Devious Maids Season 3 Finale: Kaboom!

Devious Maids season finale Barb Oates

Like all good things, everything must come to an end. This was an exciting Devious Maids Season 3 finale, especially after being gone for a year. While this is the season finale, the drama doesn’t stop here.

Devious Maids season finaleOn the last episode of Devious Maids, we saw Carmen stop at Sebastien’s house, telling him she didn’t want to be alone. I thought she was just going to him for support after seeing Evelyn’s reaction when Deion was taken away, but that’s obviously not why. She shows up with Sebastien while the girls are having their usual gossip session and lets them know she’s engaged. WHAT?! I’m not the only one shocked and disapproving of their engagement as the girls shared their feelings right before Sebastien walked in.

One relationship is blooming while another is breaking down. Evelyn wasn’t joking around when she told Adrian she’d leave him if they took Deion. Adrian tries to let her know that Deion could be replaced with another boy similar to Deion. Clearly Evelyn cannot replace Deion like a goldfish, so she’s ready to move on with a fresh chapter in her life. As the two are about to celebrate Sebastien finding someone willing to purchase their house, a man serves Adrian with Evelyn’s divorce papers. Yikes!

Michael has taken Katy away from Taylor because he knows Taylor is involved in something horrible related to Louie and Blanca’s murders. When Marisol stops to visit Taylor, she knows why Michael has taken Katy away. She then brings up her worries about Taylor being involved, but Taylor is quick to kick her out. If she keeps acting like this, Taylor won’t have anyone left but herself.

Rosie stops by Spence’s place in order to finally get in contact with him. After he won’t answer her knocks, she goes inside to find the place a mess. I guess Ernesto didn’t mention Hector paying a Spence a visit. Thank God Spence is still alive! When Rosie goes to visit him in the hospital, he looks like he’s in pretty bad shape. Things only get worse while Rosie is asking for his forgiveness. Hector did such a number on Spence that he’s lost his memory and has no idea who Rosie is!

Now that Sebastien found someone to buy the Powell’s home, he should be making big bank and can afford getting married and supporting Carmen. The only problem is, Adrian doesn’t want to sell the house. He’s trying to trap Evelyn since she served him with divorce papers. Since Adrian doesn’t care for Evelyn or Sebastien’s feelings it looks like he’s the only one winning here.

Marisol visits Michael to let him know that she also thinks Taylor had something to do with the murders. He tells her how he hired Louie to spy on Taylor since he thought she was cheating. Michael also remembers that Katy was home the night Louie was murdered, so she’s the only one who knows the man who came over that night. She knows who Taylor’s murderous lover is. Right as Katy comes to talk to Michael and Marisol, the police knock at his front door. When he answers, they let him know that Taylor turned him in for the murders of Louie and Blanca. Marisol tries telling the cops to believe Michael but they won’t listen. They now have to take Katy back to her mother, which isn’t a very safe place right now. I cannot believe Taylor would do this!

Things aren’t going so well during Genevieve and Zoila’s therapy sessions. Since Genevieve is such a flirt, she can’t help but flirt with the therapist in order to get him on her side. Zoila was done with the therapy sessions, until she found out Genevieve had been meeting with Javier. That definitely crosses the line! The two head back to the therapist since Zoila wants to prove Genevieve is the one being wrong. Unfortunately, before they can reach the therapist, the two get stuck in the elevator. To make things worse, Zoila’s water breaks as soon as the elevator stops and they don’t have cell reception. Dr. Neff, want to come in and save the day now?

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP13-Finale-Ernesto-RosieRosie knows that Ernesto had something to do with Spence ending up in the hospital, so she pays him a visit. He tells her that someone from the cartel was responsible and to be honest, he’s happy to find out that Spence is even alive. Ernesto promises that this man will never hurt Spence again but doesn’t mention that he killed him. He also tells Rosie that he’s going to be returning to Mexico in order to make sure the cartel don’t come after her and Miguel. She says she still wants Ernesto out of her life, so he’s doing just that.

Since Marisol knew about Taylor getting Michael sent to jail, she surprises Taylor when she returns home with Katy. She demands answers from Taylor and finally gets what she’s been looking for. Taylor tells Marisol that the man she was having an affair with did indeed kill Blanca, but she didn’t mean for any of it to happen. While Taylor is beginning to tell her story of how she got into this affair, we get a flashback. As I see the man she was having an affair with sit down on the park bench, I immediately recognize him — it’s Sebastien! OMG — WHAT?!

I guess he really is a womanizer, which Carmen now realizes after his “yoga instructor” came to his place looking for him. Carmen does some snooping of her own in Sebastien’s place and finds a secret compartment hidden in the closet. She finds his mask, gloves and even the red dress she let Blanca borrow the night she went missing. Unfortunately, she makes this horrifying discovery right as Sebastien walks through the door. Sebastien starts to explain that he killed Blanca in order to keep their secret. He somehow is trying to twist the story into him doing it for their love. Marisol tries calling Carmen to warn her but Sebastien gets to the phone first. Now that Marisol knows the truth, he tells Carmen he’ll have to deal with her too. No, not Marisol too!

Marisol goes to the Powell’s home since Sebastien sent her a text to meet there from Carmen’s phone. Rosie now knows that Sebastien is the killer but she thinks Marisol is meeting Carmen at the Powell’s home to talk about it. Adrian and Evelyn are home but not answering Marisol’s questions about Carmen’s whereabouts. Things get real serious when Sebastien comes in with a gun up to Carmen’s head. I’m confused as to why he chose to meet at the Powell’s since they are also home, meaning more people to have to murder. I guess Sebastien really is crazy.

Genevieve is able to open the elevator doors and squeeze her way out. She credits dieting for years for being able to get through the opening. Zoila ends up in the hospital right on time to deliver the baby. The two ladies share a special moment together right before Zoila is wheeled away to have the baby. Zoila also mentions that she wants to have her job back and couldn’t be any happier that Genevieve was right by her side. Did I mention how much I love these two? Maybe Zoila should think about naming the baby after Genevieve like she mentioned. It could always be a middle name, too.

Turns out Sebastien planned to have this little shindig at the Powell’s residence because he wanted their money. Adrian is forced to call Michael and ask for some quick cash. When Michael shows up at the Powell’s home he’s greeted by Evelyn instead of Adrian. He knows something is up so Sebastien points the gun at him and mixes another person into his scheme.

Marisol tells the story that Taylor told her about the night of Louie’s murder. Sebastien was paid by Olivia to seduce Taylor while Michael was gone. Since her plan worked, Louie was there to catch it all for Michael. Sebastien was worried about Jacklyn finding out so he took matters into his own hands. Louie landed on a glass table which impaled him. After it was clear Louie was dead, Sebastien started to chop him up into pieces to scatter around town and throw the police off. Yup, this man is one psycho! How could you chop someone up like that? Sebastien claims he’s not a killer but I’m not so sure after he shoots Michael right near the heart. Sadly, it looks like Michael is gone. How is Katy going to be protected now?

Things just got ugly for Rosie. When she goes to visit Spence in the hospital with some photos to help get his memory back, she’s greeted by an uninvited guest — Spence’s ex-wife, Peri. Spence thinks he’s still married to her so he called her in order to explain everything. He still thinks Rosie is just his maid and Peri isn’t going to tell him otherwise. You are one dirty liar, Peri!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP13-Finale-GenevieveDuring labor, Zoila’s vitals start to quickly drop. The doctor comes out to warn Genevieve about this complication. She says they will do everything they can to save them both but Genevieve now has the hard decision of telling the doctors who to prioritize. This will be one of the hardest decisions Genevieve will ever have to make. I know I couldn’t do it.

It looks like Taylor and Katy are on the run and won’t be returning anytime soon. It’s not clear where they are headed but Taylor has changed her appearance and created a fake alias. Katy is also in on the plan by changing her name. Let’s hope the cartel aren’t still on the lookout for Katy.

Marisol was able to get free of Adrian’s sex toy handcuffs that Sebastien put all of them in. She gets up and whacks Sebastien upside the head, knocking him out. When the police arrive, the girls warn them about the gas that Sebastien leaked in the house from the fireplace. Evelyn notices that Adrian isn’t outside with them and starts to worry he went back inside the house. Sebastien starts to gain consciousness but stumbles to get up. As he’s reaching for something to hold onto, he knocks over Adrian’s electrocution device. This causes it to give off a spark when hitting the ground, and the whole house explodes in flames. The sad part is, Adrian did go inside the house to grab the precious photo of him, Evelyn and their son. It appears that he didn’t make it out before the explosion. Of course, the episode ends there, so I’m praying we’ll get to see Adrian in the next season.

What were your thoughts on the season finale of Devious Maids? This was one heck of a finale but there are still so many questions unanswered. Will Spence ever regain his memory or is Rosie now going to be alone forever? What is Peri intending on doing by staying with Spence? We saw Spence and Rosie get married, so how could they deny that? Where are Taylor and Katy headed to? If Taylor ever finds out what happened at the Powell’s home, I doubt she’ll care. She’s partly responsible for so many deaths, including her husband’s. Who do you think Genevieve will tell the doctors to try and save? My guess is Zoila but it’s hard to pick between the two. Did Adrian really die inside the explosion? If so, I bet Evelyn will have a hard time recouping after she was set on divorcing him. Will anyone get pinned for all these murders now that Sebastien is dead? I just hope all our questions get answered in Season 4. I know I personally can’t wait for the next season to start. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. hello,
    I am a fun of your episodes and am just really for such alive teaching drama.
    I do enjoy it a lot when I see how Marisol and rozie does there thing.
    Just pass lots of appreciation to entire team and especially the two.
    Hope one day to have a chatt with both.

  2. Love this show; such fun and escapism. Wonderful ensemble cast though the real stars are the bosses – the Powells and Genevieve. They use the Powells well ; Genevieve could be used better and more. Really hope they renew this show but it doesn’t look good. There are many reasons this show should continue. First, there is amazing chemistry between the characters. The Powells are wonderfully imperfect, devious and crass or boorish. Genevieve is adorable and with Zoila we have our new Lucy and Ethel combo. The maids all have unique characteristics and hold their own. Zoila is strong and opinoned; Carmen is a dreamer and really self absorbed, Rosie is sweet and playful, Marisol is smart. Together they have charisma and you care about them. It is a fast moving, fun show with good mystery, intrigue and humour. On the other hand, it really has failed to reach its targetted audience to pull in numbers the Latino community. It also misses the mark with younger viewers by losing Remi and Valentina. Beefcake seems to be disposable with the aging Spencer the only male eye candly left and he really has aged (compare Grant Show to Susan Lucci and Grant looks like he has caught up to Lucci though she is about 20 years older) Think about it Remi, Sebastian, Javier, Jesse, Nick, Ernesto even Dr. Neff. All gone this season. And all but maybe Dr. Neff known for being shirtless rather than their acting. The storylines are fast paced and you do love the characters. I think if we were to be fair Blanca may have moved a bit fast for anyone really to care about her. Still you can’t help but get addicted to this show and I hope Lifetime can find a way to save it. I hear it is about money and it is an expensive show. Perhaps they can make the maids do 10 episodes like the Powells and Genevieve and everyone could take a 20 percent cut or so. I don’t care but save this show! It is really great fun.

    • It’s up to Lifetime if the show gets another season. I have no doubt that they will. We should have an answer around the end of September.

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