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Lana anatomy Skin Wars season 2 episode 8Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 8 starts with a cool mini-challenge – it’s an anatomical challenge. The artists have to do an anatomically correct painting on their models. They can do any anatomical system they want – muscles, skeleton, organs, whatever.

Lana focuses on organs and the circulatory system. Cheryl Ann does the bottom half of her model, focusing on skeletal & muscular structures. She also, of course, goes on & on about who she studied under in Madrid & how many years she took anatomy. Stop it, Cheryl Ann, but I feel like you can’t help yourself.

Another thing – I love RuPaul. Love him. But I’m getting tired of the puns and cheesy lines. His performance this season feels way too plastic, for lack of a better term. Maybe he’s trying to match the energy of Craig Tracy, which isn’t very high. I know the judges aren’t supposed to be the focus of a reality show, but man this show needs a Michael Kors. He could judge while still having personality and entertaining.

Lana & Cheryl Ann are the top 2 painters with Cheryl Ann winning.

Cheryl Ann anatomy Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

For the main challenge, the little petite female models have been replaced with huge male bodybuilders. Because they have a bigger canvas the artists only get 4 hours to paint these guys up in a full-body robot-character design.

Rio’s not really feeling painting the male models. Here’s his reaction:

Rio Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

Avi goes personal & creates a robot to protect his mom in Israel. Cheryl Ann gives her take on a robot which involves a bear. Because she had a dream about a bear. Whatever Cheryl Ann. Lana’s robot is a blood donor robot, which is probably my favorite idea. Aryn’s robot is jet-plane based. She’s not real sure about all of this. Rio’s robot protects the President. It’s not a great back-story & we get a lot of screen time where he talks about his background, so I have a feeling Rio will be leaving us today.

I’d like to call out probably the best thing about this episode – Rebecca & Robin’s dresses when they walk-around & check in with the artists. Want.

Rebecca Robin Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

OMG Cheryl Ann stop painting circles! Gah! She just can’t paint a character, she’s got to put some kind of collage-cartoony art on it.

Cheryl Ann robot Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

Avi and Lana are the top 2 painters for the main challenge. The judges resonated with Avi’s personal story that formed the basis of his design. Lana’s design was monochromatic but a great idea. Plus she used her model’s special talent of being able to flex his pecs.

Lana robot Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

Avi wins the challenge.

Avi robot Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

Cheryl Ann is the first artist sent to safety & you can see it all over Aryn and Rio’s face that they’re super annoyed by that fact. Aryn is shown keeping her mouth shut.

aryn-robot Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

In the end, Rio is going home & he goes off on Cheryl Ann. Craig Tracey isn’t having it. He counsels Rio to focus on his own art & his own process.

Rio robot Skin Wars season 2 episode 8

What did you all think? Was it Rio’s time, or should Cheryl Ann have gone since she painted yet ANOTHER design with all sorts of circles instead of a robot. Are you hoping to see something other than robot Ru on Skin Wars? (Seriously, he just sat there & blinked when Rio poured his heart out? Really?)


  1. Well it is pretty obvious that the judges for some reason keep Cheryl Ann. As stated it makes drama on the show. If she doesn’t do the task given,she still stays. She should be a better painter that the others. She is school trained. But apperently the school she went to didn’t teach following directions. She has been told so many times and yet she stll gets by with the same old crap.

    This is this shows last chance. Either she does the chalenge right or she is gone, or it will be the last show I watch.

  2. Someone please tell me why Rio was sent home, he did a Robot. I believe they know he is one of the best artist. I’m not going to watch this show anymore.

    • Totally agree! How many challenges did Rio win? How many times did he make best top 3? I’m in disbelief the Judges would let such a talent leave when there were 2 others they could have chosen. I wish the best for Rio and hope to see his AMAZING work somewhere very soon!

  3. Wow I lost a lot of respect for these judges…… you give the artists a task. The one who follows the task as asked goes home? How do you expect me, or anyone else who watches, and has been watching for 2 seasons, to now to continue to watch? If your not going to follow YOUR OWN TASK SET FORTH then don’t expect me to continue to keep tuning in…….. HOW SAD……

    • Well that’s I think why they included Craig Tracy’s comment – that the judges considered what Cheryl Ann did. She had a cleaner paint but didn’t really fit the theme. Rio fit the theme, but had a weaker paint. I wish they had shown some of the judges discussion about that instead. I think that would’ve been helpful.

      Unless they’re just trying to get people riled up…

      • I just saw it in the UK. I totally agree with Ruth (the commentator) comment on the painting. Rio, for one of the most imaginative person chose the most common idea possible! And his painting skills were amateurish.

        Interesting how he, and many, including the author of the post gang up on Charlene. They are quire happy with Aviation and Rio emotional outbursts. But pray, not Charlene. They are observant to allude to Rio’s issue with muscles. Whatever he doesn’t have, cant do must be wrong. The Judges were right. Had he focused on his skills. Instead of beeing bussy batching he might still be there
        Please he should go on survivors forum and see his journey is unfortunately not rare. He’s no super hero. His a jealous. Bitter. Individual. In any other industry, Charlene would have a case of bullying. Since we are bussy judging. Lest batch fairly.

  4. Cheryl Ann makes for great TV. People are tuning in actively hoping she goes home each week. That makes the producers happy. It’s not a new formula – the “villain” in whatever reality show/competition show always hangs around longer than anyone thinks they should.

    Assuming for a moment that the magic of editing was not present (which I don’t believe for a second), I wonder if Rio maybe gave Cheryl Ann too much of his energy in being pissed at her, and that got him off his game. He and Aryn deserved to be in the bottom last night, based on their work. Cheryl Ann’s was clean. Repetitive, boring, kinda not on topic, but super clean, and finished. She won’t win – they are setting that up to be Avi or Lana as top 2, but she’ll likely be #3, and Aryn will go home next week.

    • I think you’re right about Rio giving away his energy. It’s one thing to be pissed that Cheryl Ann keeps getting praise, but you’ve got to channel that into being better yourself. He seemed to lose that focus, unfortunately.

  5. I am a fair person. Rio’s design wasn’t the winner but it definitely wasn’t the loser. Fair is fair…or is it.? Pleaseeeeee bring him back as a wild card. Please. I’m from Trinidad in the Caribbean and it hurt to see Rio go.

    • It’s a little late in the season for bringing back a wild card. But maybe they’ll give former contestants a chance, like they’ve done on Project Runway?

  6. Cheryl, I hope your happy; because all of us want you off the show NOW. No Smoky the Bear, no dominating over Dawn Marie, no kissing up to the judges and ABSOLUTELY NONE of that so-called “ass”.

  7. I’m sorry, but while Rio’s comments probably sealed the deal and he did have the weakest paint job – he’s spot on.

    Cheryl Ann has been in the BOTTOM SEVERAL WEEKS in a row now and pays NO attention to the challenge rules. She didn’t even do what the judges wanted her to do from last week – which was get out of her comfort zone.

    She has also accused the judges of having a canvas throw her “under the bus.”

    Yet she is STILL there?

    Sorry, but either she has something on the show or the judges aren’t following what they’re saying.

    She should be out.

    • Well, she’s getting people to talk about her, which would certainly be the producer’s wish. I think her skill has a painter has kept her, although I think this week was her most egregious deviation from what the challenge is supposed to be. That’s probably going to be her undoing.

    • Cheryl Ann is a bossy just same old thing, personally she should be off the show a long time ago and Rio yes, her last week’s gone, good art by her but just complains and never does anything new, more girls than guy’s, see the pattern, I personally think Lana is the best but Kyle should be there not cheryln Ann gone

  8. The whole thing is ridiculous. Sure, Rio should have done a cleaner design, but he was RIGHT in his rant – Cheryl Ann repeatedly ignores the ACTUAL challenge, and does crap like make a spirit animal, NOT a robot, and gets a pass. Both Aryn and Rio painted robots. Cheryl Ann did not. She should have been sent home, no questions, period, full stop.

    • I liked Rio & would’ve liked to have seen him go farther, but I think he got caught up in his head vs. channeling his energy into a cleaner design.

      He could’ve won if he’d been more careful. Stylistically, his was one of the most robotic. So I think the judges had the toss up – more robotic, not as well painted vs well painted, not as robotic. And we all know how that ended up…

  9. I really wanted RIO to make it. I agree Cheryl Ann has to go. But last night the girl with the purple hair should have left since she did not finish her painting.

    Oh yes I loved the models – wish they used body builers more often!

    • She finished it. Not the design she intended, but the model was covered. Kinda like in Face Off when they say “crap! Cover the rest in fabric!”

  10. Why is Cheryl Ann still on the show? Get rid of her already! I’m no expert, but Lana should have won mini challenge and Rio shouldn’t have hone home. And, please Avi, enough of your Israel stories…

    • But he’s so cute – and so exciting! 😉 Unfortunately, I think Rio nailed his coffin shut when he went off on Cheryl Ann. Granted, they already had decided he was going to be gone, but that didn’t help him.

      I bet it felt great, but it didn’t help him.

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