Melissa Joan Hart Says Goodbye In “Melissa & Joey” Finale

Melissa & Joey
Taylor Spreitler, Sterling Knight, Nick Robinson, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence in the finale episode, titled, “Double Happiness,” of Melissa & Joey.
Image: ABC Family/Bruce Birmelin

Melissa Joan Hart shares how she feels to be ending her ABC Family comedy, Melissa & Joey, after four seasons. Hart not only starred in the series, she also served as its executive producer. “It was like graduation on an adult level,” she says. “We’d been together for 6 years so with these goodbyes; it was this ever-present feeling that every moment counted. Every moment, we were all so there, so awake, so alive.” Hart also admits that she left the series with a few mementos. “I took a lot of things from the set — don’t tell ABC Family. I took some of the tchotchkes from the kitchen. There were little porcelain birds, that were behind the sink through all 104 episodes, and I really wanted them.”

Melissa & Joey
Group Hug!!
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In the finale, Mel panics when she gets news that will directly affect her Senate run. Meanwhile, Ryder gets his orders from the Navy, and Lennox and Zander have a change of heart after they almost die in a car crash. Series star and executive producer Melissa Joan Hart reveals that she’s happy with how the series ends after four seasons. “The writers did a fabulous job of tying up the loose ends of the series. The audience has a really clear idea of where the characters are going in the future.” The actress also admits, “This character’s been my favorite character I’ve ever played. It’s such a blessing to get to know her, and play her and embody her.”

In her three most famous TV series, Clarissa Explains it All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey, Hart has portrayed three very strong, but different characters. When asked what Clarissa, Sabrina and Mel would have thought of each other, she gave her answer a lot of thought. “Clarissa was so independent and strong. She was strong-willed, creative and inventive. Sabrina was very afraid. I feel like she was a little more reserved, and little more shy, and little more worried about what people think; whereas Mel- they both would have hated Mel, for sure (laughs) because she is so flawed, so selfish, and such a lush. They were all fun, really fun girls to play. They were all different versions of the girls next door.”

"Melissa & Joey's Frozen" was one of Hart's favorite episodes.
“Melissa & Joey’s Frozen” was one of Hart’s favorite episodes.

When looking back at the 104 Episodes of Melissa and Joey, she points to a few that were particular favorites. “I loved our Dancing With The Stars episode from the first season. That was fantastic when Joey was dancing with Mark Ballas, doing the “Mango” — a male tango — and I loved our 2014 Christmas episode from this year, it was a Gone With the Wind flashback episode, it was so much fun. I also loved one of our last episodes that airs in July, called “Frozen”. It’s a flash-forward to 100 years in the future, which was just a totally different experience to try and film. But I have to say, the series finale, there’s a scene in that episode that really resonated with me.”

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  1. Hate to see the Melissa & Joey cancelled. My daughter and I watch it all the time. Wish they would keep it on.

  2. All the good ones end too soon! Thanks for the funny, clean entertainment. Hate to see you go!

  3. I enjoyed the show. Thank you for making it, made me laugh. Kinda hoping for maybe a spin off but I guess that’s out of the question. Don’t mind being wrong. Can’t wait till yawls next show. Either together or separate. Thanks.

  4. Well Ms. Hart, here’s an interesting idea for you about a brand new sitcom series or perhaps a TV movie. it is all about life in the early 1960’s. that’s one of the earliest times I remember. many black and white TV sets with only VHF and Hi Fi phonographs were still in use. may be even and old fashioned bathtub too. you may want to give the sitcom or movie the title: :Way Back When”. I hope you’ll be taking my idea.

  5. It IS sad to see your third TV series, Melissa And Joey go. and there has been another sad farewell to country music singer, Lynn Anderson. especialy for her smash hit, “Rose Garden”. now Ms. Hart, if you are reading this reply, you’ll want to go to the YouTube site and type in ” Lynn Anderson Rose Garden”, you will hear this iconic recording. Channel Guide, please don’t delete this reply unless the name of the singer and the hit title are copyrighted, thanks.

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