Did Six Betray the Raza? Recap, Dark Matter, Season Finale

dark matter, season finale Kris Babe

dark matter, season finale

In the season finale of Dark Matter, we discover Two’s origins and the Raza crew goes from unified team to betrayal by the last person you’d suspect: Six. It’s a two-hour rollercoaster ride. Ready?

Five dreams about her discovery as a stowaway on the Raza – before all of them lost their memories. Three has her in an airlock, terrified she’s about to be spaced. Six intervenes, and she’s taken to the mess hall where the crew decides her fate. One wants her off the ship; Six says she’s an asset with technical skill and One agrees. Three wants her off, so it’s up to Four, who allos her to stay. Afterward, she places a bug beneath the table – a bug that was never retrieved, and may have more information about their pasts.

Android has analyzed the explosion of the planet: it was caused by a white hole, opposite of black hole. White holes are highly unstable, white-hole tech is banned by the Galactic Authority because of its likelihood of destabilizing the balance of power between the multicorps. Two wants to know how many were on the planet, which was unpopulated except for the Mekei Combine research facility. Just over 15,000, Android reports.

A news report calls the incident an “extinction event,” the result of research into doomsday white hole technology. But there’s no mention of the Raza’s involvement, so the Mekei Combine didn’t share that information with officials. But why?

Creepy fixer Talbor Calchek calls in with the news that Mekei Combine thinks Team Raza set them up. He offers them a job for Ferrous Corp., which oddly wants to work with the Raza crew again. To do: rescue a scientist kidnapped by a rival combine and held on a backwater planet.

Piece of cake?

Three hates cake, but they take the job.

Four enters the mess hall to find Five crawling under the table. She makes an excuse about losing something, but thanks him for “everything,” which baffles him. He doesn’t know he was the deciding vote to allow her to stay when she was discovered stowaway. He leaves the room bemused, then she retrieves the bug. But back in her room, Five can’t read the data from the device.

dark matter, season finale

Two’s taking inventory of the open boxes in the vault; One insists on talking about what’s really on her mind. Two admits all of her fears about her discovery: if she’s engineered, who did it? For what purpose? And are any of her thoughts and feelings really her own? Unbeknownst to the crew, she’s about to get answers.

Coordinates in hand, everyone except Five and Android board the marauder for their rescue mission.

Four and Six stay aboard the marauder as One, Two and Three break into a very modern, seemingly empty research facility – until they’re greeted by Alex Rook (Will Wheaton), the scientist who created Two, plus a cadre of security who look storm trooper maitre ‘ds. Turns out they’ve been expected: Calchek set them up.

“Welcome back, Rebecca,” Rook says, activating a device that drops her like a rock. Two is just unconscious, Rook explains. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but he’d have no problem hurting the rest of Team Raza.

One and Three are disarmed, and comm to the marauder that their status is complicated: They’ve been invited to dinner.

Six hails the Raza to tell Android that it was a setup. The ground crew was taken, and he and Four are going to the surface. If she doesn’t hear from them within four hours, “Get the hell outta here.”

Rook really has invited the crew to dinner, though Two is nowhere to be seen. Rook assures them he doesn’t intend harm to Rebecca: he thanks them for keeping her safe and returning her to him. Rook owns Dwarf Star Technologies along with its subsidiaries, patents and prototypes, including Rebecca.

Six points out that he can’t actually lay claim of ownership to the results of banned research with human facsimiles.

Rook scoffs at the notion of tattooing her neck like a common android, and reveals Two’s kryptonite: Her nanites must be working at all times. Disrupt her nanites, and she’s out of commission. Rook has a dampening field in place that renders her harmless at its lowest setting; higher settings would destroy her.

Rook describes her creation at the very facility they’re in now, and says she was moved before her consciousness awakened. She killed 43 people in her escape, he claims, and says there’s a flaw in her neural network that makes her violent and irrational. It was only a matter of time before she turned on them, he claims.

dark matter, season finale

One is skeptical. Still, they return to the Raza without her. Five is aghast; Three says they had no choice; Six orders Android to make the leap to FTL.

Android drops them out of FTL near enough to the system’s star that they can hide in its radiation shadow, but their location is dangerous. If they’re going to come up with a plan to rescue Two, they better hurry up.

On the planet, Rook is ready to get to work on Two. He revives her, and she wants to know what he did to her and why he’s calling her Rebecca. He’s disturbed that she really doesn’t seem to remember him, and that she’s focused on the Raza crew. She doesn’t buy that they’d just leave her.

She threatens Rook, but he won’t open the door. She lunges for him, but thanks to the dampening field, she’s weaker than a normal human instead of stronger. He easily fends her off.

Rook asks her what she remembers; she tells him about waking up on the Raza. He says the crew did something to her; she says they’re her friends, and they’ll be back for her. Rook doesn’t think so, but will be ready for them if they’re stupid enough to try, which they are.

But how? They can’t strike from the Raza or the marauder. It seems hopeless, but Android has a plan.

Two is getting a look at her own inner workings via displays and consoles on the planet. Rook explains how she’s superior to humans n every way, but she will still age, as it would raise suspicion if she didn’t. He rhapsodizes over her superiority, and how it’s a reproach to all humans, and that they’d destroy her if they knew about it, but she’s safe there.

Two is creeped out, cringing from his touch. Rook insists she’s safe with him, and he’ll always protect her. She asks why she was created. He’ll tell her — in due time.

The marauder buzzes the planet and literally drops Android, who is unfazed by a fall without a parachute, hurrying toward the research facility.

Two escapes Rook’s lab with brains sans brawn, but she’s recaptured. An angry Rook decides to replace Rebecca’s brain, but lets his minions do the surgery. Some of them plan to torture her to avenge those who died during her escape.

The dampening field works on Android, too, so it takes heroic effort for her to deactivate it. When she does, Two breaks her bonds in time to keep her current brain and kills anyone who stands in her way. Android finds her, and together the destroy part of the research facility.

Once they’re back on the Raza, the crew celebrates with drinks. Even Android partakes; after all, she is, as she argued to her hologram, “And android with friends.” (Singularity? Acquired.)

Five finally cracks the device from the mess hall and hears at least part of a conversation between Two and Four agreeing to kill a man – they plan to do it after they wake from stasis, but before the mining colony.

Rook and a mysterious mastermind in an oxygen mask survive Two’s escape. Rook says he can build the next gen of this technology, and they don’t need Rebecca anymore. But bedridden mystery guy says she’s a threat to their existence, as are the rest of the Raza crew, since they know what she is. Rook tearfully agrees that they all must die.

An unseen person takes a stun stick from the vault, lures Android from the bridge and disables her. So much for friends …

Five wants to talk to Android, but she’s not on the bridge. Five finds her collapsed in the hall and calls for help. Two arrives and discovers that Android’s neural chip is missing. Android clutches a VR patch in one hand. Clue, or red herring?

Two dispatches the crew in pairs to do another thorough search of the ship in case they missed any VR soldiers, leaving the disabled Android in sick bay.

Two and Three are together, and he’s surprised she didn’t pair up with One. He pries; she deflects. She tries to thank him for trying to save her when Wexler had her in the airlock; he accepts.

dark matter, season finale

Why did he do it? He claims she was worth more than the payoff of one job.

Suspicion runs rampant when they find no intruder and human crew members begin to go down: Four is poisoned; Six is downed by a poisonous injection in a hallway. The remaining four keep searching, and accusing and suspecting each other, until the sudden arrival of a Galactic Authority ship on the heels of drive failures that make running for it impossible.

Three makes the case that the traitor is One, and vice versa. Five insists that it’s Two. When Six wonders what’s turned her against Two, Five shares the secret recordings from the mess hall with him.

When the Galactic Authorities swarm the ship and haul out prisoners, the Raza crew are all in chains, including Android. All except Six, who walks beside the squad’s apparent commander.




    6 betrayed the crew because he’s a member of the GA undercover. The guy @ the end of six’s hunt for the general is the same guy walking them out in the finale. 2 & 4 were taking about killing 6 on the recording 5 had. Also I believe that the black keycard 5 stole is the key to Jace’s (the real Jace) stash.

    • Ahh nice catch Angela, I had missed the fact that the guy from Six’s hunt for the general was the same guy walking next to him at the end of the episode.. Not super happy to find out about Six’s betrayal, as I really liked him.. But perhaps since “the general” had something to do with killing all those ppl in the terrorist attack maybe Six is planning a double-cross on the GA. I can hope anyways…

    • If that’s the worst thing that ever happens to you consider yourself lucky. Why don’t you poor some thought into finding something important to complain about.

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