Scream episode 9 recap: Mama James

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Scream-EP9-Killer2This episode of MTV’s Scream starts with a backstory of how the Ghostface mask returned. Some unidentified person was able to break into the evidence room and search through the Brandon James files. Inside was the mask, and the start of a new monster.

It’s Halloween week, which means the Halloween dance is right around the corner. The Sheriff lets the town know that instead of cancelling the dance, it will still go on to raise money for the murder victims. I have to agree with Piper here – if Branson isn’t the murderer, this dance will turn into a mass murdering type of party.

Emma wants answers, which includes visiting Branson. Emma’s mother, Maggie also wants answers to find out whether or not Emma’s theory of who the killer could be is right. She orders a paternity test to see if Branson could be her child.

Scream-EP9-BransonWhen Emma goes to visit Branson in custody, it’s clear she won’t get any answers from him. He claims that he has no idea how the knife got into his belongings and that he didn’t kill Will. Emma tries trapping him by asking about his past and whether or not he found out who he really was to return to the town and cause chaos. Branson doesn’t seem to know Emma’s mother like she thought he would. Emma asks if the killings are done now since she was told it ended with her. Branson gives a creepy answer by saying they’ll soon find out if that’s true now that he’s locked up. I think Branson is definitely hiding something.

Piper tells Emma about tracking down Brandon’s mother. She’s a bit delusional but Emma wants to meet with her. The girls show up to Mama James’ house where things start to get weird. Mama James realizes that Emma’s mother is Daisy but immediately confuses Emma for Daisy. She starts to get upset with Emma, telling her that she’s responsible for Brandon’s death. He would do anything for Daisy and it ended up taking his life away. Right before Emma is about to leave, Brandon’s mother starts talking about Brandon’s son. She tells the girls that his son was just at her house the other day for a visit. He wanted to learn all about his daddy. It’s hard to trust Mama James with the state she’s in but she confirms that the boy’s name was Seth. Crazy!

Scream-EP9-KieranWith the hopes of Branson being Brandon’s son and him now being caught, Emma can focus on her love life again. Yet again, she and Kieran are giving their relationship another go. I think you should focus on yourself before getting into another relationship, Emma. Your track record isn’t exactly the greatest.

Brooke starts to panic when she sees her webcam on her laptop turn on and off all by itself. Looks like we have another perv to deal with. Brooke thought Jake was the one spying on her get undressed but I don’t think it’s him. Jake tries convincing Brooke that he’s telling the truth but she doesn’t want to hear it. Brooke was staying with Jake now that she’s all alone but after this stunt, she’s decided to go back home. That doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

Scream-EP9-KillerThe Sheriff goes to a nearby town to investigate whether anyone can identify Branson. The calls were tracked down in that location so the Sheriff thinks he could find some answers to pin down Branson. Unfortunately, the first house the Sheriff goes to investigate appears to be vacant. The house appears to be lived-in but no one is home when he knocks. He goes inside to look around and finds a laptop that has multiple cameras streaming. It looks like someone is using this house as a hideout to spy on the entire town. The Sheriff starts to hear noises but gets distracted, allowing the killer to knock him out. Looks like arresting Branson didn’t solve much.

Noah and Audrey begin to go through Rachel’s videos in hopes of finding some answers as to how she was connected to Branson. Lucky for them, Audrey knows Rachel’s Cloud password so the files that were deleted off Rachel’s laptop after she died are at their disposal. During one of the videos, Nina is spotted with Kieran at a bar Rachel liked to sneak into. Things don’t look good for Kieran.

Scream-EP9-NinaAt the Halloween dance, Audrey takes it upon herself to show Emma the footage she found. It’s clear that he wasn’t too happy about Rachel recording him. That would be the perfect connection between Rachel and the killer. I’m also super suspicious because Kieran had to take care of something before heading to the dance. He also doesn’t seem too concerned that his father won’t return Maggie’s phone calls. Instead of being worried about Kieran in that video, Emma brushes it off. Hasn’t Emma seen the movie Scream? It’s the boyfriend doing the killings!

When Emma confronts Kieran about the video, he tells her that he didn’t really know Nina. He just saw her sitting at the bar, looking bored and a bit drunk. Kieran swears that the two talked and nothing more. He tried playing superhero by calling Nina a cab after she was determined she could drive. He refused her invitation to stop by her place but Emma isn’t too sure if she can believe him. Things just don’t add up because after Nina was dropped off she was murdered.

Scream-EP9-EmmaWhile Emma is worried about ruining things again with Kieran, Audrey wants justice for Rachel. The two agree to disagree that Kieran is the killer but I have a feeling that’s going to change very soon. Piper stops by the dance to warn Emma about something she found out. She tells Emma that she went to visit Brandon’s mom again to make sure Branson was the one who visited. After showing her a photo of Branson, Mama James says that’s not the guy. Piper started showing her photos from the vigil when Mama pointed out Kieran. I hate to say I told you so but it looks like Kieran is the killer.

Right after Piper tells Emma about Kieran, the power cuts out at the dance. A live video pops up on the screen, showing the Sheriff looking rather beat up. We then cut to a scene of the Sheriff’s station where a call over the radio can be heard. Looks like Branson got out of his cell and might’ve killed an officer. Either Branson really did this or someone busted him out.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Scream? Do you think Mama James is right about Kieran being Brandon’s son? It is rather odd that she’d point out Kieran out of all the people in those vigil photos. If Kieran is Brandon’s son, I’m a bit disgusted thinking about the fact that Kieran was hooking up with his sister. What I don’t understand is why Kieran would want to hurt his dad? Do you think Branson got himself out of prison or did he have help? He could be completely innocent and just be getting framed for the whole thing. I know one thing is for sure, Kieran and Branson are at the top of my suspect list. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Scream Season Finale airs Tuesday, September 1 at 10/9CT on MTV.

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