Scream episode 7 recap: There will be blood

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On this episode of Scream, we pick up right where we left off last week with Will and local reporter Piper being stuck with the murderer. Both aren’t dead- yet- but I have a feeling they will be soon now that they’re hostages.

Scream-EP7-KissKieran and Emma seem to be the school’s latest hottest couple, despite the fact that their parents are dating each other. After receiving a text from Will, Emma is worried that she can’t find him anywhere. When she asks Jake and Brooke if either of them have seen him, they too have no idea where he could be. Once Emma tells the two that Will texted her about his failure to make things right last night, Jake has an idea of where he could’ve been. Brooke mentioned that her father went out late last night so Jake thinks he met with Will. Jake and Brooke let Emma in on Will’s supposed blackmailing business with Brooke’s father. Piper pops out from around the corner telling Emma they need to talk immediately. I thought she was almost dead?

Piper takes Jake, Emma and Brooke to the place where she was attacked the night prior and Jake admits that this is the same location where he and Will did the money exchanges with Brooke’s father. Looks like Jake might have a heart deep down somewhere after telling the truth to Brooke. They start to search the building for Will and find a note from the killer that says, “No cops Emma.” Of course, she gets a phone call from the killer right after noticing the warning. He tells her that in order to find Will, he must play a game of hide and seek just like Brandon and Daisy did. Emma better hurry because this killer doesn’t sound very patient.

Emma goes to Noah for help tracking Will’s phone. Once they find its location Emma heads out to find Will, but not alone. After speaking with her father, Brooke knows he is hiding something from her. She thinks he knows where Jake is so she decides that both she and Jake will help Emma find where Will is. Jake also includes Noah into the mix because I guess there is more strength in numbers? It’s nice to see that the gang is trying to find Will since none of them were really good friends.


Will’s rescue team ends up at an abandoned bowling alley. Since the building is so huge, they decide to split up. While Noah and Emma are actually trying to look for Will, Jake and Brooke are trying to release some awkward sexual tension. Jake leaves Brooke alone for a second to go to the bathroom when all of a sudden, Brooke starts to hear things moving about. When she turns around Ghostface is right behind her, ready with his knife. Emma figures out the killer’s riddle and finds Will hanging in the control room of the bowling alley. Brooke finds her way to Noah and Emma. After cutting Will down, they panic to get him to respond since they have no cell service to call for help. While Jake might still be out there, Will was lucky to make it out alive as he finally came to.

Realizing they need to find Jake and get out of this place quick, the gang makes a run for it. Emma was the first to run out of hiding after she found a tape that the killer wanted her to play. Eventually the killer found where the rest of the gang was hiding, making them all split up. Brooke found Jake on the floor, stabbed by the killer. She was able to pull the knife out but with the force she used to get it out, I’m not sure if Jake will make it. Emma had a close call with the killer as he snuck up behind her, making her dash in the other direction. Just as he was about to grab her, Will stepped in to throw Ghostface down to the ground. At that same moment, the cops arrived. I guess it was a good thing Emma’s cover story of hanging out with Audrey didn’t work out.


The cops search the place top to bottom but yet again, the killer was able to escape undetected. Either the killer is someone that was already there with them in disguise or he really is a ghost!

Kieran and Emma break things off since she can’t seem to decide what she wants. She tells him that she still has feelings for Will since they were together for so long. That’s why she didn’t tell him about where she was going. I think it’s best that Emma stay single right now since the killer could literally be anyone.

Scream-EP7-EmmaEmma gets a call from Will asking for her to come over for a movie night. He passes the test of being who he says he is by telling her what they did on their second date. Since Emma’s emotions are on overdrive right now, she decides to meet him. When she arrives she gets another call from Will- or so she thinks. Yup, it’s Ghostface up to his old tricks. He tells her that the game is still on and this is the bonus round. Turns out he wanted her to have some pride instead of forgiving Will just like Daisy did all those years ago. Ghostface tells her she’d be the one doing something to Will, so he suggests she run. Emma runs to find Will sitting tied to a chair that’s in front of a tractor type of machine with a huge running blade on it. Not knowing, Emma trips a hidden wire in the grass that lowers the blades. Bye bye, Will.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? This episode focused on either Noah or Jake being the killer while they were in the bowling alley. Do you think either of them could be the killer? I think we still need to keep Kieran in mind because he’s really good at suddenly being there when the killer leaves. I was questioning Will but unfortunately he’s no longer with us. If Kieran is the killer, do you think Will dying was an act of revenge for him and Emma not working out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I don’t think it’s Noah. Especially after Riely. I don’t think Jake could be the killer either. He doesn’t seem like much. i say Kieran. I’ve thought its him since the beginning and i stick to that theory. He has access to police records with his dad as the sheriff, so he would know about Brandon James and Emma’s mom. Thats probably why he’s so interested in Emma and claims to know the “truth” about her.

    • I like what you’re thinking! Kieran would make the perfect killer by following the original Scream movie plot.

  2. I don’t really see how it could be Noah, he was always with the group when the killer showed up, except for the ending scene where the cops come in. Also, its completely reasonable that he found the bowling alley because he is a tech geek. Anyway, he’s like the innocence of the show, but maybe that’s what he is going for. Hope he doesn’t die though, he’s my favorite character.
    It’s probably Kieran, he’s always in the right place and definitely had a motive to kill Will
    Jake stabbed himself with his own knife, I think. I’d imagine ghostface would just kill him or something. Instead, he was stabbed in a place where he would probably live. He might be the other partner to ghostface.
    It also annoyed me that Emma would go hang out with Will after she ditched Kieran. She just seems so fickle. I guess she won’t be able to do that anymore. Poor Will, he was a decent guy.

    • Thanks for your comment! I want to say it’s not Noah because he seems to be the best one out of the group. I’m worried that could all be an act to make him look innocent in the end. Right now, I think it’s Kieran. He does seem to always be there just when the moment is right. Never thought of Jake stabbing himself but that would make sense for him to get closer to Brooke. Looks like it’s working! I don’t get Emma…she seems strong one moment and then weak the next. Either way, poor Will won’t be messing with her emotions anymore. Who do you think is the next victim?

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