Scream Season 1 Finale Recap: And the killer is…

Scream-EP10-Finale-Audrey-BrookeIt’s finally time for Scream fans to find out who the killer is. In this Season 1 Finale, the killer will be unmasked to reveal their true identity. The episode picks up with Branson being on the loose, Kieran’s dad in trouble and the Halloween dance still going on. Emma tries calling Kieran but he doesn’t pick up. He’s too busy trying to put bullets in a gun. I’m not sure why he’s doing this but it doesn’t look good. Both Brooke and Audrey haven’t been in contact with Noah or Emma. Noah is worried that the two have no idea what’s going on, making them in danger of what the killer has planned for his big night.

The killer calls Emma to let her know that she a limited amount of time to put the pieces together before Daisy gets hurt. It looks like the killer has a motive of revenge since he wants to hurt Emma’s mother, Maggie. Emma manages to reach her mother in time to tell her about the killer’s plans for the big finale. Thanks to Emma’s advice, Maggie finds a clue inside the dead deputy’s mouth at the station. Inside is a heart necklace that Brandon made for Maggie back when he used to make all sorts of gifts for her. I want to know how the killer has access to all this stuff from Brandon and Daisy’s past.

Scream-EP10-Finale-MaggieThe police rush to Maggie’s old house since there is a possibility that the killer took the Sheriff there. Emma and Maggie find Clark tied up to a tree and immediately try to take him down. While trying to release him from the ropes binding him, the Sheriff is trying to tell Maggie something but can’t find the power to speak up. Unfortunately as Maggie cuts into the ropes, Clark’s entire insides start to pour out of him. It appears that the killer made a deep incision across Clark’s stomach and the tape was the only thing keeping them intact. That had to be one of the goriest things I’ve seen so far on the show- along with Will’s death. Now the killer has made Emma and her mother kill someone they cared for. Pretty twisted if you ask me!

Noah finds out that the killer has been blocking access to phone calls and other notifications on both Brooke and Audrey’s phones. The poor girls have no idea that they are in serious danger because they don’t know that Noah and Emma have been trying to contact them. To make things worse, Noah finds out that the killer has this setup coming from Brooke’s house. Emma panics because Brooke, Audrey and Jake are all there. She also just told Piper to stop by in order to check on all of them. Noah tries telling Emma to go to the cops but the killer is listening and warns her not to. Now it’s up to Noah and Emma to save the day and change the way this story ends. They are definitely brave, I’ll give them that!

Scream-EP10-Finale-BransonAt Brooke’s house, Jake’s side chick finds the dead body of a poor bystander. Everyone flees the party, leaving Audrey to go investigate why. She comes up on the body and is greeted by the killer. Brooke comes out to her backyard from the wine cellar to find everyone missing. Just as Brooke goes back inside her house, Branson shows up. He tells her that the killer killed the deputy on guard to make it look like he killed him. Since Branson was so nervous of how the situation looked, he ran to Brooke’s house for help. Brooke knows that she cannot fully trust Branson so she doesn’t let him inside when he asks.

Branson disappears into the dark when the lights shut off outside. When the lights come on the killer is standing in his place, trying to get inside Brooke’s house. She starts to run from the killer but is forced to hide in a large cooler for safety. The killer knows she’s in there so he takes a lock to keep her inside. He then starts to shove the knife through the cooler to stab Brooke. The killer then decides to turn on the cooler while Brooke is still alive inside, to freeze to death.

Scream-EP10-Finale-Emma-KieranNoah and Emma arrive at Brooke’s house and find some alarming blood marks, along with Piper’s personal belongings. While trying to check the place out Noah and Emma are surprised by Kieran as he’s pointing a gun at them. Kieran tries telling Brooke that he’s only there because she messaged him to meet her at Brooke’s house. It’s obvious that Emma didn’t send this to him so Noah thinks Kieran is trying to use that as a way to cover for himself. Emma tells Kieran about Mama James identifying him as her grandson who went to visit her the other day. Kieran denies that anyone but his father, Clark is his real dad. That’s when Emma has to sadly break the news to Kieran that his dad didn’t survive the attack. Emma believes Kieran after seeing the way he reacted once he found out his father was dead. I wouldn’t know what to do if I were Emma. It wouldn’t make sense for Kieran to be the killer if he killed his own father, but you never really know.

The gang splits up, leaving poor Noah by himself. As Kieran and Emma are searching the house Jake pops up. He has no idea what’s going on since he just came back from a walk at the lake. The three starts to hear a noise coming from the garage and find Brooke locked in the cooler. They’re able to get her out in time but they still need to find Audrey and Piper.

Scream-EP10-Finale-KillerNoah stumbles upon the dead pool boy’s body and is greeted by Audrey. She lets the gang know that the killer was there but for some reason left her alive. Emma goes inside the house to call her mother from a landline phone. Before she can reach the phone, the phone starts to ring. The killer is on the other line to let Emma know that she’s not the only one he’s interested in. It started with Daisy and will end with Emma. With the clues the killer gives Emma, she figures out that he has her mother at the dock where Brandon died. It’s suspicious that no one has found Piper yet and the fact that Kieran left everyone else right as the phone rang. The killer tells Emma that she needs to come to the dock alone or the others will pay.

As soon as Emma arrives at the dock she finds her mother tied to a chair. Emma rushes over to her mother but the killer pops up shortly after to ruin their moment. The killer proceeds to taking off their mask to reveal who they are. I guess I’ve been wrong this whole time for calling the killer a “he” since they are actually a “she.” Piper reveals herself under the mask and calls Emma her sister. She definitely isn’t any Gale Weathers! For some reason, I’m not shocked that Piper is the killer. She always wanted to connect with Emma and was nowhere to be found at Brooke’s house. So why didn’t Mama James point out Piper when she was at her house? Could she have told her to say Kieran was her grandson or is Mama James really that far gone?

Scream-EP10-Finale-PiperEmma tries telling Piper that she won’t get away with what she has planned but Piper has everything all figured out. She framed Branson as the killer and has him tied up in her trunk for when she’s done killing Emma and her mother. Since Piper has gloves on her fingerprints won’t be found on any of the weapons. This will allow her to kill Branson as well, making it look like Emma did it with the knife she has. Emma tries to take a stab at Piper but Piper slashes Emma across the stomach instead. Ouch! That had to hurt.

Maggie is able to free herself from the ropes keeping her hands tied behind her back. She lunges at Piper, bringing her to the ground. Unfortunately, Piper is able to stab Maggie while they’re wrestling. Emma also takes a leap towards Piper but she gets knocked over. Right as Piper is about to stab Emma, Audrey shows up and shoots Piper. Piper falls into the lake but tries to sneak up on Emma and Audrey with her knife. Emma quickly grabs the gun and shoots Piper in the head, making her sink back into the water. All I have to say is way to go, Audrey! How did she know to go to the dock?

The cops and ambulance show up to take care of all the injured. Somehow, Kieran thinks that he and Emma will work out. He tells Emma that it’s possible for the two to overlook everything that’s happened. I’m not too sure if I’d be so eager to get back with someone who was accusing me of being a murderer.

The one question I had was who was the person behind the mask when Will and Piper were attacked? It’s obvious that she wasn’t able to attack herself so it appears that Piper might have had some help. We see Audrey unlock a safe that was hidden in a dictionary. Inside the safe are letters between Piper and Audrey. I knew it! Audrey is shown burning the letters in order to hide the evidence. So, will Audrey continue where Piper left off in the next season? What I don’t understand is how Audrey was okay with Rachel dying?

What were your thoughts on this Season 1 Finale? I have to say, with the recent loss of Wes Craven, I know he had to be proud of the twists in this episode. He was the mastermind behind all the screams and terror in Hollywood and this show is dedication to his masterpieces. Were you correct about who the killer was? As the episode continued, I started to believe that Piper could be the killer. What I didn’t see coming was that Audrey was the one who was helping Piper. Did the two discuss that Audrey would be able to kill Piper in the end? I’m glad that this plot didn’t exactly follow the movie’s plot. This version of Scream offered even more gore and suspense than anyone could have thought possible. What are you looking forward to in the new season starting in 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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