Scream episode 6 recap: The Brandon James story

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On the last episode of MTV’s Scream, Emma made it clear that she was no longer with Will after she hooked up with Kieran. Now that she’s with the bad boy she decides that she wants to face her fears by having Kieran take her to Brandon’s house. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to solve anything but okay!

Inside, Emma finds a fresh daisy which means that someone has been visiting. Coincidentally, Kieran goes missing and Emma gets a phone call from her stalker. I knew this was a bad idea. As Emma is running around the house trying to find a way out she gets stabbed by Ghostface. She falls to the floor and just as she’s about to get stabbed one last time, she removes the mask. Is this it?! Are we finally going to find out who the killer is?! Nope. Turns out Emma was just dreaming because the killer was herself. So Emma was about to stab herself right after she told herself, “It ends with you.” Confusing I know, but it was a nightmare.

Noah found out that their Mr. Branson doesn’t exist in the real world. He found other people by the same name but none of them matched their teacher. Now Noah thinks Mr. Branson is the perfect suspect since he needed to change his name to hide something. Audrey brings up the idea that Nina could’ve blackmailed Mr. Branson with the information he had on his laptop.


What Noah didn’t see coming is that Audrey has moved her way up to the top of the new detective’s suspect list. Looks like they are trying to make a connection between Audrey and Rachel’s murder. When Audrey is brought in for questioning, the detective lets her know that Rachel was the only one who could confirm Audrey’s whereabouts on the night of Nina’s murder and now Rachel is dead. The detective is also interested in what Audrey and her friends found when they went inside the broken down hospital. When the detective asks about Tyler’s head, she asks if Audrey ever touched the head or mask that was on it. Audrey replies by saying she was too busy running out of the place to touch it and she’s sure of it. So it might’ve shocked Audrey when the detective pulled out the mask and told her that her DNA was found all over on the inside of the mask.

Audrey and the rest of the gang involved that day had their DNA and fingerprints tested to see if they contaminated the scene. It seems that Audrey had been there prior to that day with Emma and Noah since her prints and DNA were the only ones found. Audrey swears she never put the mask on and had never been there before that day. The detective doesn’t buy her story because Audrey and Rachel had the perfect motive to kill Nina after she just humiliated them. Not going to lie, I had the same ideas as the detective running through my mind when I heard more of the story.


Audrey isn’t helping herself look clean by getting caught using a cellphone to call Emma while in the interrogation room. Audrey called Emma and asked her to delete the files on the night of Nina’s murder from her laptop at home. I guess that would make sense since Audrey lied by telling the detective she didn’t have those files for her to view. Emma seems willing to help her friend but I’m not sure if she’ll listen to Audrey’s request of not watching the files first. I know I’d want to take a quick peek at what I’m deleting.

Emma and Noah are able to grab the SD card with the files just in time. The cops busted in right as the two were trying to leave so they had to sneak out the window. However this detective is smart and she knows Emma had something to do with the missing SD card. She calls Emma to come down to the station to talk. She tells Emma that she knows Audrey called her and asks what they talked about. Emma of course plays everything off cool to try and get the cops off her back. In the end, the detective lets Emma know that if Audrey walks free and another murder happens it’s just as much Emma’s fault as it is Audrey’s. Yikes!

Emma appears to be just like me and can’t help but watch the video before she destroys it. In the video Rachel is recording a very irate Audrey as she talks about Nina. Audrey can’t think about anything else but getting revenge on Nina for releasing the video. She promises that after she’s through with Nina, she won’t be able to bully anyone anymore. I’m afraid to find out what Audrey did. From what the video showed it looks like Audrey could have killed Nina at that moment with such rage. But why would she kill the others too?

Scream-EP6-storyMaggie takes Emma to her parent’s old house to show her daughter where everything with Brandon James started. Maggie tells Emma that Brandon grew up with her. To her, he wasn’t a monster but someone who would be there for her. However things changed during high school. Brandon knew that Maggie and Emma’s father were having problems. He decided to confront Maggie about her boyfriend, the night of the dance and tell her that she deserved better. A friend overheard Maggie talking with Brandon, who then later warned Maggie’s boyfriend about the conversation. That’s what started the fight and all the bloodshed. Maggie just wanted to talk to Brandon so she left him a note to meet him out at the dock. Her father saw her and decided to call the cops, who ultimately shot Brandon.

Maggie still regrets what happened to Brandon to this day by her not standing up for him. She’s now telling Emma what happened because she doesn’t want her to make the same mistake with Audrey. She tells Emma that if she believes Audrey could never do these things they’re accusing her of then she needs to stick up for her friend. I’m not sure my parents would give me the same advice. In the end, Emma sticks up for Audrey by giving her a solid alibi where Emma was supposedly present. Let’s hope you didn’t help release a killer, Emma.

Will meets with the Mayor to give him back all the money he’s paid so far and the last remaining copy of the video he’s been blackmailed with. The Mayor was hesitant to shoot him but decides to leave him with just a warning instead. Little did he know that Will was setting him up. Will decided to recruit the local journalist Piper, to release some information. Just as the two are about to leave they notice they’re not alone. They try to get out of the abandoned building but of course, the door is locked. Ghostface sneaks up behind the two and gets a good slash at Will. Piper isn’t much help as she’s knocked out on the ground after hitting her head on a piece of concrete. Will can’t do anything but yell for Piper’s help as he gets dragged across the floor by Ghostface. I doubt this is going to end well for Will and Piper.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? Do you think Audrey had something to do with Nina’s murder? There’s a reason they found her DNA on the mask but I don’t understand why. I think Audrey only had a reason to kill Nina and maybe her boyfriend but not the other victims, especially Rachel. Is it crazy that Maggie feels bad for Brandon? If there’s proof that he’s a killer I don’t understand what would make you feel for him. Do you think the Mayor knows who the killer is? It’s odd that Ghostface popped up when only a few people knew about the location. Maybe Jake is trying to get back at Will for stealing the money and video. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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