Recap: Monica the Medium, Episode 3 “Spirit Needs An Office”

Monica The Medium, Episode 3 Kellie Freeze
OMG, Kelly and Lauren are simply amazing people with a story that is unforgettable.

Monica is having clients over to the house for a se$$ion, (she’s got bills to pay, yo!) but her roomies are total piggos!

Monica the Medium, Episode 3
Does Monica have a new roommate by the name of “Josie Grossy”?

So while Monica cleans up the dirty plates and abandoned banana peels (gross) she also has to find someone to dog-sit her dog, Luna. Krista is enlisted to help, but I wonder if Monica should look into getting loony Luna trained as a therapy dog. Or at least get that pooch some obedience classes.

Monica’s clients arrive to Monica’s house and her now clean living room. The space has lots of candles, but is waaay too bright to need them. This is TV, your star has to be well lit, and besides, this isn’t some psychic mumbo jumbo, spirits can come through during the daytime, as we’ve seen in episodes 1 and 2.

Lauren and her boyfriend Kelly arrive at Monica’s house and are so visibly nervous that I can almost see them shaking! Lauren’s sister quickly comes through and thanks Lauren for painting her nails for her funeral. And then it’s revealed that when Lauren’s sister had her fatal car accident, her car hit into Kelly’s car. So Lauren and Kelly aren’t a couple, despite the hand holding they’re doing!

Monica The Medium, Episode 3
OMG, Kelly & Lauren are simply amazing people with a story that is unforgettable.

This entire reading is so different from anything that Monica has done, that she’s having a hard time understanding the messages that Lauren’s sister is presenting. Me too. Kelly’s brother also died in a car accident, and Lauren’s sister is sorry that through her accident with Kelly, he had to revisited the pain of his brother’s death. Kelly’s brother comes through too and knows that Kelly still carries a photo of him in his wallet. Lauren’s sister and Kelly’s brother want them to stay connected and you can twll that Lauren and Kelly are two souls who are connected through tragedy. Lauren says, “There will never, ever be a good enough reason for my sister to be dead. However, I absolutely, 100% believe that we were supposed to meet.”

OMG, tissue break!! These two are like a Lifetime or a Hallmark movie come to life!

Once Kelly and Lauren leave, Monica’s roommates emerge from their rooms, a little annoyed to have had to stay in her room while Monica had her session. Monica thinks its time to get proper space to hold readings and turn the house’s den into her office. And when she says “den,” she means awesome, huge room that must have been left unused by production with an eye into turning it into Monica’s lair.

The night, the girls head to a local bar with a cute name and on the way are tooooo generous with some shaggy flannel-wearing street musicians. Don’t spend your hard-earned dough on street music, spend it on alcohol!! That was just the TV forcing their hands, because the guys were neither that good, nor that cute.

Krista is on a mission to meet guys. They get a round of tequila shots and a pack of guys to come over. Monica attributes Krista’s sex appeal to her vampire-y teeth and her confidence. Her roommates are in awe with her ease with men. “I come bearing gifts- guys and shots!” Monica gets through the night without channeling Spirit, but doesn’t hook up with any of the hotties.

The next day, Monica enlists her sisters for den decorating duty. So Monica goes out on search of a couch. They meet three women who are looking to get rid of their couch (but why?) and Spirit comes through with messages for the girls.

Monica the Medium, Episode 3
Couch hunting turns interesting when Spirit comes along …

One of the girls has lost her father and she grabs a nearby notebook so she can make sense of him. Monica talked about the specific smell of the girl’s dad, who delivered oil for a living. Her dad is remorseful over the manner of his death and apologizes for not wearing his seatbelt in the accident that took his life.

Monica the Medium, Episode 3
Monica tells Courtney that her dad knows details of her upcoming wedding that Courtney hasn’t shared with anyone!

Monica tells Courtney that her father knows and approves of her fiancé Dale and Dad even knows the date, September 5. Courtney’s dad even knew about her secret plan to play a special song in memory of him. “I haven’t told anyone,” she tearfully tells Monica.

Now that Monica has changed the life of Courtney, she also buys her couch.

Monica’s sisters Joanna and Vanessa spend Monica’s hard-earned cash on decorating Monica’s office. While her sisters spend her money, Monica visits the vet to get Luna microchipped. And of course, the vet has lots of spirits floating around it and Monica connects to the dead spirits of a woman’s grandparents. Jennifer’s grandparents were watching over her mom when she had a heart procedure the day before and her grandmother is proud of Jennifer’s talent as a mom to her two teens. (There is no way that lovely woman is old enough to have teens! She must have been a baby!)

Monica is also getting messages for the vet, Dr. Fred. And she gets a message for a woman who was there to pay for her animal’s procedure. Monica tells the Chloe that her adorable dog can see her father when he visits. And her father knew that she was there when he dies, This grieving woman feels such relief knowing that her father is okay and knows how much he is loved.

My dog hates the vet, and Luna is much better behaved than my dog. Dr. Fred is lol, “My closest things to a medium is a steak.” Dr. Fred’s seems pretty skeptical, but when Monica mentions the favorite drink of Dear ‘ol Dad — Segrams 7 and distilled water — Dr. Fred knew she was the real deal.

When Monica gets home, her roomies and sisters are busy getting her new office space ready. And Krista contributes an original work of “Art” that she calls, “Sprit vomit.” Hilarious, but Hmmmm. And then Luna poops on the carpet. Perfect.

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