Total Divas Season 4 Episode 10: Gone with the Wine

The life of a WWE performer takes sacrifice, which can take its toll on one’s mental health and personal relationships. This is really spotlighted on this week’s edition of Total Divas. It’s not all glitz and glamour with these ladies.


Nikki Bella is feeling the pressure from fulfilling all of her commitments as Diva’s champion. The lack of days off and jam-packed schedule is catching up with her. She meets with WWE talent relations head Mark Carano and is granted a few days off to decompress. Brie thinks her twin sister needs more than that. She feels Nikki could be reaching a breaking point and maybe should talk to a therapist.


The two head to Napa Valley with announcer Renee Young for a little eat, pray, wine. Nikki is finding it hard to relax with work on the brain, but refuses to see a shrink. Brie decides to lay off sis and let her find her own way.


Boyfriend John Cena thinks therapy may be a good idea for Nikki. She tells him she did it before when her parents got divorced. This experience scarred her. Nikki ultimately agrees to give it another try and felt she got a lot out of it.

Eva Marie is working on all-red worldwide domination, but her business aspirations leave little time for husband Jonathan. She meets manager Dany Garcia, who also represents The Rock, to plan for her future in the entertainment industry. At the same time WWE wants her back on the road.


The budding diva intensifies her wrestling training with Brian Kendrick. Jonathan is starting to feel a little left out of the equation. He wants her to turn off technology and the stress of work every once in a while. A squabble in the car leaves a casualty in Eva’s phone, which falls out the window.


Eva feels the struggle of finding balance between work and her marriage. She is asked by The Rock to attend the premiere of his new movie “San Andreas.” Eva stuns on the red carpet. The ultimate goal is apparently to become the female Rock. Not a bad role model to have, considering is rescues puppies from drowning.


Trinity, Jon and the rest of the family board an RV for a family vacation. Shenanigans ensue in the great outdoors. They go camping, which was supposed to include tubing. Things aren’t going as planned. The family complains. Trinity gets mad with everyone’s negativity knowing the hard work she put into making the trip happen. Jon apologizes, and Trinity accepts. The crew ends up having some fun after all in the water and roasting s’mores. For Trinity, it was mission accomplished.

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Photos Courtesy: WWE