Catfish Season 4 Episode 19 Recap: The Next Door Neighbor

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Max is away again this week, working on his new movie. That means Nev gets to bring in another special guest. For this week’s episode of Catfish, famous Youtuber, Todrick Hall will be joining Nev. The two get down to business by reading an email from Devan in Texas. He’s writing into Catfish because he met a girl named Rylan over a year ago online. Devan thinks Rylan could be the one. He’s gone so far as to invite her to stay with him while he’s in college. The only problem is that the two haven’t met yet, despite living in the same state. They haven’t even been able to Skype. Sounds very fishy.

Nev and Todrick head out to Texas to find out more about Devan and Rylan’s story. Devan tells the guys about the time he went to go meet Rylan at her aunt and uncle’s house. When Devan arrived, Rylan’s uncle answered the door and told him that no one by that name lived there. So did Rylan just give him some random stranger’s address? Poor Devan fell into the trap of sending Rylan money for gas. I wouldn’t give anyone my money, especially if they have lame excuses for not getting on Skype. Everyone has free Wi-Fi so why couldn’t she go to a spot and Skype Devan?


While Devan mentioned that Rylan doesn’t have a Facebook account, Nev still searches for an account. Looking at the accounts that did pop up, it’s pretty clear that Rylan is a predominantly male name. A quick phone number search and Nev finds the number connected to someone named Cassie. When Nev searches Cassie’s name online and finds a mugshot photo. It looks like Cassie has a record, which could be the reason why she hasn’t met with Devan. I definitely wouldn’t want to be caught up in someone else’s drama. Nev also searches for one of Rylan’s photos and gets a match. It’s linked to a Facebook account for a girl named Savanah. The only problem is that Savanah appears to be engaged. Is it a scam artist or someone looking for a way out of their relationship?

Catfish-Season4-EP19-RylanThe next day, Nev searches for Savanah on Instagram. It’s obvious that the girl in Rylan’s photos is Savanah. Nev and Todrick send Savanah a message in hopes of finding some answers. Nev thinks about the possibility that a photo off Savanah’s Instagram that is geo-tagged. Sure enough, she had just posted a photo from her house that is in Marble Falls. Nev finds out that Rylan and Savanah are in the exact same spot. Now this changes things because Devan could be talking to the actual girl in the photos. The question now is what is Savanah hiding?

After showing Devan all the information found, Nev suggests the next thing to do is call Rylan. When Nev calls Rylan, she seems quite uninterested in meeting up. She tells Nev that she does have something to tell Devan. Despite sounding very nervous, she agrees to meet up.

Catfish-Season4-EP19-Devan2After the guys arrive in the Houston area, Nev gets a reply from Savanah the next day. She tells him that’s she’s available to talk at any time, so Nev calls her right away. Nev remembers Rylan’s voice and immediately notices Savanah’s is totally different. Savanah agrees to Skype with the guys in order to explain the situation to her. She doesn’t recognize Devan and lets them know that she’s never spoken to him. Savanah does let the guys know that around 3 weeks ago, her neighbor told Savanah about her roommate that was using her photos to talk to someone. Savanah also knows that the roommate’s name is Michele and she has her on Facebook. The two never met but Michele had messaged Savanah, complementing her beauty.

At the end of their Skype chat with Savanah, Rylan messages Nev with her friend’s address. She lets him know that she’ll be there all day to meet up. The gang heads out to this address to finally find out who Devan has been talking to. When the guys arrive, they can’t seem to get anyone to answer their knocks at the door. Todrick notices someone peeking through a top window. Nev then gets a call from Rylan, telling him she’s unsure if she can follow through with this meet up. She wants Nev to come inside first before meeting everyone else. He agrees to meet with her inside the house which is a very brave thing to do at this point. I’m with Todrick on this one, you can’t just be walking into crazy people’s houses!

Catfish-Season4-EP19-Todrick-DevanNev is greeted by a girl named Michele. So it looks like Savanah’s neighbor was using her photos. Michele comes outside to meet with Devan and Todrick. She claims that everything she told Devan was true but Nev starts finding holes in her story. The time Devan went to her uncle’s house, she was really inside. Her uncle wasn’t covering for her because he didn’t know about this Rylan person. Devan stands up for himself by telling Michele that it was wrong of her to lie to him like this for so long. Since Devan is such a shy guy, Nev suggests that they part ways with Michele so Devan can get his thoughts together. They plan to meet the next day to talk more about the issue.

The next day, Michele opens up to the guys. She starts telling them about how she’s basically all alone without any family. Her dad was never there for her or his thirty-something amount of kids. Yeah, she said thirty! Michele and her mother don’t get along very well because they’re too alike that they butt heads. It seems that because of Michele’s story, she was searching for love in all the wrong places. Michele also comes clean about not being able to accept the fact that she’s of mixed race. She tells the guys that she always wanted to be completely white, which is why she picked Savanah’s photos. It hurts to see Michele say something like that about herself. Todrick tells her that she needs to embrace everything about herself and love herself because someone out there is going to love her back for the real Michele.

Catfish-Season4-EP19-MicheleDevan tells Michele that he wants to still be there for her but unfortunately the romantic part is lost. He tells her that she’s able to call him whenever she wants. I’m happy to see that Devan is such a nice guy to keep in contact with Michele. He’s going to still support her through her tough times, even if they don’t have a romantic connection.

One month later, Devan mentions that he and Michele don’t text as much as they used to but she’s still a good friend. He’s trying to stay positive and keep to the single life. Michele feels free after telling Devan the truth. She’s glad that she can talk to him as just herself. Michele is focusing on herself and trying to find a job. Looks like these two are headed down the right path.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Catfish? Did you think Rylan was going to be Savanah? It’s pretty crazy that the two were so close that they lived next to each other. Usually the person catfishing is using photos of someone from a completely different state. If you knew someone was using your photos and lived next door, would you confront them? Would you have been so caring like Devan to stay in touch with Michele? That was not only very sweet but very humble of Devan to do. It’s clear that Michele needed to focus on herself but still having Devan in her life was a good support. I wish more Catfish stories would end this way. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I would love to be michelle and Devan friend on Facebook. There was a image in the episode where I could see her pain through her eyes! Made me cry instantly. I felt it, like it was my own! Not one episode has made me feel pain like that! Ever. I hope she is ok and has a support system. Even though what she did was awful to Devan. He is a sweetheart and you can also see that in his eyes. I don’t believe he would have turned her away if she started out truthful. Unfortunately our world is looks, looks, looks!!! Girls and guys are scared! Love yourself and nothing can stop you!!!! Much love to all, especially michelle and devan. You touched my heart!

  2. OK Iv looked high and low for this chicks Instagram and last name and I can’t find anything anywear and I wish I could because I’d love to talk with her ! She’s too cute, anyone know!??!

  3. This episode really touched me. As a biracial person myself I understand Michele’s struggle of wanting to be just ‘straight white’. Although my siblings are mixed as well, I have always found that those who look more white fare better in the romance department. Please let Michele know that there are organizations that are for biracial/multiracial people that will embrace her with love and acceptance. I found MASC in southern California many years ago and it changed my life. There are many of us Michele, you are not alone.,,,

  4. After watching this show me and some co workers fell in love with devon on catfish!!! we live in Texas and work with a girl that would be PERFECT for him!!! Shes so sweeet and genuine just like devon!! we have to get them to meet!!!!!

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