Scream episode 8 recap: The haunting

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Scream-EP8-JakeWith all the craziness that went down on last week’s episode of Scream, everyone is trying to recuperate after the death of Will. Jake wakes up in the hospital to discover the news that his best friend is dead. I bet he’s feeling pretty crappy for the way he treated Will.

Piper goes to the Sheriff with the video of the Mayor acting very suspicious. She lets him know that Nina and Tyler had the video and now that Will and Jake had it, they went through dealing with Ghostface as well. Turns out Brooke was the one who went with Piper to turn her dad in. I know it was hard for her but if her dad is a killer, she might want to put him in jail.

When the cops bring in Brooke’s father for interrogation, he won’t tell them anything. He promises that his wife is doing fine which seems accurate since Brooke was able to call her. The Mayor knows that his story will get out once Piper releases it. Instead of telling the cops what happened in that video, he wants to tell Brooke first.

Since Emma was the one who witnessed Will’s death, she’s been having some problems sleeping. Without any sleep, she’s starting to see illusions of Will cut in half. Now Will is haunting her and she can’t get rid of him. I understand she was the one who tripped the trigger but she shouldn’t allow this to haunt her like it is. Emma won’t tell anyone about this haunting because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt thanks to her. I’m surprised the killer hasn’t gone after Emma’s mother again since that would be the closest loved one to her.


Emma starts to freak out so much that she needs to be placed in a hospital overnight as they watch her. When her father walks in she thinks it’s another hallucination but it seems like he’s actually real. He tells Emma that he’s missed her every day since he’s been away but couldn’t stay with his family due to what happened. Emma refuses her father’s wish to come home and try to be the hero. He was never there for her before so I understand why she doesn’t want him around now. When Emma tells Piper about her father coming back, Piper advises that Emma allow her father a second chance.

After speaking with her mother, Brooke wants answers from her dad. He tells her that he never murdered anyone but everything he did was to protect his family. When Brooke’s mother started using again, the Mayor found one of her friends had overdosed in the guest room. He didn’t want to call for help since it would ruin their family’s reputation. So I guess it’s a good thing to know that Brooke’s father isn’t a killer. Unfortunately that’s not enough for Brooke. She makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with her dad.

Scream-EP8-Emma's-DadEmma remembers the time her father left and why he was arguing with her mom. She runs out of her hospital room to find her dad and let him know what she’s remembered. Emma tells him that he was fighting with her mom because he didn’t want her. He tells her that isn’t true but tells her to look around for clues because she already knows the answer. Turns out Emma’s father wasn’t really there but all just another hallucination. He led her to the pediatric ward in the hospital and helped her find some answers.

Noah and Audrey have been doing some of their own investigating while Emma has been in the hospital. They snoop in Mr. Branson’s classroom and find weapons that match what the killer has used, hidden inside the speaker in the classroom. They also find out that his real name is Seth Palmer. With all this information, they go to the cops. Noah lets the Sheriff in on a little more details of Branson’s past. Turns out Branson was going by the last name of Palmer back in 2013 when he was teaching in a small college in New Hampshire. He did the same thing he’s doing with Brooke by having an affair with an 18-year-old. The girl ended up dead and Palmer was the main suspect until he went missing. The Sheriff finally believes Noah and Audrey when he gets a text from the killer’s phone.

Emma figures out that all those signs her father and Will sent her pointed towards the ultrasound photos she found in the abandoned hospital. She realizes they could be her mother’s ultrasound photos so she calls her into the hospital to discuss this issue. Her mother tells her that she didn’t leave town after the Brandon James incident because she was escaping the press. She was only 16 and her parents arranged for her to give the baby up for adoption. Turns out the baby’s father is Brandon James and not Emma’s father. Maggie found out she was being cheated on so she turned towards Brandon’s comfort. Emma comes up with a great theory- what if the child her mother gave up for adoption is back and looking for revenge?

Scream-EP8-BrookeBrooke meets with Branson in the school’s theater and wants no part in talking about what’s been going on. While the two are spicing things up at the school, Brandon hears something and goes to check on it, leaving Brooke behind. Brooke gets the spotlight put on her as she’s onstage, thinking it’s Branson. Unfortunately for her, it’s really Ghostface who pops up and manages to slash her arm. She manages to run away from the killer but also runs into Branson right after the killer. Good thing the cops showed up and placed Branson under arrest. So, have the cops finally caught their guy? I guess we’ll see.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? Do you think Brooke was harsh on her dad or is she doing the right thing? Why do you think Emma hallucinated visions of Will and her dad? It was creepy that they were able to give her the answers that she needed. Do you think Maggie’s child she gave up for adoption is the killer? It would make sense but I’m still keeping my options open. Do you think Mr. Branson really is the killer? He’s always been very suspicious. Plus, all the timing with the incident at the school with Brooke fit perfectly. Either way, he’s in trouble. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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