5 Reasons Neil Patrick Harris Is Sure To Have The “Best Time Ever” This Fall

best-time-ever-little-nph Chris Haston/NBC
BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS -- "Zip Line Promo" -- Pictured: (l-r) Nathaniel Motulsky as Little NPH, Neil Patrick Harris


It’s been a long time since live variety shows were popular primetime fixtures on TV. And not since the days of The Ed Sullivan Show has there been anyone to fill those really big shoes.

So, when Neil Patrick Harris grabs the hosting reins of Best Time Ever (beginning Sept. 15 at 10pmET on NBC), you can be sure that viewers will enjoy the level of entertainment he brings to the screen. As for Harris and his own level of enjoyment, it will undoubtedly live up to the show’s title. How so? Here are five reasons …

1. Harris is a great host. With the Oscars, the Primetime Emmys and Tonys all part of his hosting credits, Harris has become the king of live, televised spectacles. He is personable and he clicks with almost everyone. It would seem only natural – duh! – that he would host a show such as this.

2. Harris is a funny guy. He has solid sitcom experience that stems from his lengthy stint as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. That has made his comedic timing spot on. And timing is everything on a variety show – especially on live TV.

3. A song-and-dance man? Of course! One of Harris’ strengths is his theatrical experience on Broadway. Not only has he won awards for his work there, that experience has made him fearless and willing to tackle any musical bit thrown at him.

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4. There’s magic in the air! Harris has been a big fan of magic for much of his life. It has crept into his TV work here and there. But nowhere is there a better stage for the world’s top magicians to do their thing than on a show like this.

5. Best (Fill In The Blank) Ever. Harris and his crew will go beyond the boundaries of old-school variety shows. This one will also have other highlights, such as games, pranks, stunt work, prize giveaways and other surprises. And, for Harris, it’s all bound to be legen … wait for it … dary!

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris airs Tuesdays at 10/9CT beginning Sept. 15 on NBC.


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