star tells Mrs. Minassian that Ray is her friend and the two engage in a whispered conversation. Ray hands over his gun to Mrs. Minassian. She asks her grandson Davros Minassian (Nikola Kent) to get his camera, as they will make pictures for the wall — essentially dismissing Ray and Mickey. Ray helps a wounded Mickey to their car and they take off, but another car follows them.

Ray Donovan recap season 3 episode 10The Southie side of Abby comes out in full force when she shows up at Mr. Donellen’s house and bangs on the door. “What the fuck is this, you mother fucker,” she asks and then throws the pills at him. He tries to explain but she’s goes ape on him. “Here’s what’s going to happen – you’re going to quit your job and then you are going to come back here and pack your shit and go back to wherever the fuck you came from. Do you understand me?” When he’s finally able to talk and restrain her from beating on him, he explains how his wife died and how he thought Bridget was just trying to get her grades up originally but became obsessed with him. He had no idea how she got his drugs but said he thought she may have taken them out of his desk. “For your sake and Bridget’s I’m going to choose to believe you,” Abby tell him. “But if I find out you are fucking lying I’m going to come back here and I’m going to fucking kill you myself. Do you understand me?”

Never thought we’d see it, but Ray actually plays nurse to Mickey putting ice on his wounded knees. “Why couldn’t you just play fucking bingo like a normal old man?” he asks him.
“I was a shit father,” Mickey says. “I know that. I know how bad I let you down, and when I see you with your kids. Today, even in my duress it was a joy to watch you work. … You stuck your neck out, I’m forever grateful.”
But Ray needs him to leave LA. “I’m tired of worrying about my family because of you. You got to go.”
Yet Mickey sees them as his family too, and claims he’s not going anywhere.
And then we go full circle as Ray reminds him of the non compos mentes, and that he’s Mickey’s power of attorney. “You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do or I’m going to put you in the worst shithole I can find and have them pump you so full of Thorazine you won’t even know your fucking name anymore.”
A wide-eyed clueless Mickey says thinks Ray just pulled one over on him.
Ray reminds him that he just went up against the Armenian mob for him and almost got his head blown off because of his bullshit.
“You only got one of me Ray,” Mickey reminds.
“I’m sorry Mick, you got to go.”
“OK. If that’s what you want,” and Mickey agrees.
Ray’s actually stunned by his answer.Ray Donovan season 3 episode 10

Paige (Katie Holmes) calls Ray to tell him that her father changed his mind and that he was meeting with the investigators. Iris and Cochran are doing their background check and start questioning Finney on his sexual preferences. Finney’s not comfortable answering with Iris in the room so she leaves so Cochran can finish up. It’s Finney’s way of getting one-on-one time to better understand Cochran’s motives. Conchran, however, has noticed that one of the tools from his fireplace set is missing. “Have you ever fucked the help Mr. Finney?” he asks. And then cuts right to it: “Why does Ray Donovan have 3 percent of your football team? Did he just find it on the ground?” Finney tells him that his daughter Paige handled all of the details. “So it has nothing at all to do with Varick Strauss?” Cochran asks, and proceeds to show him a photo of Avi and ask why Avi would be traveling under Varick’s name. And if he knew Avi is an employee to Ray Donovan. Finney plays dumb, and tells him any further questioning would need to be done in the presence of his lawyer. Cochran makes his move to get on Finney’s side. “If you’re in the middle of something with Ray Donovan, I’m on your side,” and he hands Finney his card. But Finney shows his allegiance to Ray, at least for now, mocking Cochran by saying how reassuring it was to have a man like him on his side — a man whose ass and balls were on display for the world to see, along with his wife being banged by her suicidal boyfriend. “Very reassuring.” Cochran tells him to hold on to his card, because he’s going to need it.

Terry calls Ray and asks if he’s coming home for dinner, he lets him know that Abby isn’t feeling well. Once home, he finds Abby in the bathroom smoking. He tells her he wasn’t lying about being with Lena the night before and actually helping Mickey.
“What if we went back to Boston,” Abby asks Ray, and just got out of LA.
“It’s good for us here,” Ray tells her.
“What’s good about it?”
They are interrupted by Conor (Devon Bagby) yelling from downstairs that there is some woman in their house. The woman is Paige and she’s got NFL gear to hand out. Don’t wear it until next week when they make the announcement, and she gleams at them with those obnoxious braces. She asks Ray to walk her out, asking if he feels any differently now that he got everything he wanted. Ray doesn’t. “That’s too bad,” Paige says and leaves.
Abby’s upset. She tells Ray to have some sensitivity and not bring her to their house and storms off. Ray tells Conor to get his coat, he wants to show him something. Later, Terry brings Abby a drink and asks her to give him the teacher’s name and address and he will deal with it. “It’s better I do it. Ray will kill him,” Terry says. Abby tells him she already handled the problem.
“You’re a good man, Terry,” Abby says, and touches his hand, almost longingly. Oh gawd, no. Terry walks away.

Cochran is back at his office going through the photos from Avi’s storage unit and notices the fire poker. Jackpot! He jumps from his seat, grabs his coat and takes off.

The episode ends with Ray and Conor enjoying a father/son moment at the home of their future stadium; Detective Muncie arresting Mrs. Minassian’s grandson and others for sex trafficking (thanks to the guy that was tailing Mickey); the Armenian pop star Hasmig singing her tribute song “One Night in Yerevan” on Flip’s show; and Mickey starting to pack. The final scene, however, was the most troubling — Cochran knocking on Finney’s patio door with the fire poker in his hand.




  1. Totally with you Whit. That final “good night” between them was a bit creepy. Also, anyone else think this could have been the season finale? Enough cliffhangers and matters put to rest on all fronts. Looks like we’re gonna do a bad drug flashback of another grave dug up and Cochran involved. But…his call out of Paige’s braces…priceless http://www.tvruckus.com/2015/09/14/ray-donovan-recap-one-night-in-yerevan-cochrans-got-avis-manhood-on-his-computer/

  2. Hey, for the last few episodes there has been a scene where Abby & Terry have these “weird & awkward” moments. They can be easily seen as family bonding but can also be easily misinterpreted as something sexual maybe brewing. Please tell me im crazy in thinking that.
    (sidenote: your line where you say they touch hands almost longingly made me say maybe you see what I see)

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