WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 6: Good Diva, Bad Diva

Trinity has to embrace her dark side on “Total Divas” this week, as WWE decides to turn her into a bad girl.

This is uncharted territory for her. Jon tries to bring it out of her, but isn’t really having much luck. She doesn’t feel she has it in her and isn’t really confident in the character direction. She takes pride in being a role model and doesn’t want to jeopardize it.


Trinity gets set off when Alicia throws a drink in her face. She then turns into the Incredible Hulk to the point where the manager of the restaurant asks her to leave the property. Jon says if she can just channel all that energy into her character it will work.


Trinity freaks out before her big first match against Nikki since the heel turn. With new shades and ring attire (complete with her dope light-up boots), her transformation is complete. You can tell the confidence grow as the title fight goes on. Although she doesn’t win the diva’s title she found something within herself she may have not even knew she had. Bringing out the inner-aggression paid off and proves to be a sign of things to come.


Daniel Bryan continues to battle his injuries and is taken off the road as a precautionary measure. Brie is worried about her husband, but isn’t overtly showing it. Doctors decided they want to do more testing. The couple awaits news if Bryan can wrestle again. Nikki is wondering why Brie isn’t freaking out and if she truly understands the levity of the situation that Daniel’s career could be over. Brie and Daniel are rolling with the punches and seeing how it goes without thinking about the worst-case scenario. Nikki comes to realization that people deal with stress in different ways and needs to stop worrying about things out of her control.


Natalya’s sister Jenni comes to visit and TJ isn’t feeling it. They move into their dream home, which is amazing. Natalya failed to tell her husband her sis isn’t only staying with a few days, but actually moving in to live with them. She wants her there to help take care of the home with her and TJ on the road so much. It’s not the only white lie Nattie tells her husband. She tells TJ fixing up the old house would cost $4,000, but in actuality the contractor estimates it at $15,000.


This seems to be an issue in their marriage. Natalya believes her lying comes from a good place, as she is protecting TJ from problems. The Bella Twins think Natalya need to communicate with TJ more and get his input on big decisions like who comes to live with them. Natalya gathers all her family to come clean on all the things she has been hiding the last few weeks. T

his includes getting her dad to break a lion head she didn’t like that her mom gave her. TJ appreciates she came forward with the truth, but wish she didn’t do it after the fact. Nattie plans to be more honest in the future, for better or worse. Everyone has been warned because sometimes the truth can hurt.

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