Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: Ernesto is a killer?!

While it’s clear that Evelyn and Adrian need to work on their parenting skills from last week’s episode of Devious Maids, they decide to jump right in by asking Deion if he’d allow them to adopt him. As the Powell family are sharing hugs with their new addition, Carmen pulls Adrian aside for a phone call. Remember that private investigator that Adrian hired to find Deion’s birth parents? Well he did his investigating and found Deion’s father who wants to speak with Adrian. Good job on ruining your new family, Adrian.


Now that Taylor and Katy are back, Rosie tries to get the truth out of Taylor. Rosie explains that at Miguel’s party they had a little accident where cupcakes got smashed onto the couch. Despite them being clean on the outside, Rosie shows Taylor the red stains on the cushions inside. Instead of coming clean, Taylor tells Rosie that she had spilt wine and Blanca was supposed to clean it up. I know Rosie isn’t buying that story one bit!

Rosie goes to Marisol with the information she found at the Stappord’s. Marisol thinks the stain could be blood and advises that Rosie check by putting Hydrogen Peroxide on the stain to see if it bubbles like it would with blood.

Since Zoila was rudely fired by Genevieve, she goes to Marisol for help finding a new boss. The only person Marisol can think of is Gail Fleming so she tries warning Zoila to stay away from her. We all know how hard of a worker Zoila is so she doesn’t mind if she has to work for Gail. When the two finally meet, Gail can’t help but insult Zoila for being pregnant. I admire Zoila for how she responds to Gail’s attitude because she knows she needs to work for her and the baby. I don’t think I’d be able to stand there calmly while being insulted left and right.


Rosie returns to the Stappord’s house to experiment with the stains on the couch. She has her Hydrogen Peroxide handy but when she walks into the living room she finds that the couches are gone. Taylor walks in and lets Rosie know that since she pointed out the stain she thought it would be best to get all new furniture to have a fresh start. That’s code for, I got rid of those things so no one can pin a murder or two on me.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP12-Ernesto-HectorIt’s clear that the cartel Ernesto worked for isn’t comprised of very patient people. They need him to get the girl fast which makes Ernesto panic. However, after finding out that Rosie will be watching Katy alone, he calls his cartel pal Hector to let him know the plan is still on. What are they going to do to poor little Katy? She seems like she’s a fighter so hopefully she’ll put up a good fight and be able to escape.

Adrian found out that Deion’s father didn’t even know he had a son. While he’s not interested in taking him from the Powells he does want to meet with all of them to ensure that he’s in a safe home. Adrian sends Evelyn and Deion on a surprise trip to Europe so he can engage in one of his many mischievous schemes. This time, he has Carmen help him out by running an open casting call for someone to play the role of Deion. Now this is a plan I have to see!

After getting Joy upset over the subject of her deceased mother and how much better Zoila is, Genevieve takes Dr. Neff’s advice by taking her out to lunch. Genevieve starts to apologize to Joy while also letting her know she’s treating her to a spa day and made a donation to the diabetes foundation in Joy’s mother’s name. Now that Joy sees how generous and kind Genevieve is, she comes clean about lying to Zoila. She also tells Genevieve that it was all Dr. Neff’s idea because he wanted Zoila gone. I bet Joy isn’t the only one feeling pretty guilty right now.

Marisol invites Taylor out for a few drinks in hopes of her getting drunk and revealing the truth she’s been hiding. Since Taylor is recovering from her pill overdose incident, she’s not partaking in the drinking like Marisol thought she would. Marisol takes a different approach by telling Taylor she cheated on Jesse. When Marisol asks her if she’s ever cheated on Michael, Taylor catches on to why Marisol invited her out. Before storming out, Taylor tells Marisol that she’s not interested in being the star of her next book. That plan went south, fast!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP12-RosieErnesto invites himself over to the Stappord house to accompany Rosie once Katy goes to sleep. What he’s really doing is making himself the distraction so Rosie won’t be able to detect when Hector comes in to kidnap Katy. Hector manages to get inside Katy’s room without being noticed but just like I suspected, Katy isn’t going to go quietly. She uses the Virgen de Guadalupe statue that Rosie gave her to whack Hector in the head. She manages to get free and screams for help. That’s right, no one messes with la Virgen or Katy! She runs into Rosie’s arms, telling her there is a man in her room. Ernesto goes to check on his pal and tells him to leave without the girl since she already saw him.

When Dr. Neff returns to Genevieve’s house, he notices all his things are packed up and by the door. Genevieve lets Dr. Neff have it by telling him she’s found out the truth. He tries to convince her that they could work things out by going to couple’s therapy but Genevieve doesn’t want anything to do with him. She finally kicks Dr. Neff out and gives him back his ring. You go, Genevieve! Now go beg for Zoila to come back so you guys can return to your beautiful friendship status.

When Taylor returns home, she once again doesn’t want to take Rosie’s advice by going to the cops. She then tells Rosie the rest of the story behind Katy’s past. Apparently Taylor accompanied Michael down to Mexico for his business trip last year. Katy’s father was a journalist investigating organized crime and was going to publish a book on it but never got the chance since he was murdered. Katy’s mother had died years ago before this so their friends asked for the Stappords to take her with them. They were already looking into adoption and so they decided to smuggle Katy back to the US with them. Taylor tells Rosie that the drug cartel are the ones causing all this pain and Rosie knows exactly who those men are.

Things were going along smoothly with Adrian’s plan- he plays himself and Carmen plays Evelyn while they hired a young boy to play Deion. His father seemed quite impressed but things went wrong as soon as Evelyn and Deion returned from their trip early.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP12-CarmenAdrian comes clean to Evelyn about what he did and she tells him that he will lose her if he loses Deion. Yikes! It seems like Adrian will have to get on his knees and beg Deion’s father not to take him since he’s already making arrangements to bring him home. Carmen opens up to his father by telling him how she can relate to him. She tells him that she was pregnant a long time ago but could barely take care of herself let alone a baby. She placed the baby up for adoption because it was the right thing. She knew her baby was in good hands, with a family that cared for the baby. Trying to convince Deion’s dad that the Powells are a good family is kind of hard to do when Adrian walks in offering yachts in exchange for Deion. His father tells Adrian he’ll be taking Deion with him.

After seeing Evelyn break down crying when Deion left, Carmen goes to visit Sebastien. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone but I’m not sure if that means forever or at that moment. If she’s thinking about her baby she gave up, hopefully she’s just going to Sebastien for some consoling.

Rosie goes to visit Ernesto and tell him that she knows he was the one who let Hector in to kidnap Katy. She also figure out that he wasn’t a hostage of the cartel because he was working for them. He tells Rosie the truth about working for them in order to keep her and Miguel safe. He then mentions that he tried to work out a trade deal with the cartel by offering them Katy. Rosie is disgusted with Ernesto and tells him that she wishes he would’ve stayed dead before leaving. Wow that one really had to hurt! Maybe this will make him reconsider his offer to the cartel?

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP12-MarisolMarisol has Rosie come over to show her the little secret she picked up from the furniture store- Taylor’s old couch. She already tested the stain and sure enough, it was blood. Now they have proof that Taylor is involved in Louie’s murder. Marisol still doesn’t think that Taylor killed him but she’s sure that Taylor knows who did. Now that Marisol has the couch, Taylor will have to come clean to her. Sneaky Marisol to the rescue!

Now that Ernesto has lost his family, he wants out of the deal. Hector tells him that he can’t get out of the cartel unless he wants to end up like Spence. Hector doesn’t say exactly what he did to Spence but he tells Ernesto that he was a problem so he took care of him. I’m afraid to find out that means Spence is dead. When Hector threatens to pay Rosie a visit in order to hurt Ernesto, Ernesto turns crazy. He grabs Hector by the throat, pinning him against the wall until he can’t breathe anymore. Now Ernesto is a killer too?! Ay dios mio, I can’t keep up with all these murders!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Do you think the Powells will be able to get Deion back? I really felt bad for Evelyn when she started to cry seeing Deion leave. Now she’s lost two sons in her life. Do you think Zoila will go back to work for Genevieve? Now that Marisol has evidence on Taylor, do you think Taylor will come clean? It might give her less time in the clunker. What do you think happened to Spence? Did Ernesto really kill Hector? Now Rosie definitely won’t want to be with him! Next week is already going to be the season finale so hopefully some questions are answered before the season ends. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

Photo Credit: Annette Brown


  1. I found this through a google search. This episode didn’t air where I live and not on Demand(Darn Xfinity), thanks for detailed information. I have watched it since the beginning. I just Love Marisol, so sneaky and gets all the info. Thanks

    • I’m glad I could help! Marisol sure knows how to get what she wants. If you haven’t seen any of the other episodes, I have recaps for the whole season. Happy that you found us through a google search!

  2. Spence is the coolest character on Devious Maids. He better not be dead – hard for me to watch the show with no Missa Spence!

  3. I agree this season is thrilling. I would love to see more of Katy! What a multifaceted actress!

  4. Spence better not be dead…. I was glad that ernesto killed hector… Dude deserved it!!

  5. Thank you for writing such detailed recaps of Devious Maids, one of my favorite shows and one I keep missing this season. You keep me so up-to-date that I feel like I watched the episode!
    What a terrific season!

    • Thank you for reading! It’s an amazing show so it’s hard not to capture all the drama in each episode. Make sure you get time to watch the finale!

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