NFL Thursday Night Football 2015 TV schedule on CBS and NFL Network

2015 NFL TV schedule Ryan Berenz

The regular-season debut of Thursday Night Football on CBS and NFL Network has the Denver Broncos visiting the Kansas City Chiefs in a Week 2 AFC West matchup on Sept. 17 at 8:25pm ET. Full Thursday Night Football and CBS/NFL Network schedule below:

NFL Thursday Night Football 2015 TV schedule on CBS and NFL Network

All Times Eastern. Not All Games Are Televised In All Areas. Check Local Listings For Games Available In Your Area. Local Blackout Restrictions Apply. Schedule Subject To Change.

Thursday, Sept. 17
Denver at Kansas City, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Sept. 24
Washington at N.Y. Giants, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Oct. 1
Baltimore at Pittsburgh, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Oct. 8
Indianapolis at Houston, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Oct. 15
Atlanta at New Orleans, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Oct. 22
Seattle at San Francisco, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Oct. 29
Miami at New England, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Nov. 5
Cleveland at Cincinnati, 8:25pm (NFL Network)

Thursday, Nov. 12
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets, 8:25pm (NFL Network)

Thursday, Nov. 19
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 8:25pm (NFL Network)

Thursday, Dec. 3
Green Bay at Detroit, 8:25pm (CBS & NFL Network)

Thursday, Dec. 10
Minnesota at Arizona, 8:25pm (NFL Network)

Thursday, Dec. 17
Tampa Bay at St. Louis, 8:25pm (NFL Network)
Saturday, Dec. 19
N.Y. Jets at Dallas, 8:25pm (NFL Network)

Thursday, Dec. 24
San Diego at Oakland, 8:25pm (NFL Network)
Saturday, Dec. 26
Washington at Philadelphia, 8:25pm (NFL Network)



  1. It’s sad to know you’re to cheep to put all thursday night game’s on that really takes the fan out of the game

  2. this was on CBS tonight’s Houston Indy game but I was googling Cant they get rid of that LOUD MOUTH Michael Irvin. he did it tonight again on CBS and he does it nightly on NFL channel like he is so full of himself he thinks everyone should hear him and no one else. I’d like to have a Shrink watch and then analyze Irvin. He interrupts and out talks everyone only wanting to hear himself like he is God,
    Its Pathetic to see a grown man act that way and you would think his wife would try to get him to not act that way in public?? I’m guessing maybe she left him trying to get her own words in???

  3. Thank you Ryan Berenz and ChannelGuide. I don’t know why but it seems like you are the only source providing which Thursday night games will be on just NFL network and which TNF games will be on both CBS and NFL Network. I don’t have the NFL network so the Thursday night games in November and beyond (with the exception of Thanksgiving Day) will be useless since I can’t access them. But, it’s good to know so I won’t plan on watching them at home like last year. It’s sad that neither and make that distinction. They don’t even tell you which networks the TNF games will be on. I knew CBS never covers every TNF game of the season, they usually stop around November and I hate that they do that. What is the point of having a nationally televised game on a distinct day when it’s not available to most people (people who don’t have premium cable or satellite). At least Monday Night Football is on ESPN. This is a dilemma I have really disliked since the conception of TNF.

    • Thanks! Glad to help! CBS would probably love to have TNF for 17 weeks, but NFL Network needs to hang on to a few exclusive games just to prove its worth.

  4. 09-17-15. Please shut up Michael Irvin on Thursday night football. That loudmouth won’t give nobody a chance to speak. HOW RUDE

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