GSN’s STEAMPUNK’D: Meet the Makers of the new steampunk design competition series

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GSN’s new competition series STEAMPUNK’D is kind of like Project Runway set inside a Jules Verne novel.

For the uninitiated, steampunk is: “Inspired by 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery, Steampunk is a retro-futuristic design movement seen in everything from fashion, to technology, to pop culture.” It’s sort of like importing H.G. Wells’ 1898 vision of what the future would look like.

STEAMPUNK’D looks to discover the most talented steampunk designer in America over eight episodes of the series, which debuts on Wednesday, Aug 19, at 10pm ET/PT. It moves to its regular 9pm ET/PT time period on Aug. 26. The contestants, or “Makers,” work in teams to complete design challenges testing their abilities to turn everyday things into masterpieces of steampunk style. Each week, a Maker is eliminated with the last one remaining winning the $100,000 grand prize.

The judges are steampunk authorities Thomas WillefordMatt King and Kate “Kato” Lambert. Jeannie Mai hosts.

GSN’s STEAMPUNK’D Season 1 Makers:

· Ave Rose (Culver City, CA) – Known for her moving sculptures & taxidermy wearable art, she has been described as the “Frankenstein of steampunk” for her ability to bring dead creatures to life through motion mechanics. Combining nature and hardware with fantasy, Ave says she wants to show that women can create mechanical marvels as well as amazing fashion.

· Charles Mason (Hillsboro, OR) – A pastry chef by day, Mason’s steady hand and passion for detail also play into his steampunk designs. Utilizing materials of all kinds including scrap metals and leather, he enjoys repurposing masks, props and armor.

· Edward Thayer (Jackson, MI) – A single father of six kids, as well as a builder and automotive customization specialist, he earned the nickname “Steampunk Eddie” while being commissioned to do work for a new steampunk-themed brewery. Especially fond of clocks and gears, he uses old clock parts, copper, and other people’s junk to design his pieces. a self-described ‘Gear Head’.

· James Neathery (Nashville) – An X-ray technician, father and husband, designing custom watches is his steampunk forte. He enjoys making everything by hand (no machines) and his leatherwork pieces are constructed using traditional tools such as mallets, bevelers, and Exacto blades.

· Josh “JW” Kinsey (Portland, OR) – Drawing inspiration from the vintage industrial motif long before it was even referred to as steampunk, JW aspired to be a professional artist from an early age. His work has been displayed across the country in various restaurants, commercial buildings, galleries, and in New York City’s new Freedom Tower.

· Karianne Gottschalk (Detroit) – A former tattoo artist and costume designer, Karianne played competitive hockey for more than 20 years. This tough STEAMPUNK’D Maker specializes in fabricating weapons, bracers, guitars and intricate leather masks.

· Morgan Olson (Los Angeles) – Recognized for her rocker look and ensembles, Morgan has worked as a professional costume and fashion designer for 13 years. This outspoken designer is just as comfortable with a needle and thread as she is with drills and metal and is experienced in creating last-minute custom clothing pieces, props and large-scale art installations.

· Niki “Lady Hawk” Phillips (Tallahassee, FL) – A single mom and adult novelty shop purveyor, Lady Hawk is known for the dark and gothic tone of her Steampunk designs. Using mostly found materials from thrift shops and garage sales, she particularly enjoys constructing goggles, jewelry, and modified NERF© guns.

· Tayliss Forge (Irvine, CA) – Cosplay model and artisan crafter Tayliss Forge spends most of her time making Victorian and Steampunk costumes and accessories for her online business, Nonconformity Accessories. Through the application of an unusual water technique with tooling leather, this time sorceress creates corsets, bracers and purses that contour to the shapes of the body.

· Tobias McCurry (Seattle) – A self-described “super geek” and theater trained performance artist, Tobias is well-known in the Steampunk community for his fire-breathing and stiltwalking. Drawn to rivet work and armor pieces, he often uses materials like copper, brass and metals in his costuming.


Photos: Credit: GSN


    • Hope she is ok. I wasn’t a fan of her work, but I hope she can continue working for those who do like/love her work.

  1. This is the Stupidest show I’ve ever Not been able to watch. I really can not emphasise how dumb it is. Really digging deep to fill time slots!

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