Total Divas Season 4 Episode 9: Clash of the Divas

Scott Fishman

Paige has an interest in motorcycles and acts on it during Total Divas this week. She goes all “Sons of Anarchy” with Rosa and Alicia as the trio gets riding lessons. Things start okay until Paige crashes and burns.

It reminds her of a past car accident. Mark Carrano, talent relations head, gets wind of what happened and gives Paige the dad speech. He tells her to remember she is a WWE diva and to be careful on her days off. Basically, make smart choices.


Paige is also given the task of training Ariane. Things get heated at the WWE Performance Center with teacher frustrated with student. A physical altercation erupts when Paige thinks Ariane could have hurt her and jeopardized her safety. Once again Paige finds herself in hot water with Carrano. Paige sees she isn’t on the list for live events and talks to producer Road Dogg about it.


He isn’t happy that she is insinuating they are changing creative direction because of her past altercation with Ariane. The superstar alum says she is on two strikes and doesn’t want to go to three. He gives her more fatherly advice. Paige goes out for a drink with Natalya and Nikki. The veterans tell her it was a compliment that they went to her to coach Ariane. Nattie says for her to pick her battles. Paige doesn’t take the words well and think they are siding with everyone else. She leaves, feeling backed into a corner.


Nikki follows her outside and explains further what she meant. Paige comes to conclusion that she needs to learn to have a filter and pick her battles. It’s hard to believe Paige has done so much in her career, but is only 23. She is still growing as a person in the most unique situations and line of work.

Daniel has concerns when it comes to his wife Brie’s dress code. He feels the earthy Bella is showing too much skin and is leaving less to the imagination. Brie’s idea is to borrow some of Nikki’s ensembles to show she isn’t compared to her twin sister. Daniel buys a composting toilet and turns off water to the house. When Brie’s family comes to visit, it all comes out (his plan…get your mind out of the toilet) that it was a response to Brie wearing less clothes.


This turns into a fashion intervention for Brie. A pinky swears deal is made that Brie won’t show her nipples to the world, and he will turn the water back on. Daniel goes into the closet to get rid of some of the clothes he doesn’t like. There is a touch of being a little controlling on Daniel’s end, but can also see his point, too. A compromise seems to be made.


Natalya tries to set up her sister Jenni with WWE superstar Big E. The hope is they will get together and Jenni will move out to make husband TJ happy. Romance seems to be blooming with Big E and Jenni, but in Nattie and TJ’s house.


Big E shoots some game and finds himself in the hot tub with Jenni. The plan doesn’t go the way the home owners wanted with an argument developing with their tenant. Jenni ultimately decides it’s not working out and leaves on her own volition to live with the parents. Nattie and TJ got what they wanted, a house with just them and their cats.

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