Dance Moms Season 5 finale recap: Would you like seconds?

dance-moms-season-5-finale-abby-cry Lori Acken

OK, so I didn’t quite get to last week’s recap either. Press tour — the near-fatal summer (and winter) camp for television critics. It’s kinda the same thing every day and you’re lucky to make it out alive at the bitter end. Kind of like recapping a season of Dance Moms. OK, recapping of a season of Dance Moms is worse. At least they feed us and sometimes the drinks are free at TCA.

But anyway, let’s wrap this sucker up, shall we?

So Nationals week is here, so is Jeanette and her team from the Broadway Dance Academy — even though they’re based in Michigan — and so is the grand opening of ALDC LA. A lot of ground to cover in 48 minutes.

Since we’ve won nationals the last four times, the pressure is on. Especially since, as Abby notes, we’ve only won 15 competitions in 25 tries. Not betting odds. In fact, adds the stable owner, “that horse should be taken out back and shot.”

Allow Holly’s face — as it has done much of the season — to speak for all of us.


We get a recycled bit of “Abby is acting nuts” from Jill, accompanied by a revisit of one my favorite moments of the season…


….and a recycled bit about Jeanette being the least of Abby’s worries. Then we move on to the most important event of real-time: Nationals. Oops. Nope. The opening of ALDC LA.

Let’s do pyramid.

Bottom of the bottom is JoJo. Doesn’t take corrections.
Then Mack. Has to adjust to being the littlest.
Then Kendall. Just good. Is all.

Row two begins with Kalani. Third at the competition. Third on the pyramid. Abby’s is a symmetrical world.

Then Maddie. Something about an imaginary tug of war in the group dance. So does the imaginary guy who won get top of the pyramid? No. WHAT THE WHAT???? That’s Nia up there. *Pinch* Yes, I’m awake. *Pinch* Yes. I am.

So let me get this straight. Nia is finally the overall highest scoring solo and I was … I don’t even remember what I was doing last Tuesday. I don’t even remember last Tuesday. Press tour, I’m tellin’ ya. It’s a killer. But I am so going back and watching that bad boy.

Time for the big announcement — who gets solos at Nationals.

Of course, Maddie does. She is someone special doing a solo called “Someone Special.”

What? There is only one more solo to dole out? There is also a major debate. It appears that Abby said that whomever came out on top of last week’s edition of solo wars would earn a place at Nationals, no questions asked. Everyone agrees that that is what Abby said and that Nia has earned the solo. Everyone except …


No, says Abby. She didn’t say that. She said something like that.

Wait. There’s another nay in the room. Kira says it wasn’t really a fair battle because the competition was judged by kids. Had it been, like, grown-ups doing the scoring, Kalani would have won.



Yelling. Yelling. Holly appeals to Abby’s sense of fairness (why yes, I will wait while you clean up the drink you just spat across the room) and says Nia is the only dancer here who has never done a solo at Nationals.

Now you can wait while I clean up the drink I just spit across the room — because Nia gets the solo. Yes, I know. The episode is a mere six minutes old and the odds of Nia still doing the solo 30 minutes from now are slim and none. But for now… enjoy it.


Nia’s solo will be called “No Matter What.”

Group dance is called “The Waiting Room” and will be set …in a hospital waiting room. Abby says we do well with gloom and doom, so why stop now?

Over at the International Dance Academy, where Jeanette and the BDA are squatting, they decide that, since their collective target is ALDC, the group will be about just that — no longer being a target right back. A moving one.  They will do a moving dance about it.

Daughter Ava — whom, Jeanette says has been called a praying mantis by our Abby — will compete a solo against Maddie. She’ll be doing a Little Mermaid origin dance called “The Myth of the Mermaid.” Jeanette says she is out for revenge on any number of levels.

The Waiting Room is about the suspended reality of waiting to find out if the news is good or bad. It’s Gianna’s job to make it morbid magic. Abby’s got flooring to procure. And she’s outtie.

She’s not there the next morning either. The moms huff and puff. Then they huff and puff over lunch.

Gia, who’s looking a little pale and tired these days, puts Nia through her solo paces. Holly says the song is a beautiful summary of Nia’s year.

Wait. What? Where are we again?


Who is editing this thing? Fourth graders in “I Can Edit!” class? (Apologies if it actually is you, fourth-graders in “I Can Edit” class. You did a very nice job. It makes as much sense as any other episode.)

Wherever we are, it’s time to practice Maddie’s solo. Gia reminds her that she is special to, everybody everywhere and Melissa adds that Maddie is “the most famous 12-year-old in the country right now.” Therefore she simply must win. Because when you’re the most famous 12-year-old in the country, winning some hokey-dokey dance competition will make or break your career.

Telephone! It’s Jeanette calling Holly for a little (not the least bit staged) checkzy inzy. Jill says Jeanette is still trying to prove to Abby that Ava belongs at ALDC. Maybe so, says Holly, but Holly thinks that Ava could feasibly beat Maddie. That’s right. She said it. Jess seconds the motion.


With freedom from filming this show so close she can taste it, Holly doesn’t bother to hide the fact that she enjoys pulling Melissa’s easily-pulled chain. And it does kill some time.

Abby appears, chides the mothers for sitting on their asses at the “vegan ions” restaurant and heads on in where she is pleased with Gia’s work. The girls, however, need to work on their emotion. Melissa decides to help by bringing up the death of Maryen Lorrain.


maddie-cry maddie-barf

Good one, I Dream of Gisoni.



Back with the BDC, we get target props and more yammering about revenge.

Let’s open us a dance studio! Where Melissa is plainly dazzled. Or merely overcome by an overdose of pink. Or perhaps the sight of a giant shiny ruler.


This happens.


Two unidentified boy celebrities and pop group Wilson Phillips— whose biggest hit is a quarter century old — are in the uncontrollable crowd, too.

When it’s all over, Abby is verklempt.

With the party out of the way, it’s time to head to Centerstage Nationals in Lancaster, CA. Still with major chips on our shoulders about Abby’s lack of focus.

Of course, Maddie’s costume entails a baby doll dress. And Nia has a head wrap. And Jeanette and Ava walk in, you know, to say good luck. They are quickly and awkwardly dismissed.

Let’s dance. Nia first.

Her music skips — 30 seconds worth — but Nia dances on. No matter what, people. No matter what. And she dances beautifully. Love. This. Girl.


Ava goes next. She says she’s not flustered by Abby any more.

Aw geez, this costume. For one, it is much too bare to begin with. And for two, when Jeanette knows the girl has been tormented for her thin frame, why, oh why, would she put every single bone on display?


If you want people to focus on the power of your daughter’s dance, let the dance be the focus. Abby pronounces it awful. Jeanette says she’s just scared.

Mad’s turn. The costume is lovely, the song is lovely and Maddie is lovely. It should be a shoo-in.


Congrats all around in the get-ready, then it’s time to dress for the group dances.

“Moving Target” goes first. The camera is all over the place, so it’s hard to get an overall sense of the dance, but it’s intense and edgy and pretty cool from what I can tell. Holly’s worried.



“The Waiting Room” is next. And it is fantastic. Goosebump fantastic. Even though we do mature themes all the time, this is the first time that the maturity and complexity of the choreography has kept pace.


Awards time. Which we know from the “Coming Ups” is not going to go entirely well.

We start out fine. Nia’s solo gets second in Teen Solos.

Then we notice something is rotten in Lancaster. A kid just won in two separate divisions. Could you bring that trophy back real quick, kid? So we can give it to … Maddie. Because Ava won. Abby is livid. Something is up with the scoring — and the announcer — she declares.

The Waiting Room gets second, too. Melissa calls for a walk-out. Even before Moving Target is named the winner. In the audience, Abby calls for mutiny from anyone who paid to attend this debacle. She motions for her dancers to leave.

Announcer says they can’t leave. Abby says the law says they can. She does. Melissa, Kira and Jill and their kids do.

Outside, Abby says she was just defending her kids and their hard work. Then she does this. Her poor, besmirched reputation.


Next week, it’s reunion time where Jill and Holly bicker, Holly walks out to boos and  … is Abby leaving the show?!

So what say you, Dance Moms nation? Is Abby leaving the show (Season 6 arrives in January), going out with her head hung low? Did you think the BDA’s dances were, indeed, winners? What did you think of Ava’s costume? How ’bout that Waiting Room? Are you looking forward to the debut of Nia’s latest vid next week? Sound off in the comments section below.



  1. Looks like “the most famous kid in the country” has to step aside,,,,because CHLOE won TCA!!!! Not able to confirm yet but It looks like DM lost too.

    Enjoy that crow melissa!

    • Big woop… Show me Chloe’s billion views on youtube. You can’t?? Pity… Kids choice is a popularity contest with tweens, much like Prom Queen. It has nothing do to with actual talent!

        • Haha, I wish I was Abby. However, if someone is going to make snide comments about a 12 year old, then I will respond in kind. I would have done the same if the above person had made reference to Chloe in such a manner.

          • Then that’s excusable. But I’m sorry, Maddie didn’t get those billions of views just on just her talent alone, okay? You’re comparing which doesn’t need to be done. Please. It’s just as bad.

          • The well-deserved snide comment was clearly aimed at you, Melissa, and not Maddie. You aren’t fooling anyone.

          • Oh, paulaj, please oh please explain to me how the following comment (made by debra) was aimed at me and not Maddie…

            “Looks like “the most famous kid in the country” has to step aside,,,,because CHLOE won TCA!!!! Not able to confirm yet but It looks like DM lost too.

            Enjoy that crow melissa!”

          • Wait, I just understand your comment now (and your unclear implication that I am Melissa”.

            “Looks like “the most famous kid in the country” has to step aside,,,,because CHLOE won TCA!!!!”

            This poster is clearly gloating at the fact Maddie lost a popularity contest. That’s not right. Just say well done Chloe, and leave it at that. If Abby ever said “Well done Maddie, I’m glad you beat Chloe” there would have been WWIII

    • Finally, something that Flabby can’t take away and had absolutely nothing to do with, good for Chloe 🙂

      • Okay, Kenny… this is where I have another problem. I love Chloe to bits, and Maddie is amazing too… but do not trash Chloe’s victory. Do not. You called Mel out for saying awful things, you’re technically calling Chloe talentless.

        • I’m not calling her talentless at all! I actually really like Chloe dancing, and think her technique (and her hip-hop) have improved immensely since she moved to Studio 19. All I’m saying is that her victory at last nights TCA’s had very little to do with her talent as a dancer and more to do with her popularity. If it was to do solely with dancing talent then Alison or Derek would have won, plain and simple.

  2. BOTTOM LINE: Dancers need a daily training class; dancers need rehearsal time with the coreograph; dancers need to be treated with a modicum of dignity and respect for their skill. Abby v. dancers – Abby’s total is a big fat goose egg – give it up Abbey.

    • Absolutely, even teachers need to keep up with training and learning new material, especially with dance styles changing and evolving all the time, they need to stay on top of it in order to be competitive.

  3. Kenny, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I, for a peculiar reason cannot reply directly to your comment, so it seems that making a new chance is suffice. And yes, it is understood that this show is highly edited, but not everything on this show is edited. I do know that not everything that Melissa says is a lie, but she can be caught down with her pants sometimes, you know this is true.

    And with the whole Abby thing and contracts, they had to know what they were signing up for if it required the girls to be placed as that. You’d think that the mothers themselves would completely oppose that idea as it is meaning they are making themselves and their children who they are not, which is living a lie you cannot take back. If Abby knew what was required of her, then again, any mindful person would not have taken that bait, before signing the contract. As a woman in business, she should’ve read the fine print.

    But then it comes to stuff she says off-camera, and although I only have a few instances with Christi to back that claim up, I won’t say them as one-sided evidence is not good evidence for an argument. I’ve seen these extra bonus scenes, but not all of them are of Abby. She hasn’t had too many good moments in her this season. Why did she look so shattered when she got the court papers from Paige back in Episode 2 this season? I mean, it’d be any general response of course, but she looked extremely troubled by it, and I think we all know why.

    So I still back my point in the fact that Abby isn’t all the sunshine and sweet nice lady you may or may not think she is. If the mothers and Abby knew what they were diving into, and didn’t dare look any further into it, and still signed up, then they all deserve to be criticized for even letting it happen.

    • To be fair, if I thought having a few mean comments directed at my child would establish them as international celebrities and sort them financially for life, I would have signed that contract without a second thought. But I think it all comes down to personal opinion on that point. You say that “any mindful person would not have taken the bait”, but I for one would have. Actually, even after seeing 5 seasons, if i had a child now I would still put them into it. It all comes down to short-term vs. long-term outlook. Yes, the children might be momentarily sad, but if you as a parent can build up their self-esteem, then anything Abby says should be water off a ducks back.

      I’m not saying Melissa never lies, she does. But they ALL do. I just think that people are more aware when Melissa does it due to herself and Christi’s arguments over the years.

      However, if you research dance teachers, there are apparently far worse than Miss.Miller out there! Derek Hough’s ballroom teacher apparently makes Abby look like a toy poodle! Plus, the Chinese and Russian gymnastic coaches are even worse again! The only thing is they are not televised and edited week after week. However, whether or not you agree with the methods used by the above peoples, you must admit that they get results.

      This is something I don’t think we will ever reach a full agreement on. We seem to be on two opposite sides of a spectrum in relation to the signing of the contracts scenario :P. However, I do hope that I have offered a different view for you to consider on Abby, Melissa and the moms, and you have certainly given me one! If you have any other replies to the above comments I would be happy to read them and continue this conversation. 🙂

      • Well, you honestly do I have a point, but I shall indeed stay true to my own opinion as well. It’ll change, just as yours will change too.

      • I’m curious, Kenny…as a 19-year old living in another country, how is it that you came to view these confidential legal documents? Nice try, Melissa.

        • Because after Kelly filled a lawsuit the contracts were made public. Not that hard to find if you even do a teeny bit of research! But you obviously prefer to bury your head in the sand and believe everything you see on T.V.

  4. I don’t think everyone realizes something, after I dug a little deeper. The Waiting Room, ALDC’s group, was in the Junior division and won 1st place. Moving Target was in the Teen division and won 1st place. Overalls, Moving Target scored higher. There, that proves it. It’s not that MT and WR faced off squarely against each other. So, before anyone claims rigged and blah blah blah, look at the facts before making a claim.

    • Yes Christian, I posted that in some of my comments below. Regardless, I think WR should have won the overall, they never (or very rarely) show the division winners as they’re irrelevant to the storyline most of the time. Abby doesn’t care about division winners, its the overalls they focus on.

    • Hi Christian,

      While I agree with a some about what you say, I always hate the contempt you hold for Abby and Melissa, always accusing them of being liars. So, in response to an earlier comment you made, Abby did NOT lie, and they did indeed have 15 (aired) winning routines this competition season. They were:

      Episode 1: Freak Show
      Episode 2: Stomp the Yard
      Episode 6: Collateral Damage (War Torn)
      Episode 9: The Domino Effect
      Episode 10: Dance in the Rain
      Episode 12: Get a Clue
      Episode 14: Together We Stand
      Episode 15: The Rose Garden
      Episode 16: Platinum
      Episode 18: No Sign of Life
      Episode 22: Shame on You (Traitor)
      Episode 27: The Panic Room
      Episode 28: Don’t Fence Me In
      Episode 29: Always a Bridesmaid
      Episode 30: Made In The Shade

      • Then that was my apologies, I miscounted. I forgot The Garden and Always a Bridesmaid. Terribly sorry, but I still shall call Abby and Melissa a liar whenever they do lie. Melissa has been lying on many counts of Maddie and Mackenzie’s records etc… which need to be rectified. This mistake was on my part.

        • And, Mr. Kenny, please understand I do not contempt Melissa. I call her out on the things she says. I do dislike Abby, although hate is too strong of a word for my liking. People always say it’s for the cameras and Abby really loves all the girls. Well, if that was the case, any human being with decency would not let that happen ever- but because it has happened for over five years now, Abby has created a monster, a monster inside of her. If it as it is claimed, that this nastiness is just for show, then I even lose more respect for Miss Miller because she had allowed it to continue, because the dangling idea of money swoops over her head. If she really acts that way in life, then there’s no reason to support her nor the decisions she makes. I’m fifteen, and I may not know much, sir, but I do know that if an adult is acting in that manner for money or because that’s how they are, then I wouldn’t be rooting for them either. I am a person who remembers what they say, and although I’ve slipped up (case in point being what you brought to my attention), there is reason behind it. Melissa more often than not says things that get her caught in quite the bubble and because of that I notice them and point them out. Call it contemptuous hating if you wish, but stating an opinion is never criminal. Melissa has lied before, she’s been called out on it before. I am young, but I am not going to just idly sit by. Thank you for reading this comment, and I’d appreciate a reply.

          • Christian, I know you wanted a reply from Kenny, but I would like to commend you on your comments. Well said, sir!!

          • Apologies for the delay in replying to you, I live in a different country so time zones are vastly different.

            I agree with you that Melissa has lied before, but I do not think she lies nearly half as much as is portrayed by this highly edited show. Also, what we must realize is that sometimes the moms refer to competitions which were not recorded for television purposes. It was in one of these competitions (the name eludes me at this moment) that Mackenzie scored higher than one of Ava’s solos. I believe Ava did two solos, and as such still beat Mackenzie in the overalls, but Mack DID indeed beat her at one point.

            However, I do disagree with your view on Abby. Firstly, contracts to television programmes such as this are not quite as easy to escape. All the parents (and Abby) at the beginning of Season 1 signed a contract for 6 seasons. In these contracts it was made clear that certain children would play certain roles (i.e. Maddie was signed to be the favourite, while Chloe was signed to be the underdog that Abby disliked). Abby was signed to be the critical, strict teacher that would divide public opinion into “love or hate”. Chloe, Paige and Brooke managed to escape their contracts before the 6 seasons were finished as they claimed that Abby had stepped into criticisms which were not covered by the contracts, and as such physical bullying (throwing a chair) and personal comments (regarding Chloe’s eye).

            While the terms of these contracts (pay, clothing budgets, babysitting budgets, end of season bonuses etc.) are revisited from season to season, the terms of the contracts mostly remain the same. They have to do what producers tell them to do, and if producers tell Melissa, Christi or Abby to say something or do something, then they have to do it. Christi, Jill and Kelly admitted this at an earlier meet and greet. However, many of the “bonus scenes” that can be found on youtube show the lighter moments Abby shares with the girls, even though these are not shown on the main television programme.

            I never criticized or questioned your right to have an opinion, and I always enjoy friendly debates such as this. At times I feel that people believe far too much of what they see on T.V., and for that reason I always do research on both the aired competitions and unaired competitions to try and build a more complete view of the casts lived realities. I look forward to your reply :).

            P.S. I’m only 19, so not that much of a difference in our ages.

  5. I was thinking that the producers, at whom Abby has been directing a lot of animus and “screw you” type behavior in recent episodes, rigged the results of these “Nationals” so that Abby’s group dance, as well as her pride and joy Maddie, would come in 2nd, especially knowing how much Abby loathes 2nd place. I saw it as something of a “I made you, Abby, I can destroy you, too. Love, Jeff Collins.” I was also wondering if Jeanette might be the heir apparent to Abby’s throne in Season 6. Oh, and I was shocked at how naked Ava looked in that skimpy “mermaid” costume, as well as appalled at the dancing skeleton that I see when I watch her. Clearly Jeanette sees something different when she looks at Ava than most of us do. Ava is very talented, and seems like a genuinely sweet girl. She will be beautiful when she fills out!!
    In the previews for next week’s reunion show, I see that Farrah Fawcett Vertes is making a comeback. At least I recognized her, though. Was that Melissa sitting next to Jill with the excessively overdone hair and make-up??? I hardly recognized her!! Talk about “Going Hollywood!!!!”
    I loved the “RIGGED” signs that Abby held up instead of speaking…LOL. the show should be a hoot!

    • Regarding Ava’s costume, don’t you think that the producers probably put her in that outfit for shock value? Hideous as it is, it looks custom-designed and expensively made, just as most of the DM costumes have been in recent seasons. The producers obviously want to prolong the story line of Abby abusing girls on other teams, and this is one way to do it. Shame on Jeanette, though, for going along with this obvious exploitation of her daughter’s “difficult” body type. (Didn’t mean to defend Abby there–she is an absolute disgrace.)

      • Yes, Annika, I agree that the producers want as much shock value as possible. And I also agree that most of the DM costumes of late have looked very professionally made and expensive. For all the complaining that the Moms do about not enough preparation time, and learning a new dance every week, the costume-makers are certainly on the ball!!

      • If it was a few years ago I would agree with you about the costume, remember back when the girls did the Showgirls number with the nude body suits? That episode wasn’t even aired in some places and isn’t on the dvd set, people banned it for being inappropriate. Now though, its tough to say whether it was the producers, or Jeannette who had that costume made. As a mother, she should have kiboshed something so revealing, but then I don’t think the mothers have any clue how many freaks there are out there that get their jollies by looking at scantily-clad pre-pubescent girls….kinda sick when you think about it.

  6. Clearly I need to watch this episode. Good thing the wine is chilling. I’ll get back to you on my thoughts. Glad you are home and survived summer camp Lori.

  7. I was horrified by the Judges’ choices! I watch the show to watch the dancers and usually can see how the Judges chose the winners. But the Nationals were ridiculous! The ALDC routines and performances were superior in every way to the chosen winners, so much so that it appeared to me that the Judges were either “bought” or out to get Abby Lee. The “winners'” routines were sloppy and badly choreographed, while the ALDC shone! I was shocked by what happened and do not blame the ALDC from walking out! I am generally not partial in these matters- but I was incensed by the injustice shown at this competition. Abby Lee- forget the Nationals- you and your dancers are waaaaaay superior to them!!!- Kathy Greene

  8. I’m just going to watch the episode now, but one or two things to note about post filming competitions.

    Maddie competed in the New York dance awards and got 4th in Junior Division!! This was an amazing result, as the dance awards are the biggest, most prestigious competitions in the dance world. There are solos, jazz auditions, ballet auditions, improv rounds, and circa 100 competitors in each age category. And she got 4th!! Go Maddie!!!! (None of Abby’s other dancers who competed – including Mackenzie – made top 10). Sophia Lucia won the Junior Division in NY last year and as such was not allowed compete this year.

    Kalani competed in the Las Vegas Dance Awards with Club Dance and got 3rd in teen division! (Note, she won junior division in same competition 2 years ago). People say the Las Vegas dance awards are much more difficult than there New York counterpart.

    To give you an idea of the caliber of dancers at the Dance Awards, below is my favorite dance from both competitions. Kaylee Quinn, a in the MINI age division. And she only got 2nd!! (This was Las Vegas).

    • I enjoyed looking at all the videos on YouTube from the 1015 Dance Awards. There are several videos of Maddie’s improve and dance routine “All God’s Children”. There are also videos of Mackenzie at these awards.

      It was interesting to see the difference in dance styles from want Abby teaches. You can also see this difference with videos from Kalani and Addy (KalaniAddy on YT). Dance moves that are more core strength based, slowly executed, and clean separation between moves. The DM choreography is more fluid, faster, with dance moves merged as you transition between moves.

      There are fantastic routine from Brynn Rumfallo, Jaycee Wilkins, and Kalani on YT in this style.

  9. So here is a different perspective on the group dance….I missed the first half of this show last night, so I missed Abby’s explanation about what the “Waiting Room” was about. After reading all these comments, I decided to go back and watch the whole stupid episode because I thought Jeanette’s team had a WAY better dance, Abby’s dance just left me confused (not moved), and I wondered what the heck I missed. lol! That said…when I didn’t know what the ALDC dance was about, it made absolutely no sense to me. At all. The feet were pretty, there was a row of 1960s airport chairs, Nia was dressed up as a doctor, there were some kids in business wear, some kids looking beat up, Kalani gracefully (and randomly) walking across the airport chairs, Maddie puking at the end (nervous about getting on a plane?)…I didn’t get it. At all. The lines and feet were pretty, but without Abby’s explanation (which the judges would not have had), it was an odd dance. To me, it did not even come close to “Where Have All the Children Gone”or “The Last Text.” Jeanette’s group (it physically hurts me to say this) had a number that I got right away. The story was clear (being targeted by Abby or possibly tabloids….my money was on Abby) and I thought their technique was very, very good. Having seen just the dances, no teacher explanations, I was not at all surprised by the outcome. Once I knew what “The Waiting Room” was all about, it was more moving and kinda made sense to me, but before that….honestly, it was just odd and random to me.

    The backside/bottom of Ava’s outfit bothered me tremendously. I don’t know why her mother didn’t give her a little skirt with some scale sequins or something…it seemed to show too much skin for a 12-year old mermaid and was a bit of a failure, IMO. That said, I thought Ava’s lines were absolutely gorgeous and she used the length of her arms and legs beautifully! Maddie’s feet, though, were perfection. I wasn’t a big fan of Maddie’s costume, but it was more age-appropriate. Both dances had lovely choreography. I’m guessing the scores for those two girls were ridiculously close. Of course….I always forget that we don’t see the actual judged performance. That happens before filming, so who knows what their judged performances were like. We might all have been a little less surprised if we had seen the actual dances….who knows?

    And for the love of all that is holy in Gotham, PLEASE don’t join in the cry for Mitchell Finke to replace Abby for season 6. lol! He used to teach at a studio in my town, just a stone’s throw from my front door, and he’s NO better than her. It will be the same favoritism garbage, just with a different teacher.

    • I knew what “Waiting Room” was about, but I still thought it was odd and random, even after I watched it a second time. Of course I thought it was very well done, but I really didn’t get the message, even though I knew what it was supposed to be about. I like the “Maddie nervous about getting on a plane” take on it, paulaj!

    • Long time reader, first time commenter. This girl simply breath-taking. She would wipe the floor with any of Flabby’s dancers. Thanks for the video.

  10. If Maddie really is the most famous 12 year old in the country right now, why is it important that she appears to win a children’s dance competition. Priorities.

    It’s funny that they keep focuses on she wins “Nationals” except for the year she was working. But Chloe won season 2. So she’s 2 for 3. Mackenzie won in season 2, remember she collected a crown with that bloody red streak on her face from the group dance. One of the best moments ever on this show. She didn’t get to defend. Kendall came in second to Maddie in season 3. She hasn’t gotten another chance. There’s so much emphasis on Maddie winning these “Nationals” every season while the other moms put up just token objections, if any when their kids don’t get solos. It’s almost like by the end of the TV season they’re out of steam from fighting over these invitational events.

    Am I the only one who wants to see the dance they teased before Nia’s where a girl does a cartwheel over a giant donut?

      • Oh, right. Because Asia left at the last minute. She was a nurse or a doctor. In her throwback episode they didn’t even mention nationals. (Or the real defining moment of her Cry solo, which was Christi telling her to be the best Mackenzie she can be.)

        In a real competition season, doesn’t every kid who has paid for a solo and qualified get to perform at that competition’s nationals? That’s what makes some of the drama so eye rolling.

        • Yup, her solo was “Spin Doctor”, I liked that solo although it was clearly meant for Asia. Brooke also didn’t get to defend her title the next year either, and that was the year that Chloe and Payton weren’t allowed to dance at all thanks to their mom’s scrap on Bourbon Street lol.

        • In the real competition world, Nationals are pretty much just another competition — anyone can enter (which is why Abby can pick and choose who gets a dance at Nationals). There is no “qualifying” — you just pay your fee and you can enter like any other competition.

          • Don’t you usually have to at least compete once at one of that brand’s competitions earlier in the year so that they’ll take your money twice?

            Which is a whole other thing that the show sort of glosses over. Each girl on the team could win a different “nationals” and they could all hold titles. This is not like figure skating or gymnastics where there really is a national championship competition.

  11. I was surprised by the producers’ choices of what to include in this episode.
    What follows are some one-liners about their choices:
    1. Opening of ALDC LA – more footage of the girls dancing could have been used to show the girls were tired for nationals – and setup an issue between the moms and Abby about priorities
    2. Where was the fight between Kira and Abby about Kalani staying the last 3-4 weeks of the season so she could dance for ALDC at nationals? – Kalani did dance at nationals
    3. Where was the fight between Melissa and Abby about Mack being the only junior so why didn’t she get a dance? – again Mack did dance at nationals
    4. As Christian said in her review there were more scoring/placement issues at the competition – I story I heard was that the production company, who has NO experience with dancing competitions, picked this competition and that as things went downhill Abby walked out to spite the production company

    Nia is a vastly improved dancer in the Jazz – Hip Hop category. I have watched some of her YouTube videos and she is working very hard, has become extremely strong in her upper body, and is adding to her dance movement skills/technique. We are watching an entertainment star being born. Go Nia!!!!!!!!!

    Ava – I agree that she needs better costuming to emphasize her dance movement. I do find myself wanting more from her performances. She is great at what she does, but there is more growth in that girl.

    Maddie – There was just something wrong with the performance we saw on TV last night. Maddie is always serious about her performances so I was surprised when she set on the edge of the stage and was kicking her legs prior to starting the number. It was like she was just going through the motions. While she has danced better in the past I was OK with her performance, it just wasn’t special.

    Moving Target was a great dance and I loved the costumes and movement in the dance. FYI, this dance was in the TEEN division.

    Waiting Room was exceptional in all phases of performance. The movements timed to the clicking of the clock were perfect, and of course we all saw Kalani walk the chairs. And yes, Maddie did a great job with the emotional content of the dance. WOW a great performance by all the kids. FYI, this dance was in the pre-teen division and won first place in that division.

    I had the awards as: Maddie over Ava – Waiting Room over Moving Target for best group dance of the competition.

    Next week looks like the normal formula for the end-of-season show. But the good news is we get to see Nia’s SLAY video.

    Side conversation – since Nia and Kalani will be 15 and push the group dances into the teen division there seems to be a need to recruit new dancers. Who would you like to see added to the team?

    • Maddie competed in the junior division, so yes there was a junior in that category, she was 2nd in her division (sorry I think I posted that she came in 1st in another post), with Mack being 4th and Ava winning.

      • I think you are referencing the Group Dance. I was trying to convey that ALDC (Waiting Room) got first in the Junior division and the Moving Target routine got first in the Teen division. So both of the dances got first in their category, however Moving Target got first in the OVERALLS and Waiting got second. I cannot remember if all of the previous four seasons the group dance won Overall or Division titles.

        • As far as I know, This my Beauty, The Last Text, and Home Again all were first in their division and that was it, all we knew of. Last year, during the Season 4 nationals, Amber Alert was 1st in Junior and 1st overall while the Select Team’s Hollywood Stars was 1st in Teen and 2nd overall. Same thing here for Season 5.

  12. All dances were beautiful but I do agree that “Waiting Room” was jaw-droppingly fantastic and deserved the win hands down. I also thought that Maddie’s solo deserve to beat Ava’s, and that the choice of costume for Ava was extremely poor. Really sucks, though, that the ‘adults’ in the group are demonstrating such poor sportsmanship to the kids – and in fact forcing those kids to behave in the same way.
    But – what I really wanted to see more of was the fall out at BDA for “Ava is getting the solo”. The looks on the moms faces were telling, and frankly, I agree. When has anyone other than Ava been given the solo (when Jeannette is running the group)?

  13. So happy this season is over and so happy they lost and I got to see that monters downfall. Hate everyone on that show except for nia and jojo.. Maybe if the show is cancelled they will all come back to reality.
    Maddie youre not as famous as you think you are
    Kendall youre forgettable
    Mack Z Youre not a pop star
    And Abby …karmas just getting started you repulsive dog

    • Woah. Abby is despicable, but there is no need to act like that towards Maddie, Mackenzie, or Kendall. Jeez, I mean, aren’t you an adult? That’s extremely hurtful to say to them, and they are children! You don’t know them as a true person in your life so that is uncalled for.

      • Hate to say it Christian, but I agree with Mel. Not once did Kendall do anything spectacular this year, her video and voice are mediocre at best, Maddie doesn’t need her head to get any more inflated than it already is, and Mack’s high point of the season was beating her sister, she did nothing musically that was newsworthy.

        • There’d have been a better way to say it than flat out insult them. Even though those points are true, much better way to say that than the way Mel put it.

          • Personally I’m not into the “tween” music scene, so I can’t/won’t comment on any of Mackenzie/Kendall/Nia and their forays into that part of the entertainment world. But I think the comments are nasty and uncalled for. These are kids doing the best they can under a microscope. I don’t think any of them are bigheaded, forgettable, or mediocre.

        • I read all the time about Maddie being full of herself, but I never see that in her interviews or the videos she posts on YouTube. In fact I have seems multiple posts where she has said that other people (Melissa in particular) say these things and then she has the pressure to live up to them. I have never her anything from Maddie saying she is a star. She is just a kids living out a dream life.

          Now I am concerned for Kendall’s handling of fame. I was very disappointed with the review show with Kendall and Jill. My read is that Jill is living her dream of being famous and is putting this attitude into Kendall. I just did not like the tone of this review show.

          • Absolutely you have the right to your opinion! I would defend that to the end. But you can’t have it both ways – it’s opinion, not truth! Just my opinion . . .

          • Kendall’s video and music is poorly produced, it will never see the light of day other than the odd youtube view, same with Mack’s, neither of them will ever receive radio or television airplay on the large scale. That, Karen, is what makes them a pop star. As I said earlier, I worked in radio and know exactly what program directors look for as far as what to put on the air, and what doesn’t make the cut. Neither of those girls will, their product just isn’t good enough quality. Mediocre is what they would call it, if they called it anything at all. So yes in my professional opinion, and one that very informed, neither of them are pop stars.

      • I don’t find her comments insulting. Just blunt. Imagine what these kids are going to hear when they go out on auditions, and it’s not like they aren’t used to Abby giving them the business by now. There’s definitely merit to everything she said. Remember that even the casting directors for the MattyB video said Kendall was forgettable. For years I’ve been waiting for Kendall to come out and wow me but she never really did. She doesn’t have thatt spark and she doesn’t really stand out. She’s a beautiful little girl and she could probably have a good career modeling but other than that, if she continues with a dancing career she won’t be able to book many jobs because she lacks that spark you need to truly sell the choreography. The jobs she does book will be the jobs where there are enough people there that she won’t be noticed because they will stick her right in the back and have all the kids like Maddie, Nia and JoJo up front to give the attitude and good facials. Maddie isn’t the most famous 12 year old in the country. She definitely has more recognition within the dance community but unless people already know who she is from the show, she’s still referred to by most people as “the kid from the Sia videos”. If you’re the most famous 12 year old in the country, everybody should know your name. Mackenzie’s not a pop star, and neither are Nia and Kendall for that matter. They’re just a kids on a reality show who recorded a song. None of these kids have reached pop star status yet and I’m pretty sure they all know it.

        • Their music careers remind me a little of Kim from RHOA. Some day one of them will have a spinoff reality show named after their autotuned song. Just like Don’t Be Tardy.

        • Exactly. I think if any of the girls have a future as a singer, it’s Nia. She has the exotic looks, the stage presence and great production behind her. I worked in radio tracking and programming (basically I kept track of who were playing artists songs and where, so we knew when to make new releases, timing is everything in radio) and she’s the only one I would actually put on the radio. Although the songs would need to be remixed so you could actually HEAR the vocals, other than that it’s produced really well, itunes is nothing compared to wide-spread actual airplay. And you’re right, Kendall is a stunning young lady, definitely the most beautiful out of the group and would do much better modelling. She just second guesses herself too much and that would be her downfall.

        • I actually meant to respond to Christian. When these kids realize that they are not as famous or as talented as they think they are they are going to have a break down and regret not putting any type of effort towards an education. Maddie is already way too full of herself when Mack beat her she literally was like “Mine was better I should have won.” I dont claim to know anything about dance but watching paint dry would have been more entertaining than that tap solo. Mackenzie lost points with me because she decided to completely talk crap about Jojo in Ireland. I understand they all did it but she was the leader. I always forget my main issue with Kendall because she isnt one to stay on my mind very long I dont really pay attention to her and I feel like shes boring and doesnt have that “it” factor. All this though is the work of the moms, you know the amazing mothers who put their kids first and have taught them right from wrong. HA just kidding im talking about Melissa and Jill. Melissa is one of the worst mothers, she honestly often forgets she has more than one child. I blame any drug addiction in mackenzies future on her. Maddie walks all over her and thats mainly because shes bringing in the cash.
          Jill… shes just delusional she trying to force her vapid child down our throats.

          • Mel, I hate to say it, but you are actually a horrible person, and seriously need to start a new hobby if you are an adult and that obsessed with a couple of pre-teens! (If you are not an adult and are a teen/pre-teen, same advice applies, but I would understand your childish, uncensored comments a bit more).

            Mackenzie is a ten year old. I repeat, she is ten. Yes, she began talking about JoJo being annoying in Ireland but – to be honest – most people who watched Abby’s Ultimate Season 2 had the same opinion on the child! (Anyone who did watch AUDC, please chime in here). Hell, even at the start of this season she was shown as a larger than life child who boldly questioned authority. I am not defending Mackenzie, but what I am saying is that ANY child of her age would say the same thing. The only difference is that 99.9% of 10 year olds are not filmed on mobile phones or cameras during most of their conversations! However, you – as an adult – harboring a grudge against a ten year old for something she flippantly said stated at one meet and greet is quite pathetic. As are your insulting, demoralizing comments that you used to demean her accomplishments.

            You keep talking about Maddie being arrogant and full of herself, but show me one clip NOT edited by lifetime to prove this. Just one! For your information, a little bit of research uncovers that an Australian news company has cited that Maddie is “the most famous 12-year-old in the world right now”. But like I said, if you can show me one clip which lifetime have not scripted/edited beyond reasonable recognition I will discuss this matter further. Furthermore, you call Melissa a bad mother. Again, show me proof of that outside of Lifetime and I will also discuss this matter further.

            You state that Kendall is “forgettable”. I believe that she is a chorus dancer. You admit to having no knowledge about dance, and that is clear in your statement. Will Kendall ever be front and center on a Broadway production? No. Will her strong technique and fluidity combined with her skill to dance in sync with a group and look like everyone else land her a place in a wide multitude of shows? Yes, it undoubtedly will.

            I just have to say that – regardless of what age you are – the very fact that you believe everything you see on this TV show shows that you have minimal knowledge about dance and TV in general. These shows draw audiences through the creation of artificial drama and people tuning in to see their favourite, generally the underdogs (Nia, JoJo and previously Chloe). However, Maddie, Kalani, Kendall and Mackenzie are there so that the team has enough good dancers to win in groups so that people don’t lose interest watching them lose week after week. And, let’s be honest, Nia and JoJo win once in a blue moon, and it would get boring watch a bunch of non-placers all the time!

          • As a teacher of some 36+ years of experience (both primary and secondary, in other words, from 5-18) the only two of the Elite Troupe that I would like to teach would be Jojo and Nia. Jojo because she’s not afraid to be who she is and she’s no fool. Nia because that girl is all class. Both are intelligent, sensitive and tough people, and I believe that a teacher would find much joy and satisfaction in helping them develop. NB: That teacher would have to be flexible to work with Jojo, but what fun!

  14. All i have to say on this is that miller, zieglars, and vertez walking out was very unprofessional. I was happy that Jess and Holly had the integrity to stay. Rigged, or not, sportsmanship means you accept the loss gracefully. miller and melissa seem to think that her group, maddie, just automatically own the win.

    If that behavior is how they act when they don’t get their way, her L.A. studio is doomed, and she has herself to blame.

    melissa made me sick. “maddie is the most famous 12 year old in the country”? I think not.

    Glad these awful people are finally gone. Jess and Holly, hopefully are now out of that sadistic bunch.

    • It was a competition that was only held because they were going to be there. Walking out is still not how they should want to be portrayed, but if they didn’t do crazy things they wouldn’t get to be on TV every week either.

      • These “competitions” have been staged by Lifetime since around season 2. Young kids watch. Showing such bad sportsmanship was horrible. What about all the other kids through these years who “competed” and accepted the awards gracefully? We never saw them. It is extremely rude to walk out. I was not surprised that it was melissa who said “lets leave”. Of course she could not be a good sport and let maddie say congratulations to the other girl. It was shameful. I was ashamed that I watched that.

        • Why is everyone so surprised at Abby’s unsportsmanship-like behavior? That’s pretty much all she’s displayed since day one.

          • As long as the girls won, she never had an issue with the judging, now all of a sudden her girls lose and it’s all fixed….typical.


    All aboard! Hahaha!

    Crazy, but that’s how it goes
    All of the dancers living as foes
    Maybe. it’s not too late
    To learn how to love, and forget how to hate

    Mental wounds not healing
    Life’s a bitter shame
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train

    I’ve listened to dancers
    I’ve seen her be cruel
    I’ve watched the producers
    Who make their own rules
    One person conditioned to rule and control
    The media sells it and she lives the role

    Mental wounds still screaming
    Driving her insane
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train

    You know that things are going wrong for her
    You gotta listen to her words, yeah, yeah

    Heirs of a dance war
    That’s what they’ve become
    Inheriting troubles
    Kids mentally numb
    Crazy, I just cannot bear
    They’re dancing with her rules that just aren’t fair

    Mental wounds not healing
    Who and what’s to blame?
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train
    She’s goin’ off the rails on the Abby train

      • Wasted away again in Abby Lee Millerville
        Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt
        Some people claim that there’s a blogger to blame
        But I know, it’s my own damn fault
        Yes, and some people claim that there’s a blogger to blame
        And I know it’s my own damn fault

  16. That competition had to be a crock. I’ve never found Ava pleasing to watch or that technically strong, though so many of these girls can beat each other on any given day. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they should have given Maddie a better solo.

    Now that being said, it has to be fake that The Waiting Room didn’t win everything. I’m pretty sure that was the best group routine they have ever done in terms of choreography, musicality, theme, costumes, emotion. Unbelievably mature for girls their age. I did think BDA should have won the week they did Run Run Run and maybe even the week after that, but there is no way at all whatsoever they should have won that time.

    Also, FWIW, ALDC did Sheer Talent Nationals at Foxwoods in real life not for the show and not fake, and I believe Maddie either won or was top 3 for solos (it looked like she was in the All God’s Creatures costume), and Kendall actually won the Junior Preteen Miss title, which is super exciting. It’s all over the Sheer Talent Instagram. Plus Sarah H was there along with a bunch of the girls who actually dance at the studio but aren’t on the show.

    Also, they are having auditions at ALDC LA for the next season of Dance Moms…whatever that means, I’m scared to find out.

  17. Well, we are finally back Mrs. Acken, for the near not-so end finale. Wow. Just what a competition, what an episode. Firstly, you’ve been doing this for five straight years? And there may be a sixth year? Oh, the horror. *takes a shot* Well, it was a shot of chocolate milk, but hey, I’m too young to drink, right? Mrs. Acken, I feel terrible when you all do drinking games. Oh I don’t know how any of you aren’t in the hospital from a failed liver, especially when there can be eighty instances of drinking games in this show.

    Pyramid, I honestly have no disagreements with on who placed where. Nia did in fact beat Kalani, but even I have to digress. Regardless that it was a kid’s judged show, Kalani deserved that win. However, I do disagree that Nia wasn’t considered in getting the solo. Rules are rules regardless of how you place them out. Once those words come out, they can never be taken back. So Abby, just blah blah blah like usual. I expected Maddie to get a solo, she won the duel (which really wasn’t one at all). And then we had Nia.

    This is why I hate this episode, among several things. Mackenzie was awarded a solo, it was called Dreamer and was Lyrical/Acro. Being the assholes that the editors are, that’s the third solo of Mackenzie’s cut out this season. Grr that burns me. I’ll mention it again later on.

    So, I’m trying to do Abby’s math in my head of competitions won. Freak Show, Stomp the Yard, War Torn, Domino Effect, Dancing in the Rain, Get a Clue, Together We Stand, Platinum, No Sign of Life, Shame on You, Panic Room, Fenced In, Made for the Shade… so that’s only 13. Liar Abby! And I know I didn’t miss any either. Abby, come on. Get better at this.

    We always know that Abby pulls out all the stops with her Nationals #. I still find it hilarious that she calls Home Again as the tribute to Hurricane Katrina. I get what she’s saying, but it does sound like, if looked at in a different manner, that she’s honoring the storm itself that caused so much destruction and not the victims attacked by this plaguing force of nature. I am surprised there were no snarky comments alongside these victories about Chloe, Brooke, or Paige. Seeing these numbers on screen makes me miss them even more.

    Okay. I love Jeanette and I adore Ava, but good god editors find a better storyline for this BDA team. We, every time they have been shown on this show for Season 5/5.5, the praying mantis comment and clip of Abby and her arms was pictured time and time again. Ugh. I could probably make a better storyline and I’m twice/thrice those people’s ages that edit this show. Golly. The idea of the BDA’s group sounded interesting.

    Melissa is a liar. Again. A liar. I can see why you all call her MeLIEssa. Maddie, probably isn’t the most famous twelve year-old. Least, not anymore. There are few that can give her a run for her money. Plus, Mackenzie has never beaten Ava. When in her right mind did she think that? Ava and Mackenzie have competed against each other once, and that was Season 4.5, Episode 26. Mackenzie was 3rd with Out of my Mind while Ava was 2nd with Eden. Melissa, stop thrashing Ava. I was sick and tired of it. Maddie is not holier than thou, she is not an untouchable person. Good god Melissa, get off of your high horse and have a seat. Fisher Price would be more accommodating.

    Ava’s # sounded really interesting. Maddie’s and Nia’s were the same cookie cutter ideas done time and time again. Proud of Nia with getting the solo. The group looked great in the rehearsal. Melissa bringing up Mrs. Lorayin Miller I saw was unnecessary. It wasn’t called for. Maddie looked damn broken when she started crying, and that was no act. I felt so bad for her, so bad for her.

    So, it’s competition time Ba dum ba dum. It is said that Mackenzie actually slipped and fell while getting off the bus, entering the competition. Remember, this is Center Stage, when Mackenzie beat Maddie and Beautiful Bizarre was done by Travis Payne. The competition that ‘seemed’ unfair and borderline stupid, to a lot of fan’s eyes that I know of.

    Nia’s number was never said to have skipped in the spoilers I knew of in this competition. But, damn did that choreography look stale and recycled. Just throw in Never Knew and Can I Do This to equal a Nia dance. Her costume reminded me of Down to the River and I was so nervous about that headpiece slipping so slightly and ‘ruining’ the piece. Her costume was gorgeous, Miss Frazier looked ethereal.

    Ava’s piece was rather interesting. Yet again, I noticed that recycled choreography that just didn’t make the number stand out. Her turns were strong, generally high releve and leaps. Not bad in the facials part. I agree on the costume. I thought the design, color wise was beautiful with the etched emerald and swathe grey lines on that tan background, but the length just doesn’t match her. I’d be the last one to talk badly about her body, but this costume looked very unflattering. Abby’s comment on her dance wasn’t needed. It was awful? Really Abby? Really? Karma bit Miss Miller in the ass today my friends.

    Maddie’s was a light of fresh air this time around, same for Loose Cannon and Vertigo this season. I loved her costume, it really as quite quaint and old timed in the feeling of the musty brown and lace. Reminded me of Arsenic and Old Lace a little bit. And it’s not a Maddie solo without Rachel Sage singing a song in there somewhere. The song ruined the number for me in an enjoyable aspect, I just didn’t like it. Maddie had some new stuff in there I don’t see normally, so good for her. Rather interesting where Abby had Maddie start, too.

    BDA’s group was interesting. I mused to myself a little bit that Ava was the lead again, and all her singled moments were the same steps she did in previous solos/groups. I loved the part where Ava jumped off on one of the girls backs into a leap, man it looked powerful. And, I haven’t thought of this before, but I watched Haley Hueselman the most this time around and I was very pleased with her performance above the other girls.

    Waiting Room. Wow. I was utterly speechless at the end of this number. Although I wasn’t left in tears, it is still in my top three favorite group routines of the entire season. It was so chilling, and each costume was downright perfect in my eyes. The music matched the choreography, which matched the theme in turn by the girls feeling each other and the routine. Kalani’s solo bit with the walking on the chairs was my favorite part. And lord, Maddie. I must give her an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Outstanding on her part. Although I think that bit lasted a little tiny too long, I think it was around fifteen-twenty five seconds of just her, I was still happy by it.

    I think the ALDC was robbed for the groups, they were the better team this time around. A little digging lets me find out that Waiting Room did win 1st in the Junior Division where they were entered, but 2nd overall which was what was shown on screen. Maddie and Ava, eh I’m indifferent on it. I’m happy Ava beat Maddie just to shut Abby and Melissa up, Jeanette to an extent, and mainly because Maddie does need to lose more often. No way you can better if you consistently top the pack- it becomes detrimental to growth. And I was so happy for Nia! My Frazier came in the top three for a very hard competition! I mean, did you see how many kids were on that stage?

    Now, this is where the weirdness begins. Mackenzie’s solo Dreamer, the Lyrical/Acro # was 4th in Junior. However, she also won the Center Stage Title Solo Division or something along those lines, she was the top scorer for a title. Yet, Abby didn’t enter her in that division. And even more awkward was this. Kalani did indeed do a solo, which was entered at competition. She went out in a leotard and improved. She did win 1st place alright, but not in the Teen solo division. She won in the Teen Duo/Trio… like err… how is that even possible? Last I checked, a duo is two and a trio is three. Solo means numero uno dancers on stage. Odd.

    The ALDC won the Best Studio award, but you already know that Abby, Melissa, Kira, and Jill alongside their kids got up and left. I think they were all being sore losers. Complete sore losers. I would’ve called the competition fake or erroneous on the fact with Mackenzie and Kalani’s placements, not because of the losses handed to them. Sore losers. Good for Holly and Jessalyn alongside Nia and Jojo to stay behind like mature adults and pre-teens.

    I didn’t bother listening to Abby for I knew what was going to come out of her mouth. Miss Poor Me shit that I don’t want nor need to hear. Save your tears for the pillow Abby, and get a jaw brace while you are at it so I don’t have to hear your insolent comments. Oh, and she has a new studio. Wonderful. Good luck Abs, the West Coast will punish you terribly.

    Next week looks even more stupid. And Holly is booed? Oh give me a break. All that woman has done, save for a few times of belligerent outburst, has spoken truth against Abby and her wing of ladies. That audience must be stuck up Jack Collin’s ass. I’m stoked to see Mad Max be performed, and it looks like there will be a full team of six in the #!!!

    And we have Season six. I’m counting it right now that the team will be Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie, Jojo, Sarah H., and a new guest on. Maddie probably has checked out, and it’s been confirmed Kalani will never ever return to the show. Hmm, another change is a coming. We’ve got one more episode before our solitude. Please let it be good. Amen. Great recap Mrs. Acken. Humor on point like every other time!

    ~ Christian

    • I actually thought that bringing up ML’s death was exactly what Maddie needed to be able to pull that kind of emotion out her and put it in the number, if she wants to act as well as dance, she needs to get used to doing that. I think that’s the first time I’ve believed in Maddie’s portrayal of emotion when she performed, it was raw, it was real, and it made the ending of that routine absolutely perfect.

      Ava’s costume……oh good gawd, that made Maddie’s Sia see-through leo seem tame by comparison. Never mind the fact that it made her look bare-ass naked up there, but it did absolutely NOTHING but emphasize just how out of proportion she is at this stage of her development. I mean, I’m a fan of the long lean lines, especially when it comes to lyrical dances, but that was just…….bad.

      As much as I LOVED seeing Ava wipe the floor with Maddie in the solo, even though Maddie should have won, Waiting Room was absolutely jaw-droppingly good, I literally had chills when it was over. And I agree with you Christian that if BDA had done Run Run Run this week, it would have been very very difficult to beat, and a more even playing field and I would have been okay with them winning. But this week? The target concept was different and interesting, but nowhere in the league of the Waiting Room.

    • Kalani’s solo was only entered after a duo/trio entry dropped out of the competition, hence the improv and why she does not appear in any programs for the competition.

      • Regardless, it was a solo, so it should’ve been in the solo division. There is never not enough spots for a dance competition in any category. If a duo/trio dropped out in that division, that’s that. It dropped out. Doesn’t mean a group dance or solo competes in that category. It just means there is one less dance in that division than normal. That is the messed up part about this whole competition.

    • I agree with your Season 6 line-up, especially Sarah H. Not too sure about Nia. I’d love to see Mackenzie blossom without Maddie and forcing her mother to spot that somehow she had a second daughter.

      I’d also have given my eye teeth to have taught you, Christian. My compliments to your teachers.

      • I agree with your Season 6 line-up, especially Sarah H. Not too sure about Nia. I’d love to see Mackenzie blossom without Maddie and forcing her mother to spot that somehow she had a second daughter.

        I’d also have given my eye teeth to have taught you, Christian. My compliments to your teachers. And to your talent. A writing career, perhaps?

  18. This whole season was not the best…I don’t know what to expect but I do hope that Nia doesn’t come back because if Abby doesn’t leave, then the same crap will happen again next year.

    • My vote is that the kids come back and Abby moves on. I’m used to the mothers’ theatrics and it would be great fun to see Gia work kindly and productively with the dancers. But I suspect we will see an entirely different show and one that is designed to make Abby look like an effective studio manager and dance coach rather than the bellowing nutcase she’s been reduced to in the past few seasons. We shall see.

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