WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 7: No Holds Barre

Scott Fishman

Eva Marie continues her in-ring evolution with trainer Brian Kendrick on Total Divas and contemplates a finishing move.  She studies footage trying to decide what it should be.  Her husband Jonathan has concerns she is trying to rush into risky and complicated moves that she isn’t ready for and could be dangerous.


Alicia Fox has been watching Eva’s videos on social media. She has concerns that she is working with Kendrick, a man, and not the girls. There is somewhat of a difference. She doesn’t understand why after two years Eva wants to focus on working on her work in the ring. She didn’t see her watch the shows in the past or work to improve before the live events. She feels she hasn’t earned her respect. Ariane tells Eva what the girls were saying about her, namely Alicia, during a shopping trip.


Eva plans to use this to further motivate herself to get better and improve in the ring. Eva makes an appearance at an NXT show where fans boo her and chant, “You can’t wrestle.” She decides she wants to attempt “The Kendrick” as her finishing move. It’s a flashy corner maneuver. There is a sense of accomplishment of how far she has come in the ring after she works on perfecting the hold.She is driven to silence the haters.


Nikki and Brie want to open a wellness center focusing on barre classes that will give a percentage of the sales to the environment. Nikki brings up the idea of bringing their brother JJ and mother on board. Brie was not happy about that  since Nikki failed to talk to her beforehand and wants to keep it just the sisters.

JJ takes the Bella family to meet with a realtor  to tour potential commercial barre studio spots. Brie isn’t happy, feeling he is trying to take over their plan. She is protective and that  they are losing control of what their initial vision was for their business. Brie pretty much hates all the spots JJ is brings them. to Nikki thinks Brie is being mean to JJ. Brie says it’s not personal, but business.


Nikki tells Brie she is is an angry person and gets into a verbal spat at the nail salon. Nikki goes to talk to JJ about Brie and starts thinking about maybe going into business with her might not be a good fit. JJ then goes to meet with Brie to try to help the situation and reveals what Nikki said about her. Brie sits down with JJ and Nikki, coming to the realization that family comes first and they need to come together if they are going to go into business with each other.


Trinity bonds with her two stepchildren over a weekend with them staying over. She tries to be the best stepmom ever. The diva rents a minivan, which Jon isn’t too crazy about. She gets a bounce house, which the kids enjoy. This wasn’t enough. So she also brings in their own petting zoo, which includes a small alligator, miniature pony and goats. From there they go to Fun Spot for go-carts and other activities.

Jon thinks she is going overboard. She was trying to be their friend rather than a authority figure. Jon gets a call from the kids’ mom concerned the they are spending too much time playing and not enough on their school work. Trinity doesn’t want any tension. Jon says he wants the kids to earn the fun rather than just be spoiled. Trinity understands his point point and respects it. There is a delicate balance, parenting 101 on ‘Total Divas.’

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