Catfish Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Quit Catfishing Catfish!

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On this week’s episode of Catfish, Nev recruits some help from rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly. Turns out Kelly has been in a lot of Nev’s brother’s films so that is how the two have gotten to know each other. Machine Gun Kelly will be taking over Max’s role in this episode while he and Nev try to help a young girl named Hundra. She begins her story by saying she met an amazing girl online named Emily who lives in New York, about 9 months ago. At first the two girls were just friends but their relationship quickly grew into something much more. Emily is the only girl that Hundra has fallen in love with so it’s hard for Hundra to believe stories that Emily has been telling her.

While the two don’t live too far away from each other, Hundra living in Pennsylvania, they still haven’t been able to meet. Emily always seems to have an excuse as to why the two can’t meet. One day Hundra drove to Emily’s home to be told that she had just left, leaving Hundra in the dust. Hundra is really taking a risk by asking Nev for his help. Her family is from Haiti and come from a very strict background where homosexuality is not allowed. Hundra hasn’t told her parents about dating a girl yet and she’s worried that if she comes clean, her family will disown her. Yikes! This is a gigantic leap for Hundra to be making. She has a lot at stake here.


During a Skype call with Hundra, she tells the guys that she met Emily by scrolling through photos of girls on Facebook. After getting her heart broken by her ex, she decided to be “gay for a day,” where she found Emily’s photos and thought she was cute. Hundra fell for Emily’s trap by sending her money when she found out Emily was having car troubles. BIG MISTAKE! I just hope it wasn’t thousands of dollars like some of the other Catfish victims. You’ll never see that money again!

Nev and Machine Gun Kelly take a short drive to meet with Hundra to get more of the story. Hundra definitely should have her guard up since Emily has texted her from 5 different numbers throughout the 9 months they’ve been talking. The latest number that Emily gave Hundra is from a Pennsylvania area code. Yup, not looking good. Things get worse when Hundra tells the guys that she’s only received 3 photos of Emily so far. With not much hope left, the guys leave Hundra to go investigate.

Catfish-Season4-EP18-NevWhen the guys search the latest number that Emily has been using, they get a match for someone named Geralyn in Pennsylvania. They then find Geralyn’s Facebook page but are afraid that she might already be in a relationship. Kelly points out that the other girl in Geralyn’s photos looks a lot like Emily. I thought the same thing so I’m glad Kelly mentioned that. Nev checks the Melanie Facebook page, where they find the same picture that Hundra has of Emily. I don’t understand why Geralyn would give out photos of her girlfriend unless they’re in on it together to steal money from people.

After the guys show Hundra the information they’ve found, she’s heartbroken. They decide to send Melanie a message who surprisingly calls Nev. He lets Melanie know about someone using her photos and they set up a time to meet the next day. Melanie immediately knows who Geralyn is. She says it’s her ex-girlfriend that she broke up with in order to get back with another ex that she still had feelings for. It sounds like the breakup wasn’t that nasty but obviously Geralyn is hiding something. Instead of having Nev call Geralyn, he has Melanie call because he knows she’ll pick up. Geralyn agrees to meet Hundra but I don’t think she’s going to take this very seriously.

When the gang arrives at Geralyn’s house it is in fact Geralyn that answers the door. She opens up about why she started the page, saying it was all just a game in the beginning to get her ex mad. Geralyn and Melanie have matching tattoos and were even engaged at one point. It’s clear that Geralyn was really hurt by the breakup.

Catfish-Season4-EP18-HundraHundra then goes on to question why Geralyn wouldn’t want to have the rights to say she converted a Haitian girl into being gay. Apparently she thinks that all gay people love converting non-gay people. I don’t exactly think that’s how it goes Hundra, so you might want to watch what you say. Geralyn admits that she eventually fell for Hundra after getting to know her. The good thing is that Geralyn didn’t pick the money up but just wanted to see if Hundra would really send it. Hundra has some harsh words for Geralyn as she’s walking away. She’s upset that she didn’t end up with a “lipstick lesbian” and got Geralyn instead. I understand she lied to you but there’s no need to talk that way about her, Hundra.

Geralyn texts Nev the next day asking to meet up with him, minus Hundra. She lets the guys in on a twisted story. I guess Geralyn doesn’t really know Hundra because they’ve only been talking for the past 4 weeks, not 9 months. Even more shocking is the fact that Geralyn doesn’t really like Hundra. In fact, Geralyn and Melanie are in on this together because they only agreed to do this once Hundra asked them to. Melanie seems to be the ringleader behind all this by getting Geralyn to work with Hundra. Machine Gun Kelly is beyond furious! He can’t believe that someone would do this just to get on TV. Sadly, that’s how today’s society is.

Catfish-Season4-EP18-Machinegun-kelly-houseNev sends a text to Melanie and Hundra, asking them to meet up at Geralyn’s house. Melanie tries to play the victim right away by questioning why Geralyn would steal her photos. The joke is on her because the guys already know the truth. Kelly looks to Hundra for her to tell the truth. She says she wanted to get on TV to let everyone know she’s gay. I agree with Nev, why does the entire world need to know that she’s gay? She thinks she’s helping showcase why Haitians should be free to their sexuality but she’s definitely not being anyone’s hero. Instead of dealing with the problems she’s caused, Hundra leaves.

Melanie doesn’t really have any reason why she went along with Hundra’s plan other than she was working with a friend. She apologizes for what she’s done but that doesn’t solve everything. I think all their phones would be great candidates to throw into the water. Nev?

Catfish-Season4-EP18-Nev-faceHundra meets with Nev at his hotel but she’s not going to apologize for anything. She wanted her coming out to be something special for her to remember. I don’t think this is the greatest way to come out, especially to a family that doesn’t accept you being gay. Nev advises that Hundra speak with her family before the episode airs before leaving Hundra.

Two months later, Geralyn and Melanie tell the guys that they haven’t spoken with Hundra. It’s almost as she’s disappeared without leaving a trace. They’ve learned their lesson and seem very sorry for trying to help Hundra. Hundra seems to be open with dating other girls now but she’s not going to apologize, once again. She thinks that Machine Gun Kelly should thank her for being able to be on TV. Wow, this girl will never learn will she?

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Catfish? Did you believe Hundra’s story or did you detect her lies early on? If she’s open with being gay, I cannot believe some of the things she was saying about the LGBT community. She really needs to work on not opening her mouth when it can come back to bite her. Did you think it was wrong of Melanie and Geralyn to help out by lying? It seems like they really wanted to just help Hundra come out but this was such a very wrong way to do so. Do you think this was a good way for Hundra to come out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

New episodes of Catfish premiere Wednesday nights at 10/9CT on MTV.

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  1. Hundra needs to be ashamed of herself.. It seems like she must not have a life if she does all this for no reason.. Selfish and straight whack!! And get that damn gap fixed.. Gay for a day bullish… Smh. Get a life. You looked like a damn fool and had the nerve to be argumentative and you was wrong!! I’d love to meet you but not in a positive way. You just need to be schooled…

  2. They are all coons, just wanting 5 seconds of fame. They knew what that girl was gonna do. They really wasted their lives

  3. If I ever met Machine Gun Kelly I think I’d have to beat his face in, what an F***ing moron! Where’s Max?

  4. People like hundra think that there so important in this world, but she isn’t at all she can go to straight to HELL!!!!!

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