Recap: Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5: “40 Days Death March”

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5 © Discovery Networks

Dearest Naked and Afraid XL Fans,

I’m back! My semi-annual trip to the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour is over and have sadly left behind the never-ending parade of bacon, alcohol and tchotchkes, and was finally able to watch Naked And Afraid XL, Episode 5. the Summer and Winter TCA Press Tours are where all of the networks, cable outlets and out of the box networks (like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu) present their fall/winter schedules and us TV writers get to interview lots of people.

Othe than recapping several TV series, I am a full-time writer for Channel Guide Magazine, and TV Weekly, so for for me, and writers like me, this is a big, very busy, and very, very tiring deal. Sorry for the delay, but thank you for your hilarious insight that made me laugh out loud.

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5© Discovery NetworksI’ve been eagerly awaiting this episode since the first promos came out and we saw Ej and Jeff going andro at an electric eel. I know it’s been done before by EJ and Jeff, but who doesn’t love people screaming at their food? I screamed at a donut this morning.
Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5
EJ tells Shane that he’s got his back. © Discovery Networks

It’s Day 21 and we’re just over halfway through the world’s most intense survival experience on Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5. On a normal episode of Naked and Afraid, our two survivalists would be hopping into the back of a truck at an extraction point and heading home, but in this super-sized series, the misery fun has just begun!

Shane has new friends AND a new hat!
Shane has new friends AND a new hat! © Discovery Networks

Day 22
Over in El Bosque, what’s left of “Team Alpha”- EJ and Jeff have met up with “Team Dysfunctional” — Shane, Alana and Danielle — as the duo treks from their original starting point to Piranha Lake. Shane is starving for protein and attention and wants to join the men. It doesn’t take EJ and Jeff long to feel the tension between Shane and his teammates, particularly Alana. EJ invites Shane to join them and he’s “stoked.” It’s about time for Shane to leave the cancerous situation. “Two cowboys rolled into camp,” muses EJ, “and tomorrow we’re leaving as a trio.” “The Alpha Dogs picked up another dog!” (Much barking.) It’s nice to see Shane a part of this male bonding, he’s been so alone up until to this point. I hope that a little camaraderie will soften his abrasiveness.

Over in Cano Verde, “Team Nuts and Butts” is taking a team swim in search of a fishing ground. Eva and Laura teach Chris and Luke how to fish using Dani’s mosquito net. They catch a few minnows, but it’s not enough for everyone, and they know that their camp’s protein resources can’t sustain them much longer.

Day 23
The next morning, Shane leaves camp with EJ and Jeff. Alana is glad to see Shane Leave camp. Their route is to walk 7 miles across the savannah, completely exposed to the equatorial heat.

The Heroes and Sheroes are “enjoying” their mango ration. Although we’ve seen them eat a few minnows, most of their diet is unripe mangoes that they cook to soften. Chris reveals that the acid of the unripe fruit’s acid has caused ulcers on his tongue and once this experience is over, he doesn’t think he’ll ever eat mango again. I wonder if the unripe fruit is dehydrating them — I recall reading that unripe fruit can cause diarrhea.

Mango Madness!
Mango Madness! © Discovery Networks

The Canyo Verde group sun-dries the remainder of their mangoes to prepare to trek to a better campsite. Their destination — Piranha Lake! We’ll see how the area’s resources are strained when 8 people are competing for food.

Naked and Afraid XL, Episode 5It takes the alpha males over 7 hours to hike across the savannah. The heat and wind have completely dehydrated them. Once they reach the lake, they have a good man-cry out of relief. But they can’t stop now, they’ve got to take a page from Abby Lee Miller — the person least likely to participate on this show — and save their tears for their pillows and start rehydrating their bodies. After they drink a gallon of water each, then they can have a refreshing boo-hoo. That exhaustive march forged their friendship and now they’re a galvanized group. (Can you believe that I found a  way to bring Dance Moms into Naked and Afraid? Nail’d It. (That was also a show.) LOL

That night, Chris shows off Laura’s bee-sting collection. Ouchie! And over in man-land, the gents hear heavy breathing and grunting outside their camp. “There will be blood,” promises Jeff. Jeff, be careful what you wish for, you’re paired with EJ who is the master of disaster and accident-prone. There is still plenty of time for EJ to accidentally chop off a digit or impale himself onto something.

Day 24
The team of 5 packs up camp and heads 6 miles towards Piranha Lake. Chris is on high alert for Anacondas, but everyone else seems more concerned with roasting to death. How come Luke hasn’t fashioned cool sandals like he did when he was on Naked and Afraid the first time? They worked pretty well and even survived a flood!


Misery loves company and apparently hates shoes.
Misery loves company and apparently hates shoes. © Discovery Networks

EJ, Jeff and Shane have set up a camp and EJ and Jeff try to fish to replenish their bodies. Shane hunts for vines to make a fish basket. While Jeff fishes, Eagle-eyed EJ spots an eel in the water. And it’s huge!!! Jeff hops into the water and stabs the massive beast with a spear. After getting shocked a few times, EJ springs into action and tried to hack it with his knife. Of course, the pissed off eel isn’t going quietly, and unleashes massive shocks that can be fatal. EJ is on the receiving end of a massive blast. “1500 volts in my body!!” he screams, with a wild-eyed look on his face. He literally looks shocked. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to his hair before, but now, it might be standing on end!

Raaaaaaaaaaaaah! © Discovery Networks

Shane heard the commotion and runs into help his team. Jeff warns that the shock, “is like a horse kick to the chest,” but electrician Shane is able to land a few good cuts and before long, they’ve hacked the beast to death. There is much celebrating. And screaming — these guys love a good primal scream.

The men are so excited to eat that their eel-kabobs can’t cook quickly enough. Before they eat, they pray, thankful for their bounty. And just as EJ says “Amen,” the other group arrives! D’oh!

It’s time for the world’s most useless form of measurement (other than the furlong, which is pointless), the XLR. Each week, the Naked and Afraid XL producers pick arbitrary numbers and assign them to the teams. Let’s see what they say this week.

EJ and Jeff add Shane to team Roca Diablo and raise their score from 7.6 to 8.5 out of 10.0
What’s left of El Bosque, Danielle and Alana, “stayed put” and are collecting resources and their XLR rises from 5.8 to 6.0 out of 10.0 (Seriously, are they still on this show? Now that Shane is gone, their approach “Survival has to be lazy,” is terrible TV.)
The mega group of Chris, Eva, Dani, Laura and Luke are out of resources, so their PSR dips from 8.2 to 7.5 out of 10.0. I dunno Producers, they made load of mango chips, hiked across the Savannah and were given a pretty sweet welcoming party. That seems like #winning to me.

Dusk is falling as the other camp arrived, but I would have loved to have been better able to see their faces. I’m sure they’re priceless. But even in the dark, Shane is obviously not thrilled. I can see him drooling but with every person who walks into camp, his portion gets smaller and smaller. I’m sure that EJ, Jeff and Shane aren’t thrilled to share their hard-caught meal, but they do, because they’re good people. And the weary travellers are happy to accept their hospitality.

After the quintet leaves to make their own camp for the night, Jeff suggests to his group that they implement a, “you kill it, you eat it,” rule. How do you feel about this? It’s easy to say when you’ve got a full belly and you’re riding high on the adrenaline of a successful hunt, but I wonder if they’d feel the same way if Eva had caught the eel and she’d shared with them? Hopefully Piranha Lake will have lots of food and everyone will enjoy hunting success and be able to share as graciously as the guys.

That night, a brave jungle cat walks into the men’s camp, lured by the smells of the cooked eel. Did the men make a rookie survival mistake and eat where they sleep? I don’t think you want food debris anywhere near where your bed is for this very reason! Next time, be careful fellas!!


  1. This is one of my favorite shows but I am totally disgusted with the 5 remaining jerks in
    the large group. They are mean spirited, nasty, ungrateful, hateful human beings (?)
    and if it were not for the two other guys they would either be dead from starvation or
    tapped out. I hope they have to watch the reruns and vomit on themselves while watching their behavior. Just look at the countenance on the two women and you can
    see what is inside of them. I hope like hell they don’t make it to 40.

    • They disgust me too. No way they would have made it to the end without Primal Scream Because I Caught A Fish, Primal Scream Because I Had a Dump Guys and Jeff’s generosity,
      sharing half of three of his eels with them, even when they caught a ray the size of a panfish they didn’t offer to share a morsel of it with EJ and Jeff. If EJ and Jeff had heard the horrible things the Lagabouts were saying about them before they offered the big group half their eels, the guys might not have been nearly so generous. When We (don’t) Catch Snakes By Shaking Them Out of Trees Group first arrives at the lagoon right after Jeff says grace, they were all MUCH happier to see the freshly cooked eel than the men who killed it. Alana and the Dead Weight ripping about Shane–Please tell me which 19 oz of weight SHE pulled in these 40 days. What a bitch! I can see the girls’ frustration with Shane, but not the way they rejoiced in his failures and laughed at him. That’s just low, dirty mean, to belittle a man when he’s down. And then running off Dani too, because she wasn’t participating enough in the group projects of lying down by the fire or having all-night singalongs in the rainstorm around the bonfire. At first they seemed to welcome her, but really they valued her mosquito net much more than her presence or contributions. She saved
      them when they met up after the first week. Why Dani, for heaven’s sake, what did she do wrong? And the second the Future Cannibals THOUGHT that Jeff wasn’t going to share his third and final eel with them, their friendliness immediately turned into catty, competitive name-calling, and of course the mean girls quickly turned their fellas into little mean girls too, because I don’t care what anyone says about going grumpy and irritable and trying to stay alive, those guys are a month or more gone and no matter what they say, they got little naked tails with them 24/7 and they’re going to agree with every word those girls say just because it makes the suffering so much more pleasant. I noticed that whenever Luke had those one second fainting spells, he always waked up staring at an attractive booty. Thus their group became the Lizard Catchers. Laura, so thrilled that you gave others such a useful life skill for the next time they’re trekking around a jungle naked. And I’m just mad enough to see that it sure didn’t take two-faced Eva long to gain back her 28 pounds times 3. She looked like a manatee at the reunion. Laura also clearly has been scarfing down the double bacon cheeseburgers since the end of her profound growth experience, and just kept on growing. And I’m not going to let Peace Out Guy off without telling him he always reminded me of Uriah Heep; there was something predatory in his undisguised desire to
      mooch. Favorite line from the guy who contributed the least provisions for anybody but was quickest to resent those who did: “I don’t even want to look at them. We would have survived without their two eels [No, it was three.] we gave them part of two of our lizards and we didn’t need their eels.” [Umm, yes you did.] the tiny little pieces of last night cayman weren’t food-sharing. They were a final penurious gesture, “We got a cayman and you guys didn’t, so here’s a couple of lizard-sized pieces of raw cayman fat.” Every one of you needs to watch every episode of “Alone” to realize, “I should have been like the last four as they held on to something bigger, kinder, wiser that they had found within and without them. I should have come out like Sam and Alan, in gratitude, awe, and a profound sense of blessing and humility.”

  2. The commenter Ema seems hellbent on defending Alana. After reading the comments, I kinda think the poster is really Alana.

    • I just watched the episode where Dani tapped out. I am disgusted to see how nasty the team was to her. She may have been a “square peg” as they called her, but so what? Why would being different be such a problem for them? Conform or else? Yuck. They were awful to Shane too. These people are awful, especially Alana.

  3. Alana making fun of Shane when he had to tap out. That’s one bitch I hope don’t make. She leaches off of everybody else. Of all the survival shows she is only one of two people who make fun of someone tapping out.

      • Yes. Alana “pecks” at people to try to dominate them. Poor Dani is her follower already. Some people do this even though they have no idea what they would do, even if they were elected King.

        • “Poor Danielle”??

          Not at ALL!

          WHY would you say that,…as she choose to be just as evil as Alana??

      • I agree whole heartedly. Alana is a mean bitch! She has very unhappy looking face, bad mouths and down talks everybody. Poor Shane was a victim of poisonous mouth. Shane should have been with Jeff &EJ from the beginning. I believe he would have made it. As for Alana, I hope she fails to make it to day 40.

  4. I have yet to see a single one of these “expert survivalists” craft or fashion a useful tool other than pointed stick spears that would embarrass 500,000 year old humans. No one has made a useful club that can double as a throwing stick (for birds or small game) or act as a self defense weapon. No one has even broken a stone to make a useful cutting edge for a spear point. No one has made a crude bolo of sticks tied together with home made cordage. A sling is so easy to make it is laughable that no one has made one. No one has made a vine rope and loop to capture the numerous small Crocs. What is with this? Every ten year old farm boy of the 1950’s knew how to do these things.

    • That’s so true. Not one of the teams has yet to make a decent shelter either. Even EJ and Laura, the two most competent survivalists made a decent shelter. It doesn’t seem that any of them are truly competent at fire making as well and seem to need a modern fire making tool to do it. None of them have made probably the most efficient hunting tool devised by early man, the Atlatle either and it’s rather disappointing that none of them have ever attempted any kind of stone work to make spear points or arrowheads. Shane has, or appears to have, made a decent bow but his arrow making skills are negligent. These are skills one would think would be rudimentary for serious survivalists.

      • Yes, Yes ,Yes! Shane had made the only decent looking spear and made a nice cast at the capybarra. A simple “spear thrower” would have markedly increased the velocity of the spear and improved his chance of success. At best, hunting with primitive tools would be successful only about 25% of the time. Our heroes make one try and quit. Alana is correct in that they should all be resting during the heat of the day and hunting from predawn to full sunrise.

      • Yeah – I get the feeling Shane’s decision to switch to a spear was less about it better suiting the terrain 200 yards away from where he had been and more to do with Dani not being there to make his arrows anymore. And I doubt he made that bow himself given his complaining about needing a store-bought compound bow to hunt.

          • My source is one of the aforementioned people. As for what exactly was said, I can’t speak on that since I was told some things in confidence (since producers don’t want spoilers out there). But some main points in the linked post on Dani’s page is not completely truthful.

          • What, specifically, did she say that wasn’t true? That she helped build the shelter and Shane didn’t? That she made the tools for arrow making? That she and Alana weren’t laughing at Shane (sure looked like they were). The editing can make anything look like anything and Shane, the poor schlub, certainly has had a miserable time growing up but I don’t see him as all bad and the two girls easily could have handled him better.

          • WTH???? You say “Don’t believe me?”… here’s the person’s (who’s the most biased on the matter) word to prove me right. That is the most ridiculous form of “evidence” I’ve ever heard someone use to support their statement. In a he said, she said, you just tried to use the ‘she said’ as proof that the ‘she said’ was right. LMAO …That’s awesome.

          • Wow, you should be in congress. “I know something but I can’t tell you” whoa, awesome proof.
            Also, for Ema, who has a girlfriend in Canada? You’ll notice these threads are not too clear so you’ll have to be a bit more specific.

    • Additionally, since all of the game seem to be nocturnal, and also because no one seems able to track any game, all the “survivors” need to be able to trap. Even fish can be trapped. It is just that no one does that. Some survivalists.

    • Shane made a bow and arrows. After he tapped out E.J. tried to hunt with it but was not able to get anything. Remember Shane was trying to get the animal and Alana and Danielle were laughing at him.

  5. Just wanted to add. If you didn’t have a TV crew there with GUNS, and food. A doctor on standby….

    If you were stranded there would Alana really kissie a turtle and let it go free and not eat it? She knows she is on a TV show and don’t give a crap about the survival. She hopes to become one of those REALITY TV STARS….

    In a nutshell.

  6. I hope Alana and Dani starve and have to tap out. Half way into the season and all they have done is giggle and talk shtt about shane. If shane had told Sharge and Jeff that Alana caught a HUGE turtle and gave it kissies and let it go they would have been like WTF???? REALLY????

    If those two show up at the lake I hope they are told to go away and keep to themselve’s, after all THEY DON’T NEED ANYONE to survive. They just need to snuggle up and giggle little girlie giggles all night.

    • Actually, Shane DID tell them about that. It’s what he was discussing when Alana and Dani walked in on their group before Shane went quiet and made a face like “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap – I’m about to get called on my BS.”

      You know – for all the talk about Alana being manipulative and needing a man to do all the work for her, she sure didn’t seem to put much effort into trying to convince EJ and Jeff to stay with them or in trying to turn them against Shane. You’d think she’d be putting on the charm to get two men working to take care of her… if she were as lazy and ruthless as Team Shane claims.

        • Well, the preview of Episode 6 seems to bear out the idea that Shane is an insecure little bully who doesn’t like being challenged. We see Alana and Dani cross the plains, having made the best protective clothing out of any of the survivalists, spot the group of five and go to introduce themselves.

          Meanwhile, The Alpha Males are watching them like a bunch of creepers and Shane immediately starts whining about how he can’t catch a break. And Alana and Dani don’t say anything about Shane until the group of five mention that he’s staying nearby and Eva asks about them apparently not getting along. Apparently Shane had been running his mouth to the five about how mean Alana and Dani were, despite having just met them the night before…

          • You do realize this is a television show. For entertainment. And not every second of their time there is show … You see what they want you to see…

          • Yes. I do realize that. In fact, I said as much several days ago.

            YOU’RE the one who said that wasn’t the case a few days ago when I said there was a chance they were editing out anything bad Shane might have said that would have turned Alana and Dani against him.

      • Means NOTHING!

        Alana is a Bitch,..but a SMART 1!

        She w have anticipated Shane telling the 2 guys, of how she treated him,…& therefore,..would change her strategy, temporarily, be the opposite 9sweet, & likeable ) with THEM.

  7. This show was the most interesting one by far. EJ and Jeff really took a “hit” for killing the eel. I counted getting electric shock 3 times for Jeff and 2 times for EJ. They more than paid the price for their kill, and Shane took a risk too by using a metal blade while standing in water. The group of 5 that joined them were only 6 miles away, so I’m thinking they probably only had a 4-6 hour journey or so, accounting for no shoes, and hot weather, breaks, etc. If they were prudent, they would have left early morning, so they should have arrived at least by early to mid afternoon. It looked like team Alpha was having an evening dinner, because the lighting was clearly manipulated. It’s very possible the other team saw or smelled the roaring fire team Alpha had, but there was something odd about the reception and comments made, very suspect that this was manipulated drama, Butts and Nutts showing up right at dinner time.

  8. Having a little trouble with last nights episode there at the very end. Seems kind of “reality TV” set up to me that the walking 5 would show up right at the time that the Alpha guys were about to enjoy their feast. The walking group had been walking for hours and hours and that is a huge wooded area around piranha lake and they found them?? I’m guessing the producers wanted to give us some unnecessary drama. And the fact that the two groups were miles apart yet within a day they both decided to head over to the same exact place?? I think they may have some coaching going on that we don’t see to make sure there is drama. Still, I’m loving the show and totally into it. I do agree and no reason for them to be fully naked. Nothing has really changed if they guys are in just shorts and the girls in a bikini outfit. They are still fully exposed to the elements and then we wouldn’t have the blurred action every single scene.

    • I noticed that too, Rick! To say nothing about how the Alpha Male team didn’t hear five people making no effort to stay quiet approaching until they were within visual range?

      • Agreed! I think it’s highly suspect that we hear the approaching team say “Hi,” just as EJ says “Amen.” I’m sure it’s a trick of editing and they were wither much farther away when they initially made contact, or they were coached by producers. If it was real, I’m sure the nuts-n-butts team would have called out long before and If I was EJ, Jeff and Shane, I would have started stuffing food in my face as quickly as possible, just to get some food in my belly before sharing.

    • Rick, Your post got me to thinking about the fakes in the Bear Grylls “survival” shows and other DC choreographed “survival” shows. Looking at the clips of future N & A XL episodes, I can see the producers trucking in (everyone else walked) Alana and Danielle so they will be fresh to introduce new drama. I wonder which male has been chosen as the next victim of Alana’s venom? Those clever Brit producers.

  9. Kellie, In my last post I forgot to wish you well with the hangover. LOL.
    Have you noticed that Luke, Chris and Dani J have a pronounced sense of humor and seem to have a good time when circumstances permit?

    • Thanks for your kind wishes, J.C.! I had a great time. A few “Naked and Afraid” folks were at TCAs last summer, and Jeff famously and hilariously wished that the producers would make his blurr bigger. I even got a “Naked and Afraid” baseball cap out of the fun!

  10. Very glad to see people caring enough to share what they have….the first time was when the Luke/Chris shared their camp, mangoes, etc. with the three girls and teamed up with them. And the second time when EJ and Jeff agreed to take Shane with them. And finally and best of all, even though the Alphas were eager to eat the eel all by themselves, they agreed to share it with the hungry and tired arrivals.

    My feeling is that Luke/Chris probably sensed that it would have been too much to ask to be accepted into the Alpha Males group. After all, there’s five of them. And since they themselves had the same feelings when the girls arrived to join them, they must have thought it was best to not impose on the Alphas any more than they already have, and thus, they set up their own camp. There are or should be enough resources at the Lake for all of them.

    Furthermore, there can only be safety in numbers. This will provide them a chance to have a community of neighbors helping each other out, and still keeping their space. Their survival depends on their working together.

    I don’t know what will happen to Alana and Dani because they are only going to fall much farther behind in the challenge. I won’t be surprised if they are the next to tap out.

    • I get the feeling that a lot of Alana’s and Dani’s attitude toward Shane comes from things that he said that was left on the cutting room floor. Things that were bad enough that Discovery had to cut it in order for there to be any chance of Shane having any sympathy at all as a character. Consider how incredibly rude and sexist he was his partner in his first challenge, with all his talk of women being pussies and young people being useless to a woman in her early 20s.

      In any case, based on the previews for next week it looks like he won’t be around for much longer.

        • Uh. Yes, that WAS the case. He treated Kim horribly. And given the things he said to the camera when he was alone, I can easily see him pulling the same “Me Tarzan. Me King.” act on Alana and Dani… which, not surprisingly, pissed them off.

          • Ema, Loya might have been saying it wasn’t the case that Shane would tap out next, to referring to the fact that Shane has been a prick in the past.

          • Well, unfortunately I just watched the current episode and yes Shane did, indeed, tap out much to the gloating glee of Alana.

      • I hope Alana and Dani starve and have to tap out. Half way into the season and all they have done is giggle and talk shtt about shane. If shane had told Sharge and Jeff that Alana caught a HUGE turtle and gave it kissies and let it go they would have been like WTF???? REALLY????

        If those two show up at the lake I hope they are told to go away and keep to themselve’s, after all THEY DON’T NEED ANYONE to survive. They just need to snuggle up and giggle little girlie giggles all night.

  11. I am glad to see Shane join Sarge and Jeff. Sarge smoothed things with Nasty and her understudy. Nasty just had to have a last parting shot.
    “Team Nuts and Butts” (named by Chris) is still working together and making the trek to the lake. Presumably, they did not know “Team Testosterone” was headed to the same place. Except for Sarge (ever the peacemaker) Jeff and and Share did not seem pleased to share with “T N & B.”
    Did you notice that Chris and Luke immediately started gathering wood for a separate campsite? Eva, Laura, and Dani J just gave a knowing stare at Team Testosterone when they announced “you eat what you catch.” I did not like this lack of male generosity (Yes, I am a man but I see nothing but power and lack of good humor in such statements). We shall see?
    I wonder if everyone is still aware of the fact that they are making a TV show; or are aware of “what goes around comes around.”
    I am still pulling for all of them.

  12. I am a huge Shane fan. I am happy he’s getting more *positive* screen time, particularly since he was rather unfairly and inaccurately portrayed in S1E1.

  13. This episode proved that Shane really is useless and has no business trying to make it as a survivalist He didn’t come in to deal with the eel until Jeff and EJ had it subdued – and while I give props to them for trying to make Shane feel like a part of the team, they had already done all the real work.

    We get to see their true colors later when the five-person team shows up asking for some of their eel. And while they do agree to share their bounty, both Jeff and Shane (the two most outspokenly religious people on the show) agree they need to institute an immediate “you only eat what you kill policy.

    What I find most hilarious about this is that the Team Shane types on the show’s social media were cheering this and talking about the lazy women rubbing off on Chris and Luke and women suck, blah, blah… and how survival is selfish and they can’t be expected to take care of others. These are the same people who, last week, were complaining about Alana deciding not to share any of the fish she caught with Shane, taking him at his word that he didn’t need her help.

    • You sure seem to know a lot about things no one else knows. Who are you really? Alana, Danielle and all the women are bitches. I like Dani J. but shes the only woman worth anything. I’m sorry that is the case as I am a woman and would like for them to be descent human beings, but alas they are not. I noticed that when E.J. and Shane and Jeff built their nice shelter that didn’t leak when it poured down rain the Nutts and Butts bunch were sitting there in their tiny, work smart not hard, shelter looked miserable. So much for working smart Alana. I hope you got soaked. Again, who are you really? You have too much info to not be connected to someone in these groups.

  14. The stars of this show are turning out to be the animals, not the naked humans. From the 6.5 ft electric eel to the prancing baby jungle cat. I’m actually starting to find myself cheering for the animals – especially when “Team Alpha” continues to scream at every moving thing they come across. This is what I expect for next week’s episode – “Hey EJ! LOOK! – it’s a minnow…Raahhhhh! Raahhhhhh! Yaahhhhhh! Team Alpha! I’m going to kill you minnow! I’m going to eat you for dinner! Don’t you even try to touch me with your tiny tail! Raahhhhh! Team Alpha forever!”

  15. I know the show is called naked and afraid, but since hearing how many of the cast are uncomfortable being naked, expecially the women, why is it that for both men and women, they wear some sort of G-string which covers the lower part of both men and women and tops for women. The show can still be called naked and afraid, since they would only be wearing the tiniest of G-strings?

    • But why is that necessary? If they’re not okay with being naked, I doubt they’d really follow thru with the long casting process. It’s rather clear from the start that nudity is required…

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