Face Off Season 9 Episode 4 recap: Frightful Fiction

Face Off season 9 episode 4 McKenzie Channel Guide Contributor
Face Off season 9 episode 4 McKenzie
McKenzie’s look of concern, mixed with disappointment

Face Off Season 9 Episode 4 begins with the elimination from the 100th episode last week. You remember last week, right? It was the super-special wedding episode, so we couldn’t bum everyone out by having an elimination, could we? Like, I can’t say who went home so fast in my post without saying SPOILER ALERT, can I?

In case you forgot: Jason, Missy, Meg and Nora were all in the bottom four.

As I suspected, Missy was sent home. We didn’t need the week of drama – it was pretty clear in her short time on this season that she wasn’t ready. I wish they had cast her in season 11 or so. Where Emily last season was ready at 18, Missy at 20 just seemed to not quite have the strength for the reality show grinder just yet.

The next morning McKenzie introduces a Focus Challenge rather than a Foundation Challenge or a Spotlight Challenge. The idea with the Focus Challenge is that in this case, artists have to FOCUS (get it?) on the face of their performer, instead of the whole body. And they only get 2 days to work it out. Judges want more detail, since the artists have a smaller space to cover. Duh.

YAY! It’s an individual challenge! Theme is a mashup between classical literature and horror. They’ve got to create the protagonist of the following stories and the artists that chose them:

And I know Scott & Stevie aren’t working together, but come ON! You guys need an opposite day or something. Geez.

Everyone is selecting a different character & a different direction with it. We’ve got Frankensteins, vampires, burn victims, old age makeups, oh my!

We get a lot of concern from Jason & Meg, so I have a feeling they might be our bottom this week.

Jasmine can’t stop herself from wrapping hair around foam pieces. She apparently forgot how torturous it was to wrap yarn around foam in the last challenge. Working with the wig hair seems to be much easier than the yarn, thankfully.

Are the models directed to run into the workroom? I don’t think it’s adding a lot of working time for the artists.

Yay! Lois Burwell is back as a guest judge!

Ben, Libby, Jordan, Evan, Kevon, Ricky and Nora are all in the mediocre middle. C’s get degrees! Let’s take a look:

Jason is in the bottom – Ve thinks she looks like a weird vegetable. Brittany is in the bottom for trying to combine old age & burn victim. Lois thinks her choices of surgical pink & ditchwater grey were very poor indeed and the texture looks like stucco (thank you, Lois). Meg is in the bottom, and she knew it. Ve thinks Meg’s model looks like concrete. Jasmine, Stevie and Scott are in the top.

The top looks:


The bottom looks (pouty McKenzie face):

This week’s winner is Scott. Going home tonight is Brittany. Wow. I’m kind of surprised. I would’ve thought Jason was going since he’s been in the bottom before. But he did do a halfway decent job with what he did. It just didn’t make sense. Meg’s got to step it up if she’s going to be hanging around much longer on Face Off.

Did you guys think Brittany should’ve gone home? What about Scott’s win?


  1. Oh Jason….it looks like someone chopped a purple onion in half and stuck the impression on her face! I think Vee and Glenn are right, sometimes its all about subtlety and CLEAN work…PLUS I jus don’t know where Jason was goin with this…what part read demonic? Just puttin her in Puritan clothes does not make it the Scarlet Letter!

    • I have no idea what he was thinking – I think he just got into the shapes & never had the though of “hey, this makes no anatomical sense”

  2. I’m sad about Brittany…not that we’ve seen so much of our work we can judge but I can tell she didn’t really get a chance to show us all she can do, and I felt for this particular challenge she did much better than Meg. (I think they’ll bring her back for their 2nd chances season) But I agree Meg better step up her game, cuz she’s been up and down, and it makes me wonder if the reasons she’s been up is because of the partners she’s had or if she’s good. We shall see Ruthie! This episode was just ok, I wasn’t gaga over the challenge only because last week was that wacky stuff, and I did a scary make-up cuz for some reason it really shows off the skill level of the creators but this challenge I felt like everyone either floated through or just did good but not great. Makes me wonder if they gave them the reading material to learn who their characters were or if they just kinda had to wing it. I’m excited for next week, I like the idea of what lies behind this crazy door kind of thing!

    • I think the focus challenge kinda threw some of them off – was it Jordan that was like “well, to make this character I HAVE to make a cowl.” No, no you don’t. That’s not the point. It’ll be interesting to see if she can come back from this next week. Jason too – he’s been skating on the bottom but kind of oblivious to it when he’s working on the challenge. Not sure if that’s a good thing. Like Glen said, it’s almost worse to think you have a top look when you don’t.

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