Sugar Babies preview: Lifetime movie shows the scandalous side of paying for college

Sugar Babies on Lifetime Barb Oates

There is no doubt that today’s college expenses continue to be on the rise. A college student today cannot simply pay off their student loans by working a part-time job like back in the day. What pushes many students away from college is the amount of years they’ll be paying off their loans after they graduate. Lifetime’s new movie Sugar Babies dives into the real world of college students registering on websites asking for “assistance” with their expenses.

Sugar Babies on LifetimeSugar Babies (premiering Aug. 15 on Lifetime) stars Alyson Stoner, who is stepping away from her Disney image as the voice of Isabella on Phineas and Ferb, yet keeping her rhythm as seen on the Step Up movies, as she sings the title song of the film (she also wrote three original songs for the movie). The film also stars Tiera Skovbye (The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story) and Steve Bacic (The X-Files).

Stoner plays Katie Woods, a young girl who has just transferred from a local community college to Montlake University, Washington State. She’s transferring as a junior into the renowned art history program at the university but quickly learns she needs work on her financing skills. That’s when Katie meets her fellow classmate, Tessa (Skovbye). Katie gets an inside look at the finer side of life thanks to Tessa and her much richer and older boyfriend, Leo (Steve Bacic).

When the opportunity for Katie to meet with one of Leo’s friends comes up, Katie shuts down Tessa’s offer. After realizing that she’d rather see how the finer dine versus being thrown up on at a frat party, Katie takes up Tessa on her offer. Katie immediately falls for Leo’s friend and business partner, James (Giles Panton). He too is much older and richer than Katie. She doesn’t mind their differences until she goes to the school bookstore and notices that James paid off her account. Hello Christian Grey!

Katie isn’t impressed with the idea of giving up her independence like Tessa is. However, once Katie finds out that she missed the opportunity of a lifetime to study abroad in Florence for free, she reevaluates her decision. While it’s nice to have the $7,000 for the trip paid for, Katie soon realizes that living the luxurious life isn’t as fabulous as she thought it would be. James is a Sugar Daddy and Katie has now entered the Sugar Baby life. Will she be strong enough to handle the life or will she crumble under pressure?

Sugar Babies premieres Saturday, August 15 on Lifetime.

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