“Monica The Medium” Makes A Campus Connection

Monica The Medium Kellie Freeze
Monica Ten-Kate is your average college student who struggles with glasses, boys, and work. And she can talks with the dead. (ABC Family/Michael Fahey)
Monica The Medium
Monica Ten-Kate is your average college student who struggles with classes, boys and work … And she can talk with the dead.
(ABC Family/Michael Fahey)

Monica Ten-Kate is a pretty normal college student — with one heavenly difference. “I am a spirit medium,” she explains. “I have the gift of being able to communicate with those who have crossed over.” How she balances her life as a college student and someone who can talk with the dead is chronicled in ABC Family’s new series Monica the Medium.

Ten-Kate says she has always been empathetic, but in high school her intuition went into overdrive and, she recalls, “My friends would be telling a story of their deceased loved one and I would hear or see the ending of the story in my head before they finished telling it!” She now knows that it was those who have crossed over, whom she calls “Spirit,” trying to communicate with her. But at the time she feared looking crazy, so she hid her gift until college, where she worked with a spiritual mentor and started giving readings in the university library or dining room.

“I communicate with Spirit through a combination of hearing, feeling, seeing, sensing and clear knowing,” she explains. “I don’t see Spirit as if they’re sitting on the couch across from me … that would scare me!”

Monica reveals that her uncommon vocation’s most rewarding moments come when she provides comfort and healing to a loved one and sees “the jaw-dropping moments that clients have when Spirit brings through messages, details and facts that no one else would know.” She also feels blessed when “Spirit brings up something hilarious or a funny memory and makes people laugh loudly, mid-tears. By the end of a session I see a very specific smile on their faces — one that is soft and sweet and shows how much peace they’ve received.”

I’m a little leery about the idea of communicating with those who have passed over, but after watching the first episode, I’m pretty blown away by Ten-Kate. While at a backyard barbecue, she feels an energy calling her attention to one of her guests and gives an absolutely incredible reading to a stranger about his deceased father. I was in tears and covered in goosebumps. She nailed minute specifics about this man’s life and his father’s dramatic passing. It would be impossible not to watch Monica The Medium and not believe in this young woman’s incredible gift. And even more remarkable is that while she is gifted with an otherworldly ability, she’s still a regular person: she lives with roommates, she’s wants to find romance and she attends college classes. She’s completely exceptional, yet totally normal.

I’ll be recapping each episode of the series as it airs, so come back and we can chat about the episodes: whether you believe in communicating with the afterlife or not.

Now that she’s no longer hiding her astounding abilities as a medium, Ten-Kate takes her newfound attention — from both the living and those who have passed over — in stride. “The only tough part of knowing I’m a medium is when Spirit is coming through during times when I am just trying to be a regular 21-year-old girl. You’ll see this on the show: me trying to find the balance between school, boys, friends and — of course — Spirit!”

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As you can imagine, Monica’s life is about to enter the stratosphere, but if you’d like to contact Monica, you can reach out to her on her website or via Facebook.

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