Nickelodeon Preschool Series “Shimmer and Shine” Is Magically Cute.

Shimmer and Shine Kellie Freeze

Shimmer and ShineYou and your preschooler are invited to enter a vibrant and curious world where magic and wishes rule. Nickelodeon’s newest series, Shimmer and Shine, follows the adventures of twin genies-in-training as they grant wishes for their human best friend.

When the wishes don’t come out exactly as planned, the trio must work together to turn their mistakes into success. “As a mother of two young kids, I see how important it is to help empower our children with an understanding of resilience,” says show creator, Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. “Through the series, we help kids see that even though the outcome may not be exactly what they wished for, there is always a way to figure things out.”

The fun starts Monday, Aug. 24 at 7:30pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon with the series’ premiere, before Shimmer and Shine moves to its regular time slot, weekdays at 10am ET/PT as part of Nickelodeon’s preschool programming block.

Shimmer and Shine are adorable genies who love granting three wishes per day for their friend Leah. Shimmer is bright, cheerful, giggly and eternally optimistic. Wherever she goes her mischievous pet gibbon monkey, Tala, is by her side. Shine is sassy, bold and witty, with unstoppable energy. Shine is an animal lover whose cuddly Bengal tiger, Nahal is her purrfect pet. Leah is the twin’s human best friend, who summons her secret pals using a bottle-shaped necklace. She’s calm under pressure, thinks before she acts and is always thinking of ways to make others happy.

The series is bright and cheerful and preschoolers will love the optimistic outlook that the three friends put on everyday challenges and mistakes. When little problems become big messes, their response is a positive “we can do it!” an attitude that is affirming to youngsters whose own world is filled with trials and tribulations. Shimmer, Shine, Leah, and her neighbor Zac also use positive encouragement to support their friends and praise them when they are able to solve their problems.

Shimmer and ShineIn the premiere episode, “The Sweetest Thing,” Leah wishes for the genies’ help in making cupcakes for her school bake sale. The wishes don’t go as planned and Leah, Shimmer and Shine find themselves stuck with a giant birthday cake, some farm animals and no wishes left and must work together to fix their mistakes without drawing the attention of Leah’s goofy and curious (and hungry) neighbor, Zac.

As the genies say (and sing) in the show, “Boom Zaramay!” Which I take to mean, magical fun is on the way!

Shimmer and Shine > Nickelodeon > Weekdays at 10amET/PT; series premiere Monday, Aug, 24 at 7:30pm.


  1. I babysit my granddaughter during the week. She LOVES Shimmer and shine. She is only 16 months old but when she hears the music she is captivated and i sing the song while she gets so excited!!! Thank you for giving us a dose of morning sunshine!

  2. My daughter was very excited about tala the monkey. It’s her name and is the first time she has heard her exact name being used. Thank you for making a little girl very happy.

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