WWE Total Divas Season 4 Episode 5: Tea Mode

Scott Fishman

It was a pinkies up edition of “Total Divas” when the ladies head to Europe for a WWE tour.

Two crews are heading out to different cities and the girls were split up. Sadly, it also meant Brie and husband Bryan were away from one another during their one-year wedding anniversary.


Nikki sets up a tea outing with sister Brie and Paige, complete with festive hats. Paige isn’t feeling it. So the English butt-kicker decides to leave and take the car with her. After finding out Nikki worked at Hooters and was a farm girl growing up from Natalya, Paige believes Nikki is being fake.Paige goes off to bar to party with Lana (!) and Trinity (Naomi).


The Diva’s champion is insulted and tension builds between the two. With almost 10 years between the two, Paige comes to the realization that they have a different idea of what fun is and she should respect that. Brie says to Paige that a reason why Nikki likes the finer things in life these days is because they didn’t have it growing up. Paige apologizes to Nikki for how she acted.


Alicia is stuck on tour with her ex-flame Wade Barrett, who she still thinks she has strong feelings for. Word is the WWE superstar is having some problems with his girlfriend. Dr. Laura herself, Natalya, gives Foxy advice to come clean with her feelings.

Keep in mind Natalya is the same person who says all men want to do is eat Chipotle. Rosa doesn’t think talking to him is good idea at that point in time because it would make her look like a homewrecker. Alicia wasn’t happy with the comment, and Nattie tells her she is overreacting.

With some wine in her system, Alicia goes with Natalya and Ariane (Cameron) to knock on what she thinks is Wade’s hotel room door to confess her love. She runs away before we find out if she found the right room. Alicia decides to move on and let Wade live his life. The diva even met the current girlfriend and was friendly with her.


Eva Marie continues to progress with her trains. She has the bumps and bruises to prove it. She is photographed for her website in white body paint, which was an awesome visual. Eva also wanted to take some shots without any coverup. An image on Instagram leads some to make comments that her husband Jonathan was abusing her.

Eva is confused by this considering that people know what she does for a living. The couple go out to eat and Eva meets a women in the bathroom who offers help if she needs it. Jonathan tells Eva the stranger meant well. He feels she shouldn’t be ashamed of her marks, as they are proof of the hard work she is putting in.

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