Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Olivia the psycho slasher

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Devious-Maids-Season3-EP11-Spence-RosieOn this episode of Devious Maids, Rosie is planning a birthday party for Miguel at the Stappord house. While it was nice of Taylor to allow Rosie to have the party there while she is away with Katy, I hope the kids don’t find a mystery gift of a finger somewhere in the house. Spence stops by to help Rosie with the preparations because he would do anything for Miguel and this also gives him the perfect excuse to hang out with Rosie. He works his moves on Rosie and is able to sneak in a kiss before the doorbell rings. Of course, Ernesto is at the door, back from his trip to Mexico. I think the guys plan these things out so they can make Rosie’s emotions go crazy and her decision making that much more difficult.

Turns out Olivia isn’t all that crazy like Marisol thought she was. I mean yes, she is crazy enough to shave her head but she wasn’t being delusional when she told Marisol she was seeing Michael. When Marisol addresses her concerns about Olivia with Michael, he sticks up for Olivia. He gets angry when Marisol tells him that she thinks Olivia was involved in Blanca’s death and right before Michael leaves he threatens Marisol that she’ll regret ever saying that. Wow, sounds like Michael and Olivia might be the perfect couple.

I knew it! Joy let Zoila in on Dr. Neff’s little secret- he’s broke! When Joy asked Zoila to borrow $100, she mentioned it was because her check from Dr. Neff bounced which tends to happen from time to time. She then went on to mention how Dr. Neff hasn’t been good with his finances which left him without any. Not only is Genevieve housing Dr. Neff but she’s also buying him a whole new wardrobe filled with designer clothes. Hey Genevieve, mind helping out a broke college student instead? I think I know one and you happen to be one of her favorite people.

Marisol stops by Olivia’s house to snoop around while she’s gone but Jesse notices what she’s doing and stops her. He tells her that Olivia couldn’t have killed Blanca like she thinks because she’s been battling for her own life with cancer. I would feel as horrible as Marisol because cancer is a very serious subject and I’ve personally seen loved ones battling the disease however, I think there’s more to Olivia’s story. Jesse mentioned that Olivia’s cancer is advanced and she’s been going to chemo for months. From what I’ve personally seen with cancer and chemo treatments, Olivia wouldn’t have had that much hair to shave off. I’m with Marisol on this one, Olivia isn’t that innocent. She thinks Olivia is using her cancer to milk Michael back to her.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP11-Ernesto-RosieErnesto decides to invite his cartel friend to Miguel’s birthday party as a clown in order to get a better look at the Stappord residence. This way he’ll be in disguise and he’ll be able to see what the inside of the house looks like for when they take Katy. Spence immediately notices that something is off with this rather unhappy clown. He follows him into Katy’s room while the rest of the guests are singing to Miguel. Spence calls the clown out for taking photos of Katy’s room and asks to see his phone. The two start chasing each other out to where the rest of the guests are and Ernesto steps in. Spence and Ernesto duke it out, making this the most violent kid party I’ve ever seen. Rosie should be mad at Spence, he was the one protecting everyone.

You bet she’s milking everything she can get! Olivia used her cancer to get out of a 45 minute wait at a restaurant for her and Michael. You disgust me, Olivia! Once Michael shows up, she shows him her new look. She does admit that she shaved it off before the chemo could get to it but I still don’t trust her. Olivia then tells Michael that the doctors told her the treatment isn’t working so she doesn’t have much time to live. Supposedly the one thing Michael can do to help is move in with her. For whatever reason, Michael agrees to move in with the crazy pants.

Zoila comes home with the groceries to find out that Dr. Neff the moocher is proposing to Genevieve. She rushes in to stop them but instead realizes she’s going into labor- or so it appears. She tricks the couple into thinking she’s going into labor because she needed a distraction to stop the proposal and panicked. I guess this was one way to stop the proposal and get their attention. Zoila gets Genevieve alone once they arrive at the hospital and tells her all about Dr. Neff’s horrible financial situation. At first she doesn’t believe Zoila but once Dr. Neff asks for her card to get Zoila in a more luxury room at the hospital, she gets the picture.

Jesse catches Olivia in a lie about her cancer situation. He asks her if she’d like for him to cook her something but she tells him that she already ate. She mentions that all she can keep down with her illness is broth. So it wouldn’t make sense for Jesse to find a fast food cheeseburger wrapper in the garbage, right? Also, when Jesse asks where Olivia’s cancer is she can’t give him any information. She just tells him that it’s spread out all over in her body now. People are on to you, Olivia.

Jesse goes to Marisol with the information he found while snooping in her house. She doesn’t have any medicine to treat cancer like a normal patient would. She also has been visiting a website on how to fake cancer which lets her know exactly what to do, step by step. They got you now, Olivia!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP11-Olivia-RosieMarisol tells Michael about what Jesse found out with Olivia faking the cancer. Michael is obviously furious at Olivia when she confesses that she might have lied about having cancer. He tells her that he’ll never move in with her or love her. She’s sick in the head and needs to get help. Michael might want to watch his back from now on because Olivia was already showing signs of being psycho when she stepped back into her old home. She started getting angry at Rosie for all the changes Taylor and Michael made since she left. Move on crazy lady!

OMG Olivia is nuts! She needs to be put in a straitjacket right now! She stops by Marisol’s house to explain herself but I already saw something bad coming. It was clear she didn’t want to talk. She couldn’t believe that Marisol tattled on her to Michael. Olivia even mentioned how she had this whole masterplan set up for months and Marisol just ruined it with a simple phone call. Turns out Olivia was the one who set up Taylor to have an affair. She paid some guy to sweet talk Taylor and she took the bait. Olivia digs inside her purse and tells Marisol that she’s looking for the name of the guy Taylor is having an affair with but instead pulls out a chef’s knife! RUN, MARISOL, RUN!

Marisol tries to find out if Olivia killed Blanca too but she says that she didn’t have anything to do with that. Michael is the one who thinks Blanca was murdered. Olivia does say that she’s going to kill Marisol and lunges towards her but that’s when Jesse steps in front of Marisol out of nowhere. He’s the one who gets slashed, allowing Marisol to break a lamp over Olivia’s head. They’re going to need something more than just that lamp to knock her out!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP11-CarmenEvelyn had been having some trouble with disciplining Deion until Carmen stepped in. At first, Evelyn told Carmen that she needed to do the disciplining but Carmen told her that it would only work if the mother took action. That’s when Evelyn opened up about grounding her son a few days before he died. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen with Deion but realizes that Carmen is right. Evelyn made Deion apologize for acting out against Carmen. She also mentioned that Carmen seems to have a special place in her heart to become a mother. Once Evelyn leaves, Carmen opens up a box and gets emotional while looking at a photo of a newborn baby. Could Carmen already be a mother?

Dr. Neff tries to propose to Genevieve again after they were interrupted the first time. Before giving him an answer, Genevieve asks him if he’s broke like Zoila mentioned. He tells her that he just donated a large amount of money to the hospital that they’re going to name a whole wing after him. He knows Zoila told her about this and gives Genevieve an ultimatum- it’s either him or Zoila. Turns out Dr. Neff paid Joy to tell Zoila the lie of being broke so he could use it to his advantage. Now I really don’t like Joy either. I cannot believe it but Genevieve made the decision to keep Dr. Neff and get rid of Zoila as her maid. My heart! Did I mention how much I hate Dr. Neff and now Joy?

No need to worry, Jesse made it through the crazy slashing lady’s wound. Olivia is in police custody under psych evaluation because she definitely needs it. The sad news, Jesse decided that he’s going to move back home to Seattle to be around his sisters. He’s come to the conclusion that he’s not going to find peace and quiet here because he’s already seen more action being here than in the military. Jesse tells Marisol that he might come back and visit which I hope is true because I don’t want him to leave and they need to try and work things out. Please come visit, Jesse!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP11-SpenceAfter the guests leave, Ernesto and Rosie try to clean up the frosting covered couches before Taylor comes back. When Rosie goes to take off the pillow covers she notices the pillows are stained in blood. Ernesto mentions that it looks like someone tried to clean it up so no one would notice. Rosie realizes that something bad happened in that room and Blanca was the one who covered it up by cleaning the couches.

Ernesto’s cartel friend shows up at Spence’s house with a punch in the face. Despite listening to Ernesto’s orders to leave Spence alone, I think this clown is going to try and take care of Spence on his own. Uh-oh!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? What do you think it is that the cartel want with Katy? If Olivia goes to jail, do you think she’ll break out? Let’s face it, she could probably get herself out of the psych ward if she really put her mind to it. Do you think Jesse is leaving for good or will he be back? Does Genevieve not understand that she’s breaking a bond with family and that she’ll probably end up divorced again in a few months? Whose baby was in that photo Carmen was looking at? Maybe she was pregnant at a young age and gave the baby up for adoption. What’s going to happen to poor Spence? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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