Animal Planet’s World Lion Day programming dedicated to Cecil the Lion

Jeff Pfeiffer

Just as Nat Geo Wild is doing, Animal Planet will also be airing a marathon of lion-related programming on Monday, Aug. 10, in celebration of World Lion Day, and dedicated to Cecil the Lion — the beloved, humanized Zimbabwean lion that was killed by an American hunter last month, causing international outrage.

From Animal Planet:

“Animal Planet’s roaring about World Lion Day to honor the majestic lion –one of the most revered species on the planet –whose numbers are in decline. Animal Planet’s campaign is a resource for those who want to take action against trophy hunting and poaching. In addition, Animal Planet is dedicating its World Lion Day marathon in remembrance of Cecil, the lion that was illegally killed in Zimbabwe. Cecil’s senseless slaughter is a vivid reminder of how vulnerable these magnificent animals are to human threats.”


Animal Planet World Lion Day Marathon — Monday, Aug. 10 (All Times Eastern)

LAST LION OF LIUWA – 6am-7am. This story is told through the eyes of a predator of the Liuwa plain – the last remaining lioness of Liuwa. She is the sole survivor of a senseless massacre that took the lives of the rest of her pride.

BIG CAT DIARY – 7am-10am. In this series, Animal Planet tracks the day-to-day lives of big cats that roam the Mara wildlife community in Africa, including lions, cheetahs and leopards.

INTO THE LION’S DEN – 10am-12pm. Follow Animal Planet’s Large Predator Expert Dave Salmoni on an adrenaline-pumping trek deep into the territory of a pride of wild lions. Dave claims that lions are more likely to accept people than to attack them, and in this program, he’s putting his life on the line to prove it.

INTO THE PRIDE (pictured) – 12pm-5pm Animal Planet’s Large Predator Expert Dave Salmoni heads deep into the African bush on a double mission: to return to his wild roots and to help save a rogue pride of lions from elimination.

A LION CALLED CHRISTIAN  — 5pm-6pm. This special tells the story behind the “Christian the Lion” Internet phenomenon, which highlighted the emotional reunion among two young men and their 300-pound captive lion a year after Christian was released into the African wild.


Into the Pride photo: Christopher Wadsworth/Animal Planet