Ray Donovan recap Season 3 Episode 7: Is it time to repent?

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Recap Ray Donovan Season 3, Episode 7 “All Must Be Loved” (original air date Aug. 23, 2015): Episode 7 of Ray Donovan “All Must Be Loved” starts at home. Father Romero (Leland Orser) tending to his pigeons at a facility for the Servants of the Paraclete (you’ll learn a lot about Catholicism in this episode). Paige Finney (Katie Ray Donovan recap Season 3 Episode 7Holmes) is alone sitting at the edge of her bed stoically contemplating the day ahead. She grabs her sunglasses but leaves her wedding bands on her nightstand. Before she leaves she peeks in on Varick (Jason Butler Harner) sleeping in a room more fitting for the Finney’s hired help. Paige answers the door and sends the man upstairs to Varick’s room to deliver the divorce papers.

Terry (Eddie Marsan) and Ray (Liev Schreiber) are at the doctor. “It’s like I’m having dreams while I’m awake,” Terry explains. His Parkison’s is progressing. Living alone is no longer a good option — the doctor advises.

Daryll (Pooch Hall) is having a bad day. The Minassians claim he and Mick owe them $30,000 so they gave him a good beating and took his Cadillac. Mickey thinks it’s all a big misunderstanding and arranges a meeting, claiming he’s got the cash.

At Fire Club Teresa is making herself at home rummaging through Bunchy’s clothes (oh sorry, it’s Brendan – at least when it comes to Teresa), she’s suddenly a fashionista too. When Brendan seems a bit unsure of getting rid of his clothes, she reassures him with some soft kisses. Looks like what she really needed to make room for was the altar/shrine she put up for her big brother who died before she was born (a lot of candles, some rosaries and a painted portrait of a kid holding a bird). “What’s with the dead bird,” Brendan asks. His life flew away, she tells him.

Ray and Terry are back at the club and Bunch wants to talk. “You saw that woman?” Bunch asks Ray, referring to Teresa (Alyssa Diaz). “She’s going to be my wife.” All he needs is his settlement money, but Ray’s not about to sign it over so that Bunch can give it to some woman he just met. “I’m the one who stood up in front of the fucking world and admitted what happened to me,” Bunch (Dash Mihok) reasons. “You didn’t do that.”
“No, I didn’t,” Ray says.
“I expect you to transfer the account to my name this week,” and the new Brendan walks out. You know there’s no way Ray is going to give him control of all that money.

Speaking of money, Abby (Paula Malcomson) is working out the paperwork to buy her family’s bar. Harriet (I guess their accountant, don’t really remember her) thinks purchasing the bar is a waste of their money. With just $375,000 Abby will get the sister-of-the-year award. Ray walks in and looks surprised that Abby’s working out the details. She questions if he’s changed his mind. Ray tells Harriet to get it done. He heads upstairs to a spare room (filled with their junk) and contemplates the room for Terry. He calls Paige instead. “We can still make that property work,” he says, not willing to give up on the NFL dream. He asks her how quickly she can put together $200,000 in cash. She claims she can get it done. Abby finds Ray in the spare room and thanks him for saving the family bar, apparently they would have lost it without him. Ray tells Abby about Terry being unable to live on his own anymore, and suggests he moves in with them. In a rare Donovan moment, Ray and Abby are out shopping. Ray eyeballs electric wheelchairs. Abby doesn’t think they are “there” quite yet. He drops the news that Bunch is getting married to some Mexican wrestler. “Jesus Christ she works fast,” Abby says. Ray knows he’s going to get his heart broke. But their conversation is interrupted by Paige, she’s at her father’s plant and she’s got the money. Abby tells him to tend to his work, she will take care of getting Terry’s room set up.

Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) has her new school pal over (the gal that shared a joint with her last week at the polling location). She’s ready for some cocktails so Bridget grabs some of her parents’ booze and they head up to her room.  Her friend has a secret: Looks like Mr. Donellen (Aaron Staton), who Bridget is crushing on, never took down his wife’s Facebook page after she died, so they snoop around on her page some. It’s enough to inspire Bridget to grab her guitar and compose a new song. Later, Abby comes home and is happy to hear Bridget playing again. Abby sees the booze in her room and questions Bridget about it (but it’s cool, only her friend was drinking). Perfect time for Abby to pour herself a drink and have a girl-to-girl chat. Bridget wants to know what Abby saw in Ray. “I always understood him, and he understood me. We had each other’s back.” But what if he wasn’t into her? Abby gets that Bridget is referring to her own life and a boy she’s interested in who perhaps isn’t interested back. Abby encourages her to make a move. Yeah, she’s going to regret that one.

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Paige gives Ray the money. Ray plans to use it on the fish and gaming lady Helen Miller, after that he’ll sort out Paige’s next obstacle, a guy by the name of Rodger Napier who owns the $90 million apartment complex they need gone to build the field. Paige tells Ray that she served Varick with divorce papers, which most likely will result in all kinds of problems.

Despite being sloppy drunk at Verona’s election party, Helen remembers Ray –— you’re “Andrew Finney’s man.” He plops the $200,000 on her desk and tells her that the Finney family would like to make a donation to the California Aviary Project. Hmm, she’s not familiar with such a project. Ray’s got to spell it out explaining that the Finney’s chief concern is in regards to the preservation of the tricolored blackbird. Now it clicks. “Are you bribing me?” Apparently these birds have some special nesting pattern that would be threatened if a stadium was built. Ray’s got a better plan for the birds and helps Miller see that their current location is really a shithole and the birds might be happy with a change. She takes the cash and Ray moves on to his next target.

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Varick got the papers and is visibly upset. He tells Paige that she can’t do it. “It’s over,” she tells him. “I want you out by tonight.”

Ray gets a call from Thomas Romero (a.k.a. Father Romero) who informs him that he has spoken to Brendan about the murder of Father O’Connor. He requests they meet. Ray needs to talk to Bunchy first. “He’s a friend of mine,” Bunch tells. Ray demands to know what he told him. “I guess I told him that I shot him in the stomach and you shot him in the head.”

Terry goes ballistic. “You fucking idiot. You ratted your brother out. Do you have any fucking idea what you’ve done?” Ray tries to settle things down, but Terry won’t stop. “Do you get it now Bunch? Why Ray can’t let you have that money? Why we can’t let you marry that fucking Mexican?”  Bunchy didn’t like Terry insulting his woman, and pounds him in the face with his fist.

Lena calls Ray with information on Romero. He’s a priest, she tells Ray. He’s part of an organization called the Servants of Paraclete, a place where the Catholic Church sends their child molesters, she explains.  He’s 51, been there 15 years and before that he was in Baltimore, Lena explains. Looks like Romero was sent by the church. Bunch wants to go talk to his friend. “You keep your fucking mouth shut. You’re in over your head, Bunch,” Ray tells him, all within earshot of Teresa.
“I know you two think I’m not smart and that I’m weak but it ain’t true,” Bunch defends. “I can’t help it that people lie and cheat and do bad things. I never hurt nobody.”
“I know Bunch,” Ray whispers.

And if they didn’t have enough swirling in their heads, after Bunch leaves Teresa takes issue with Ray too. “Hey. You don’t treat him like that. He’s not a boy.”
He surprisingly keeps cool and politely asks her to mind her own business.
“Maybe he’d act more grown up if you two didn’t treat him like a fucking baby,” Teresa retaliates. Valid point.
“Mind your business,” they bark back.
“Brendan is my fucking business. We’re in love. You better get use to me.”

Ray and Terry take off to find Father Romero. While driving Ray asks Terry to move in with him and Abby. Terry’s going to think about it. At the gates to the church grounds, Terry asks Ray if he ever blames him for what Father O’Connor did to him. Ray’s confused, as why would Terry have anything to do with it. But Terry confesses that he used to hear Ray crying at night when he was a child, and he knew what he was crying about. That hurts. “What are we going to do with this guy?” Terry asks Ray. “WE are not going to do anything,” Ray informs, and insists Terry stay in the car while he talks to Romero.

Ray Donovan recap Season 3 Episode 7Father Romero explains to Ray that he was brought in from the Vatican to establish a place for priests who have sinned against children – a place for vocational renewal built in spirit of healing and hope. “Father O’Connor left a trail of wreckage over many years   … but he went through a full disclosure,” Romero tells Ray. “He told me all about your brother, he told me all about you.”
Ray wants to know what that’s supposed to mean, if it’s some kind of threat.
But Father Romero tells him that he has what Ray needs. Forgiveness. (This is the same Father Romero who killed Ezra, right?!)  Romero rambles on about how Father O’Connor did to him the worst thing a man could do to a child but he atoned for it. “He devoted himself to his recovery and to Christ … He wasn’t innocent when he hurt you. But he was innocent when you killed him.”

Ray Donovan“You got nothing,” Ray tells him. “A conversation with my alcoholic brother.”
“You’re not listening to me, I have everything you need,” Romero tells him.
“What do I need?” Ray asks.
“Forgiveness. I want to forgive you,” Romero tells. “Admit what you did. Come with me right now to the chapel and confess. Accept God. And you and I will forget everything that came before this.”
Ray’s not buying it, or so we think.
“Admit what you did. Why you did it. Repent. And all will be forgiven.”

Ray DonovanRay walks to the chapel with Father Romero, and it looks like he’s actually considering confessing. Romero tells Ray how he also lived with hate and how he confessed to Brendan the wrongs of his past. He asks Ray to trust in the safety of the confession (the whole idea that you will be forgiven for any crime without implications from the law).

“All you got to do is ask him, Ray. Let him teach you to forgive,” Romero says, as he opens the confessional door. Ray looks at the crucifix and opens the other confessional door. Ugh. I’m sick — he’s not going to do this, right?

Thankfully Terry is growing impatient and decides to look for Ray.
But back at the confessional, Ray is kneeling and says: “Forgive me father for I have sinned. It’s been 36 years since my last confession.” But that’s all he can do, and he bolts from the chamber, Father Romero chasing after him.
“Wait Ray. Prison will not help you, nor your brother. Only God will,” Romero says.
“You got nothing,” Ray says.
“You believe. I know you do,” Romero challenges him. “Don’t walk away from this. Repent. Repent now or face excommunication.”
“What? I’m the sinner?” Ray asks, appalled at the thought. “You hide and protect these men who should be dead, and I’m the sinner?”
“I know how badly he hurt you, and I know how much you loved him,” Romero says. Oh, that hits home and triggers Ray. He levels Romero with one blast to the face, and then continues to pump his fists into him, prepared to “fucking kill” him. But Terry stops him. Romero is now reciting in foreign tongue a excommunication chant. Pretty sure the Donovans should have been excommunicated years ago with their long history of violence and adultery, but I guess the chant is needed to make it official.
“You think I fucking care?”  Ray screams. “What did you do for my sister? My mother?”

A beaten and bloodied Romero keeps rambling (the excommunication process takes a bit). Terry needs to get Ray out of there or they will have two dead priests on their conscious. “Repent. Let me help you,” Romero yells after them as they exit.

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As Daryll and Mickey prepare for their meeting with the Minassians  (plumbing pipe and money in hand), Bunchy makes an unannounced visit. “I’m getting married pop. Her name is Teresa and she’s a Mexican American luchadora.”
“My baby boy is going to tie the knot,” he kisses Bunchy’s head.
Daryll’s confused, thinking he was his baby boy.
“From a proper marriage is all I’m saying,” Mick tries to correct. Classic.
But Bunchy isn’t there for well wishes. He’s got a woman to support now and he needs to make some more money. He’s hoping he could pick up some work through Mick. Oh gawd, Teresa is not going to like this..

“You come at a very auspicious moment,” Mick tells him. “We’re doing a big negotiation and I could certainly use an extra hand.”
Bunchy’s job is to keep the car running and be ready to get them out of harm’s way once their “negotiation” with the Minassians is over. Of course Mickey doesn’t really have any money and when he turns over an envelope of funny money and tries to take out the guy with his plumbing pipe things don’t go real good. Bunchy sits in the car watching Daryll and Mickey get pummeled by these guys. Then a switch goes off in his head and he’s a different person. Bunchy grabs a tire iron and goes nuts on these guys, nearly killing them. Daryll had to stop him. Now they need to get out of there fast. Daryll takes his car back and Bunchy helps a wounded Mickey back to the apartment.

Ray Donovan“Sometimes you got to push back to get some respect,” Mickey tells Daryll about their botched plan.
“They are going to come after us,” Daryll says.
“My fucking suit is ruined,” Mickey says.
Bunchy doesn’t know what to think of it all. He’s stunned. Mickey turns to Bunchy proudly and says: “You were a fucking lion out there — a fucking lion.”

Ray DonovanAs Ray and Terry drive home, Terry realizes what just happened. “He excommunicated us,” Terry realizes. Ray senses his distraught, “He didn’t mean you. And he didn’t mean Bunchy.” Once again Ray carrying the family burden. “We killed a priest,” Terry reminds. Terry wants Ray to focus on his family now, not him, and so he’s not going to move in with him. “You got a lot going on in your life. You don’t need more,” Terry assesses. “You need your family. The rest of us are lost causes.”
Paige calls again. She needs Ray over to her house now. She’s dressed to seduce. “In hindsight my marriage was good for everyone. My dad got to be around Varick and I got my dad’s attention,” Ray tells. But she lied, she’s interested in Ray.
“I got to go Paige.”
“No you don’t.” And she turns and walks upstairs, expecting him to follow.
Raymond Donovan don’t you dare!


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  1. Matt the car that blew up was a CTS when it was at the apartment building. You’d think Cadillac would have given them another XTS to blow up. All they need is the body. Anyways, yea I caught it too. Cheap production on this episode I guess.

  2. Did anyone else notice that in this episode ot last if it get the cadillac that got blown up was an xts.. the one on tow truck was an old cts

  3. Ray almost relieved himself of the guilt he carries, getting a few words away, until he snapped back into present time. He almost returned to being a believer and you know that can’t happen in this show. Here’s thinking that Daddy Finney won’t be pleased about Paige divorcing Varick and we’ve yet to determine what his revenge will be for Ray’s duplicity. http://www.tvruckus.com/2015/08/24/ray-donovan-all-must-be-loved-recap-confess-repent-or-run/

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