Catfish Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: The Decade Long Catfish Story

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This week on Catfish, Nev and Max help out Andria who has been in a sketchy relationship with a man she met online for almost 10 years. 10 years?! She’s been in St. Louis and he’s been in Chicago during the course of their relationship. I get that it’s not just down the street but it’s not that far and they haven’t just met each other either. Andria mentions that she met David on the ancient social media site, Bebo. I remember that website- full of creeps.

Andria and David started talking while she was in middle school so she thought it was cool to have a guy that’s a few years older than her talking to her all the time. I get it, she wanted the bragging rights out of all her friends. After they became boyfriend and girlfriend, things weren’t as happily ever after as Andria thought they’d be. She grew tired of his excuses to never video chat and now needs answers as to who she’s talking to.

Since this might be the longest relationship that Nev and Max have ever dealt with, they immediately head out to meet with Andria in St. Louis. Andria tells the guys about a crazy story that went down while David was on his way to visit for Christmas one year. He got pulled over by the cops and was arrested for contraband in his car. Now he’s on house arrest and somehow was still able to convince Andria to stop going to school so he could pick her up to start this new life of theirs together. If there’s one thing I know, it’s never let a guy get in the way of your dreams and career. That means don’t drop out of school for a stupid guy, especially this one!


Things get even crazier once Andria tried telling David that she was going to blast him on Catfish. Immediately David asked if she wanted to Skype or receive pictures. David also revealed that his real name was Geo and that he was actually a female. That’s when Geo sent some photos which obviously show that he’s not the same guy in the first photos Andria saw. Andria has the guys listen to a voicemail David left her because she’s convinced she’s been talking to a man. It’s hard to tell but the voice does sound pretty masculine.

Catfish-Season4-EP16-Nev-maxThe guys start their investigation which seems like it won’t be too difficult. Andria received a text from David that had a photo of an Illinois driver’s license showing a girl named Christina, including her full address. The address matches the ones from the letters Andria received from David and the photo of this girl Christina match the photos of this Geo person.

A quick search of the email that David has been using and the guys find it linked to a Facebook account for Geo Stain. From the pictures on the profile, it’s obvious that Christina is Geo and Christina is David. I knew that was going to be one of the easiest investigations for Nev and Max. Now they need to show Andria all this information because for once they are almost 100% positive they’ve found their catfish.

Andria is crushed by the news that she hasn’t been talking to the same David she thought she was in the original photos when they first met. Nev suggests that he call Geo to let her know that the cat is finally out of the bag. During the phone call, Geo pushes off trying to meet with them. Nev reminds everyone that they have Geo’s address so whether Geo likes it or not, they could easily show up at her front door. Andria thinks that would be the best way to finally come face-to-face with who she’s been talking to. While they’re driving to Geo’s house Nev gets a text from her saying she’d be able to meet up with them but it’s going to be hard.

Catfish-Season4-EP16-ChristinaWhen the gang arrives at the house, Christina walks out and shares her story. Turns out the whole account started out as a joke. Christina just saw a pretty girl online and asked for her phone number. She also lied about being on house arrest but thinks it’s funny when Andria brings it up. She also has no feelings about Andria dropping out of school for her since she promised that she was going to come take care of her. The feelings of love clearly aren’t mutual because Christina just thinks they shared a bond. Andria was just an escape for her when she needed someone to talk to. I think Christina is trying to hide something by lying because there is no way she can deny having a stronger connection with Andria after being together for 10 years. Max and Nev aren’t believing anything Christina has to say because they saw all the passion that Christina shared with Andria.

It’s actually quite comical when Christina tries to blame Andria for being a catfish herself. She tells Nev that when she first met Andria she was sending her photos of a white blonde girl. Since the conversation is going nowhere, the guys decide to end the meeting.

Nev calls Christina the next day to see if they can sit down and talk like grown adults. Christina says she’ll speak with them but only if Andria tells the truth as well. For some reason Christina can’t get over the fact that she got caught and wants Andria to go down with her. She claims that she has photos to prove Andria was lying. This makes Nev and Max start to wonder if there’s any truth behind what Christina is claiming to be true. They ask Andria to come clean about any catfishing that she might have done. She lets them know that she created a fake Myspace profile to try and add David but he never added her back. The weird thing is that Andria kept her name on the profile the same but used a different photo. I think that’s considered partially catfishing. Either way, both seem to be in the wrong and need to stop this childish attitude of pointing the finger back and forth.

Catfish-Season4-EP16-AndriaWhen the two meet again, Andria apologizes for her part in catfishing. That then makes Christina apologize but that doesn’t mean she accepts Andria’s apology. Max mentions that they’re both to blame for staying in this relationship for so long. Nev brings up the love letters again but Christina tells him that she had no love flowing through her while writing them. She only wrote them because Andria asked for them, so she pretended to be Nicholas Sparks. Christina only kept the relationship going because Andria was the only friend she had a bond with. Max tries to bring this topic up but Christina keeps twisting the words around and gets Max beyond frustrated. Max, nothing you say is going to get into Christina’s thick skull so it’s pointless to try and argue with her.

Once again, the conversation starts going nowhere and Christina asks for it to end. Max has no problem with them leaving at this point. He apologizes to Andria for ever doubting because he now realizes what kind of person Christina is, mentally.

Catfish-Season4-EP16-Nev2Two months later, I’m happy to hear that Andria has re-enrolled in school to achieve her goals of having a career in social work. Apparently Christina texted Andria after filming, apologizing for what she said. She admitted to still having feelings for her and Andria continues to get messages from Christina daily. Nev and Max give Andria the same advice I would give her, get that crazy girl out of your life! She’s good at playing mind games which won’t work out in a healthy relationship. I don’t get what Christina is trying to hide but when she talks with the guys she lets them know that she and Andria haven’t talked at all since filming. She’s okay with it though because she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Someone is obsessed with lying!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Catfish? I don’t think there was as much drama because the catfish wasn’t such a shock as most but I know I was still frustrated. Sometimes I just don’t understand how Nev and Max keep their cool when they’re talking to people like Christina. I hope Nev throws someone else’s phone into the water before this season is over! Do you believe that Andria was also catfishing or was that another lie Christina was telling? After a while, it got childish and the two needed to realize they were both to blame. What do you think Christina is trying to hide by lying so much? It’s clear she has strong feelings for Andria. I just hope Andria sticks to her schoolwork and doesn’t try to get into this unhealthy relationship again. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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