Face Off Season 9 episode 2 recap: Siren Song

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Face Off Season 9 episode 2 starts at a US Coast Guard ship. We learn a little bit about the Coast Guard and how it’s their 225th anniversary. McKenzie supposedly gets to drive the ship. Yeah, right. Some of the artists rightfully question why they’re on this ship. It’s not like they’re just cruising for fun.

Well, of COURSE this cruise isn’t just to have a good time! The reason why everyone’s on a ship is because sirens are the most dangerous creatures of the sea. Theoretically. Sirens are creatures that lured mariners to their death with their beauty. Again, it’s the teams of two, this time randomly assigned. It’ll be exciting when we get to see more than 8 designs in 1 episode. The teams are:

  • Sidney & Omar
  • Brittany & Nora
  • Evan & Jason
  • Ricky & Ben
  • Scott & Stevie
  • Kevon & Meg
  • Missy & Libby
  • Jordan & Jasmine

The teams have deadly sea creatures they need to use as inspiration for their beautiful, deadly siren. Those creatures are:

And wow, just finding those links have made me realize that there are tons of really pretty, tiny things out there that could take me out.

This week’s workroom issues: There’s the usual locked mold. Other artists are problem-solving, fixing flaws in their prosthetic pieces. Libby had the idea to use feathers to create a spine-like form but unfortunately we don’t really get to see it. We just see her stripping the feathering off the spine which results in …. a stick.  Kevon is going to have to run one of his pieces on the last day which isn’t stressful at all. Especially when his polyfoam volcanoes all over the workroom floor.

Most teams are working well together, but Missy & Libby seem to have a little bit of miscommunication. This results in a muddy makeup job & thoughts like “I’m putting more black in it to get it to pop.” Hmmm… no. It’s about as much drama as we’re going to get from Face Off. Neither Omar nor Sidney really know how to do beauty makeup so their model is helping them out with the pretty basics. OMG – guys. If you’ve made it to Face Off & you’ve never done a beauty makeup, why not at least go down to Sephora & see how it’s done. Preferably in a non-creepy way. Jeez. It’s like Project Runway designers that say thinks like “I only know how to hand-sew. I’ve never used a machine.” Or RuPaul’s Drag Race designers saying “I don’t sew at all” when the first challenge is ALWAYS make a new outfit from scratch. Gahh!

And we get a quick payback for the lack of an elimination last week – two artists are going home tonight. McKenzie doesn’t say if they’ll be from the same team, but I assume that’s the case.

There’s a lot of ugly going on in these beauty makeups – lots of seams at the edges of the prosthetics. Missy is terrified again; perhaps she’s not ready for this.

Jason & Evan,

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Jason Evan

Jordan & Jasmine,

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Jordan Jasmine

Ricky & Ben,

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Ricky Ben

and Scott & Stevie

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Stevie Scott

are all in the mediocre middle & sent to the lounge. In the top are Kevon & Meg and Brittany & Nora. The bottom is Sidney & Omar and Missy & Libby. Ve Neill, regarding Missy & Libby’s creation: What man is going to be lured in by that? (Answer: Kevon.)

I thought Brittany & Nora’s model’s hair was supposed to glow, but I can’t see it which is disappointing. I can see the red wires in the image below, but if there’s a glow emanating from them, I can’t see it.

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Nora Brittany

Another bit of wisdom from the judges: Cabbage is never good for a character. See the head from Sidney & Omar below for reference.

Kevon & Meg win the challenge, with Meg taking the top spot. Her expression below was from before Meg knew they were a top look.

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Kevon Meg

The two artists leaving us tonight are Sidney and Omar.

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Sidney Omar

I’m a bit surprised because Libby was weak last week as well and Missy just seems so terrified I’m concerned she can’t handle it emotionally. Of the two, I would’ve sent Missy & Libby home based on the makeup below.

Face Off season 9 episode 2 Libby Missy

But what do I know?! Not much that’s for sure. But this episode taught me that cabbage head < forms Glenn Hetrick likes, regardless of crappy paint job & lack of relation to the inspiration creature. Their model has great teeth, though. I wish I didn’t know that through their creature makeup.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Face Off? Do you agree with the double elimination, or who got eliminated? Sound off below!


  1. Of the two, I would’ve sent Libby and Missy home as well…all that black, just looks like pure messy spray paint! But I guess they figured the work on the cowl was good enough to keep them, lucky I’m not a judge I guess. I suppose they kept the girls since he work on the cowl WAS looking like a bit more work, before all the paint was applied and considering how little the guys did, not even the paint job was amazing, and you and I know from watchin this show if the make-up is amazing it can save you from being eliminated, even get you in top looks if it’s TRULY amazing!

    P.S.S. I’m also upset with the “I don’t do beauty make-up” thing, like I don’t use machines, I don’t know how to sew, and the I’ve never done this style on the tattoo shows, it’s like you know it’s about being a Jack of All trades in different styles even if you are only a master at 1 or 2 styles…(sigh) it’s like they don’t watch their own shows they’re auditioning for Ruthie and you just want to scream out WHY MAN WHY?!?!?

    • I KNOW! I mean, for the first season, ok. Even the second if the show decides to re-do the format. But Face Off, like Drag Race, has been around for years. Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of horror/fantasy but YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE SOME THINGS LOOK PRETTY AT LEAST ONCE!

      At least with Face Off I can make the assumption that some contestants were kept in the running because of something the judges see that I just don’t get. Unlike, ahem, some eliminations in some OTHER reality shows…. I’ll let you fill in the rest.

  2. RUTHIE!!!!!! You’re doing face-off too?!?! You’re my TV soul-mate I KNOW IT! You appreciate the art of turning something into something else!

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