TCA: John Stamos is the World’s Sexiest Grandpa in “Grandfathered”

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John Stamos as Jimmy and Josh Peck as Gerald. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.
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John Stamos has been waiting to be a grandfather for 10 years. Well actually, he’s been waiting for this role, where he plays a lothario who spontaneously learns he’s both a father and grandfather, for 10 years. The almost-52 year-old actor, known for his role as Uncle Jesse on Full House, (which he’ll reprise in the Netflix series, Fuller House) and as a sexy yogurt pitchman reveals he’s been looking for a show that was a little edgier, maybe play a bad guy. His agent encouraged him to just “Do what you do” and play in his charming wheelhouse. Fortunately, his role in FOX’s new comedy, Grandfathered, allows him to be charmingly-edgy and Stamos reveals that behind his character’s polished façade, there is an insecure person. “It’s a Wizard of Oz moment,” he says.

Stamos says he’s ok with playing a grandfather, but had to draw the line with EP Dan Fogelman. “What do you think of Grandpa?” as the show’s title, asked Fogelman. “What do you think of F@#$ you!” Stamos replied.

Stamos says the face of grandfatherhood has changed and they want to make the show feel current, and treat age the way it is now, rather than our preconceived notions based on our own childhoods. “When I was a kid … a 50 year-old guy was, like, Abe Vigoda, you know, or Welcome Back, Kotter or something. I was like, well, here’s a chance to change things.”

When asked if he has paternal instincts for his young costars, Stamos says that fatherhood is something he’d like to achieve someday. He calls himself a baby whisperer and jokes, “If the kids start to cry, I do whisper in their ears, ‘I made a couple of twins a lot of money,’” referring to his Full House co-stars Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen.

Diaper duty on Grandfathered.

“We’ll see what happens in my own life.” Stamos also joked that while watching his own show, “I was like, is it the pilot or is this E! True Hollywood Story of my life? Because it’s pretty close.”

One of the pilot’s most hilarious scenes with Don Rickles, Deon Sanders and Lil’ Wayne almost didn’t happen and required a bit of teamwork. Stamos is close friends with Rickles, Sanders was a last minute replacement for another athlete who pulled out, and Milian called up pal, ‘Lil Wayne. The result is what Fogelman says is, “the most insane shoot” he’s ever done.

Pictured L-R: Christina Milian as Vanessa, Josh Peck as Gerald, John Stamos as Jimmy, Paget Brewster as Sara, Ravi Patel as Ken and Kelly Jenrette as Annelise.
Image Credit: Robert Trachtenberg/FOX

Stamos says the cast takes a lot of “pants off” shots behind the scenes of Grandfathered. “You’re welcome,” mugged Josh Peck (Drake & Josh), who plays Stamos’ surprise son.

Despite the humor of the series, there is a lot of heart in the family comedy. Episode 2 includes the line from Peck’s character, Gerald. “I don’t need you to tell me how to be a father, I need you to be a father.” FYI, the former teen star is looking like the spawn of Stamos; that boy grew up handsome!

Ravi Patel says he’s playing head chef in Stamos’ restaurant. Newly out of divorce and adjusting to singlehood. Patel reveals that the first 30 years of his life, he had no success with women and he’s drawing from this. “It’s finally playing off,” he laughs.

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