Allies Become Enemies: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 10

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dark matter, syfy

The Raza “will vaporize upon impact,” Android says when a Multicorp destroyer launches a nuclear missile, as allies become enemies and Five officially joins the crew on Episode 10 of Dark Matter.

Gutsy Two orders Android to speed the Raza toward the missile — if they’re fast enough, the ship that fired it will still be in the blast range and therefore have to disarm the nuke.

Which lands them out of the frying pan, but into the fire of three more ships, this time from the Mekei Combine, which struck the deal with the miners and Two.

So allies, right?

Not so much.

Commander Truffault, who Two negotiated with on behalf of the miners, boards the Raza with plenty of trash talk about the tight spot the Raza crew has been in since the mining colony incident, and the supposed rumors that they’ve gone “soft” — a dangerous rep for mercenaries. Oh, and she has an “opportunity” for them to prove they’re still an effective team: a job stealing something from a research station. The commander won’t say what the “it” is; One says no blind ops.

dark matter, syfy

Truffault is on her way out the door when Three stops her; he wants to talk about her offer, and the Raza guys all agree. Spotting an opportunity, the commander interrupts: she’ll send them coordinates, and they have 24 hours to get there, or they’re finished in this town, er, galaxy.

One organizes a closed-door meeting with the Raza dudes to vote that they take the job. They also decide that One should break the news to Two, since she’s his girl, and he’s his own man with his own mind and she understands that. (Cue hysterical laughter.)

At the rendezvous point, the crew is jumped by another crew. Turns out, Truffault wants the teams to work together. Truffault’s first team has been scouting the space station, and has acquired the IDs needed for both teams to enter the research station to do the job. One team will cut power; the other will acquire the desired item, which is kept locked in a vault in a secure lab.

While Team Raza is at the rendezvous, Android creates a hologram based on her default settings, whose job is to record and report on her “flaw.” Five overhears Android talking to her invention, but only Android can see or talk to it — unless the hologram finds actual flaws in Android’s systems. If the hologram finds something wrong, Android will alert the crew? “Of course,” she says.

During Truffault’s briefing, Wexler, the leader of the other ragtag group of mercenaries, propositions Two. He’s a pig; she’s not amused. They’ll board the research facility as maintenance crew and access the lab via a duplicate key card of one of the facility’s top scientists. The key is good for another 16 hours. Also, no weapons allowed, as the equipment on the facility is highly sensitive. Shoot the wrong panel and the whole place could blow.


Wexler is a safe cracker: basically he can get into anything, he claims, giving the perv-eye to Two, who is still not amused.

Back on the Raza, Two tells One she doesn’t like this plan. One agrees, but points out that Ferrous Corp just tried to nuke them, the Galactic Alliance has bounties on their heads, and enemies they don’t remember are sending them killer sexbots, so the Mekei Combine is currently their only friend. The warn Five to stay out of sight of Team Truffault, which is also on the Raza, as her presence will be difficult to explain.

Safe-cracking Wexler explains the plan in the mess hall while his team shovels in food at an alarming rate. When they cause the power failure, the station will begin to emit a subspace distress signal, which will bring any ships in the area there to help. It will also mean no power to the door that needs to be opened; they’ll bring their own power, hook it to the door and crack the code. Then they need to get the device aboard the Raza — all within an hour of cutting the power.

One wants to review the plan again; Wexler wants to have a drink. One says no drinking; Wexler starts pouring anyway, as her “barking orders” isn’t very attractive. (Says the guy chewing the toothpick…) Two stalks off to the bridge. Wexler takes this as an invitation to follow and tell her how what a smart, beautiful woman like her needs is a man to control her. She breaks his wrist, two ribs and badly bruises his left testicle. “She’s into me, I can tell,” he moans while his injuries are being treated in sick bay.

One is pissed — at Two: With Wexler on the disabled list, who will crack the safe? Five, of course! She’s thrilled; Six isn’t. Since they don’t have an ID for Pixie, they smuggle her aboard in a container of pipes and plumbing supplies.

One, Three and Kane, the bearded dude from Team Truffault, wheel Pixie to the lab in question. If anyone beyond that door sees them, they’re screwed. Inside, they find an android plugged in for charging. When the power dies, the android will automatically reboot.

dark matter, syfy

It does, kicking ass on the three guys while conveniently ignoring Five, who McGyvers a solution, zapping it with the power pack meant for the safe-cracking job. Android managed, but without the power pack, they can’t get into the safe. Five wires the disabled android to the door in order to tap is power supply to get them in, while the clock ticks down. Finally, they acquire the item Truffault wants.

Two and her team restore power after an hour; security begins a sweep of the station, with zappy sticks in hand. Two, Tash and Vons are cut off by a an eight-man security team. They’re about to chance rushing them when Four surprises them from behind — he’s been waiting on the shuttle, but boarded the station once power was restored. Fight ensues, but they handily beat security just as the team with the device joins them. Back to the Raza, where Two insists on securing the item in the Raza vault. Wexler doesn’t like it.

Vons smuggled a shock stick aboard; he passes it off to Wexler, who uses it to disable Android on the bridge. Vons pulls Three’s gun on everyone else, who are all celebrating the success of the mission with drinks in the mess hall. Wexler’s team has had this planned; Tash pull guns on Team Raza as well.

Two wasn’t in the mess hall. She hurries to the bridge when the ship drops out of FTL. Wexler zaps her, too. When she revives, she’s in an airlock. The rest of her crew are held at gunpoint, their arms duct-taped behind their backs. She’ll be jettisoned if someone doesn’t give up the passcode for the vault where Truffault’s device is secured.

Against Two’s orders, Three gives them the passcode, and they verify it by going in and retrieving the device. While they’re doing that, Two asks Wexler why he’s doing this. He wants the bounty on their heads, the fee for the device, and he gets to keep the Raza, a very fast ship.

Oh, and revenge, since she didn’t succumb to his, er, charms. Wexler tells her it’s too bad, that they could have had fun together, then opens the airlock and Two is sucked away.