WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 8: It’s a Beautiful Life

Scott Fishman

This week’s WWE Total Divas follows the exploits of Natalya, the Bella Twins and Paige.

Nattie reveals her contract is coming up and gets the feeling WWE wants to transition her into another role in the company in favor of new girls. Nattie takes it as them wanting to put her out the division because she hasn’t been wrestling much. She is becoming self-conscious of her age.


Natalya tries to be hip to the times by using what she thinks is current terminology and changes her wardrobe to appear younger. Natalya hits “Brie Mode” during a night of drinking with Trinity and Tamina. Nattie breaks down in tears after telling them what’s been going on with her. Tamina gets into a verbal and somewhat physical altercation with an apparent intoxicated man outside a bar. I wouldn’t mess with her if I were a guy or a girl.

Tamina tells Natalya not to let anyone tell her she can’t do anything because of her age. Others like Nikki give her similar advice. Nikki says she accepts who she is and is proud of it. She tells Natalya she has never looked better and is most comfortable in her own skin. If anything, Nikki says they are in their prime. It appears her words hit home for Natalya.


Brie goes into the recording studio to perform her own entrance music. “American Idol” winner she is not. Nikki listens to Brie and is not impressed. Brie goes to R-Truth for advice. Nikki decides she can do a better job singing her theme than her twin sister. The competitive juices are flowing.


Nikki goes to the WWE music master Jim Johnston, who by the way should be inducted into the Hall of Fame for all his work. She gets moral support from announcer Renee Young. Johnston tries different techniques to help Nikki sound better. Not sure it helped, but she believes it’s better than Brie. Renee goes for a drink with Brie and shows her video of Nikki singing. Renee tells her Nikki thinks she is better than Brie. Way to stir the pot Renee!


The sisters film a segment for Extra sports learning about hockey. They suit up and hit the ice. Brie tells Nikki she got the team to get her to sing the National Anthem because she thinks she can sing. Just when Nikki was really convinced it was happening, Brie admits it was a joke. Sisterly love at its finest.


We go on set to watch Paige acting in her first movie “Santa’s Little Helper.” Boyfriend Kevin of a the band A Day to Remember travels to Vancouver to visit her. . Paige goes out with him for a drink where she thinks a fan of Kevin’s is crossing the line. Kevin says it’s no different than when fans coming up to her. She gets mad.

Paige meets Rosa and talks about commitment and her trust issues. Rosa says she put a recorder in her ex’s car. She thinks testing a guy is okay. Paige gets an idea. Rosa and Kevin go to watch Paige filming scenes from the movie. The two make plans to hang out, which is a set-up by Paige to test the waters with Kevin.


Paige asks a woman to go flirt with her boyfriend for a drink and $50. He passed the test and doesn’t fall into temptation. When Paige tells Kevin what happened, he thinks the whole thing is weird and heads back to the hotel. Paige goes after him thinking he is overreacting. This plan has blown up in her face. She heads back to the room to do damage control with Kevin. Paige says the last time she let her guard down, she got punished for it. Kevin says he has been waiting seven years for someone like her and she should trust him. Paige is willing to open up more, even though she knows the risk of getting hurt again is there. They kiss and make up.

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