Science Announces Return Date For “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

What Could Possibly Go WRong Andrea Verschage
"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" co-hosts Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, Science Channel’s fun and daring series that sets out to right what goes wrong in some of the world’s wildest viral videos, is on its way back for a second season next week!

Returning to Science Channel on Wednesday, August 12 at 10pm ET/PT, with even more mind-blowing science and stunts, the show sets out to recreate some of the Internet’s most epic fails–only with a little science, to show how they could’ve gone right.

The show is hosted by Grant Reynolds (a daredevil ex-Marine) and Kevin Moore (a scientist with a knack for engineering), using Kevin’s garage as their home base. The duo applies basic scientific principles to the failed experiments in those crazy online videos we all gawk at and share, to make the results bigger, better, and more outrageous. It’s a fun series with a lot of adventure — and a lot of science.

In the season 2 premiere on Wednesday, “Game of Drones,” Kevin and Grant build and race drones equipped with POV cockpit cameras, customize a motorcycle so it can drive on land and sea, and turn backyard putt-putt golf into a hole-in-one competition with lasers and an air compressor.

What else does this season have in store for us? Jacked-up monster truck golf carts, wall-scaling, grilling a steak with sound waves (what the what?), quicksand, a massive squirt gun, a homemade lie detector, a cold water swim from Alcatraz, a backyard submarine, bullet-stopping duct tape, life-size Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, and so much more. (Aside from the whole Alcatraz thing, this sounds like everything I wanted to do, but was too afraid to try, growing up! It’s a must-watch.)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT.


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