GiGi talks about her time on WWE “Tough Enough” after elimination

Scott Fishman

Winning multiple challenges and progressing in the ring, Giorgia “GiGi” Piscina was seen as a favorite to win a WWE contract on “Tough Enough.”

However, the votes weren’t there for the loveable Aussie, who was eliminated from the reality show this week.


“I would like to say I was shocked, but anything can happen at this stage of the competition,” she said.

“I don’t think anybody is safe. I was ready to be in the bottom three, but definitely wasn’t ready to go home. I’m a very emotional person as you probably have seen in the previous episodes when I was talking to my dad back home. He was emotional, too. We just get very passionate about things, and it shows with our emotions. After the show I went backstage to say goodbye to the competitors. I’m going to miss Amanda a lot. Her and I got along really well. I think we crossed paths for a reason because we’re very alike and got along so well. So I’m glad to have met her.”

GiGi has visited the United States before. Once it was for a cheerleading competition and another for her fitness modeling in Las Vegas.

“Each time I’ve been to America it has been for some kind of sporting event,” she said.

“This time it was for ‘Tough Enough.’ I love America. I was in the competition for eight weeks, but there was minicamp before that, and I got here a little bit earlier because I was international. So I’ve been away from home for 10 weeks. That’s the longest I’ve ever been away from home. My parents have been missing me like crazy.

“I miss them, but because it has been so busy every day, I really hadn’t had a chance to think about it that much. My parents have gone crazy and are missing me more than I miss them to be quite honest with you. I’ve been caught in the moment. We talk often and everyone kept up to date. They are so excited for me to be coming home. I’m sure there will be lots of cuddles on arrival.”


With her diverse background, the athlete feels it helped ease her transition into the world of sports entertainment. As the weeks went on, she fell in love with the business.

“I really do think I was meant to be part of WWE because everything I’ve done in the past I feel built me up and led me to this point,” she said.

“The gymnastics, cheerleading and even the fitness modeling, all of it has elements to make you a diva. Gymnastics helped me because I just pick things up really quickly. I’ve won a few challenges, and I think that is because I was able to pick things up quickly because of what I have done. Cheerleading has the stunts and all that stuff, which kind of helped and being able to perform as part of a team. I’m glad I got to experience it all.”


The 21-year-old recalls watching WWE as a child. Self-described as a tomboy, she enjoyed the product with her guy friends. Piscina’s favorite was Rey Mysterio.

“I lost touch as I got older,” she said.

“Before the last year or so I’ve been watching ‘Total Divas.’ I got addicted to that. It kind of brought me back to WWE because I saw their lives. So then I wanted to see them in the ring and wrestling. It kind of threw me back in. I’m glad that happened.”

Piscina’s ultimate idol was Lita, who serves as a coach on ‘Tough Enough.’ During the show the diva-in-training said her favorite match was the Lita facing Trish Stratus on Raw in 2004. She was impressed with how Lita was able to finish the match after taking a devastating bump on the outside.

“Meeting Lita has solidified that because she is just an incredible person,” she said.

“I loved that I got to meet her and be coached by her. She went out of her way to often spend time with us outside filming, which is incredible. She doesn’t have to do that, but was more than happy to do it. Emma coming from Australia and making it to the main roster was a huge inspiration to me as well. She is the first girl to really do that from Australia. When I found out about ‘Tough Enough’ I thought if Emma could do it, then I can do it. She gave me motivation to put in my application and follow through. So I’m very thankful to her.”

Another diva who has helped her along in this journey was Paige. Not easily impressed, the raven-haired beauty saw something in GiGi. Respect was earned.

“Early on in the competition she was giving me a little bit of heat, but I think she was just trying to see how I can do under pressure,” she said.

“Coming to the end of it, she has been my guardian angel. She saved me last week. You can see she was disappointed that I left the competition now. I know people have been sending messages and tweets where she commented on one of the videos online saying the only girl talent that was left was gone, and well done WWE Universe or something like that. She was definitely supporting GiGi, which was incredible. I look up to her for being so unique and staying true to herself. She doesn’t change for anybody, and I think that is what makes Paige so great.”

Despite it being a competition, Piscina came to the realization that it’s also a reality show. The cast member had no regrets and was proud of her efforts.

“The voting was a huge part of it, and I just didn’t have the votes,” she said.

“I think maybe a part of that is, and I hate to say it, because I’m not from America. The UK is at 2 a.m. when voting goes live, and I think that is where my family is. In Australia, all of my supporters there are in a work day, so not many of them can stop to vote. I think that went against me. I definitely think I did everything I could. I was eight weeks in the house and won six of the challenges. I think I won the most challenges out of the guys and the girls. So coming out I’m not disappointed because I was strong, if not the strongest girl competitor in there. I feel like I’ve done enough to leave my mark. People know who GiGi is now.”

Piscina looks back at her time on “Tough Enough” fondly. She made too many lasting memories to count, but mentions one she will take with her. It was the challenge where the group had to work as a unit in saving a dummy from a fire.

“That was really special to me because my dad worked in the fire brigade,” she said.

“He had an accident and had to be pensioned out. He was very proud of me for doing that challenge, and I got a glimpse of what he went through each day on the job. I heard all these stories in the past. This kind of made it come to life now. I’m excited I had that opportunity because usually you don’t go into a burning building to save a victim. That was special. Getting the feedback from the coaches will also stay with me for sure. I watched a video where all three judges picked me to win, which meant the world to me.”

Even though her time on “Tough Enough” is over, she is determined to make it to WWE. It’s just the beginning in GiGi’s eyes.

“I’ve had a few people contact me already,” she said.

“I have to go back to Australia now. I had a temporary visa. So I have to go back home, so I’m going to find the best wrestling school in Brisbane when I get home. I have a couple of contacts already. I got in contact with one right before I left. They’ve been staying in touch. So they are excited to have me back and training. I’ll go back in the gym and start training as well. I’m excited to get back in the swing of things. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of GiGi.”

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