Face Off Season 9 Episode 6 recap: Extraterrestrial Enterprise

Face Off season 9 episode 6 Michael DornFace Off Season 9 Episode 6, yes is about aliens, but it’s mostly about evolution. The evolution of the alien over time. Not real-life millennia-by-millennia type evolution, but the evolution of alien characters from a 60s kitschy beginning to a more modern interpretation. Think Star Trek – characters from the original 60s TV show vs the characters from the J.J. Abrams reboot. You still know it’s a Klingon, but the look changes from TV show to movie and from movie to movie.

So to have evolution, we’ve got to start somewhere. That somewhere is a Foundation challenge. The artists have to think back to the sci-fi of the 60s and their painted backdrops & create an alien character that would go with that backdrop. I’m disappointed that no one creates a styrofoam rock to bean Kirk in the head with. Good times.

Evan and Jordan win the top 2 praise from Michael Westmore. Evan wins the Foundation challenge & earns immunity.

The artists move on to their Spotlight challenge – updating their first design into a more modern interpretation. That’s when Michael Westmore pops his head in with a surprise. The artists don’t want to hear Michael Westmore say that he’s got a surprise. But then Jonathan Frakes comes in & they’re all super excited about the surprise. Yay! It’s a cool guy & not a “twist.”

This is the first week we’re seeing some personality from the models, mostly during the Spotlight mainstage. I think they’re all auditioning for Michael Dorn. And I’m not sure why he didn’t stick around to give the decision to the contestants.

In the mediocre middle of the relieved are: Nora, Meg, Kevon, Evan and Ricky.

Evan’s makeups

Ricky’s makeups

Nora’s makeups

Meg’s makeups

Kevon’s makeups

In the bottom are Jason, Jordan and Jasmine. Of the JJJs, Jason is the one that’s been in the bottom the most. He would get the m-word if he were on Project Runway. (For non-PR watchers, that’s matronly. Quelle horreur!) All of these makeups went from ok or even good to not good dawg. Let’s see!

Jordan’s makeups

Jason’s makeups

Jasmine’s makeups

In the top are Stevie, Scott and Ben.

Stevie’s makeups

Scott’s makeups

Ben’s makeups

Stevie gets major praise from the judges – she’s the one who gets the ‘best paint job we’ve ever seen on Face Off‘ comment. Get confidence Stevie! Come on Northern Illinois! The judges were intrigued by the forms & colors of Scott’s makeup. Ben gets props for making smart choices in taking a design he didn’t like & turning it into something that actually makes sense.

In the end, Ben’s more minimal approach earns him his second win.

Who would you have given the win to?  Were you ever worried for Jasmine (I wasn’t)?


  1. Hey Ruthie,

    I actually thought Jordan was gonna go home this week since his work really did seem the absolute least evolved out of all of the make-ups, and for some reason Jason seemed to be able to get by but shock me again Face-off! I was never worried for Jasmine, sometimes people have off weeks and since they’ve seen her work I think the judges know that and being on the bottom probably shook her and I bet next week she’ll come back strong or at least safe.

    I was pleased with Meg’s look this week, definitely just safe but still nice, I liked her cowl and the way she used the hair to make the grooves. I still don’t think she’s destined for the end but she’s getting better and hearin her say she KNOWS she’s the queen on the bottom three lets me know that knows, slip up another time and it’s probably time to wash off your canvas…wait, wrong show! HAHAHAHA (just a little joke between two lovers of transformation shows!)

    • Ha! Yeah, Jason’s just been so underwhelming. Plus he’s at times thought he’s had a really good look, but the judges think otherwise. That’s never a good sign. Jordan needed to be scared off fabricating more stuff. He got his answer – just because the judges liked it last time doesn’t mean it’s appropriate this time!

      Meg’s did turn out, but my concern for her is that a lot of her stuff looks the same to me = pretty beauty makeup + something growing out of her head + costume. I’d like to see some variety from her. Or else she may have to sashay away. 😉

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