Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Crazy Olivia is back!

Amanda Watter

On the last episode of Devious Maids, Carmen’s little secret got out when she left her phone at Jacklyn’s house. Jacklyn made it clear that she was going to make Carmen’s life a living hell now that she found out Carmen was the one Sebastien was having an affair with. After realizing she left her phone at the house, Carmen came up with one of the most ingenious plans ever. However, I think she had some help from Sebastien with this one. She meets with Jacklyn to ask for her phone and purposefully asks if Sebastien had called her. Jacklyn is shocked by her asking, but Carmen lets her know that Sebastien is her realtor.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP10-ZoilaThe war of the maids continues in the Delatour household. It seems that whenever Zoila thinks she’s finally going to impress Dr. Neff, his maid Joy stomps in to ruin everything. She’s always one step ahead of Zoila and making sure that she comes out on top. During one little battle, the two fight over a cleaning a vase that belongs to Dr. Neff. Joy takes off running with it and ends up slipping on the newly waxed floors. In the process, she happens to dump the contents — the ashes of Dr. Neff’s mother — of the vase all over herself and the floor.

That’s when Joy opens up and tells Zoila about why she can never disappoint Dr. Neff. Her father left her when she was very young and once her mother got sick, Dr. Neff stepped in. Joy and her mother didn’t have the finances to cover her mother’s bills, but Dr. Neff helped them in their time of need. After Joy’s mother passed, Dr. Neff gave Joy this job and took her in like a daughter. He’s her father figure and she can’t let him know that she dumped his mother’s ashes all over the place. Zoila feels for Joy and decides to help her out despite their differences. She takes the dirt from the vacuum and places it inside the urn. Yes, that sounds a bit harsh but what would you do? It’s not like he’ll notice.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP10-MarisolMarisol tries to help Jesse get a job as a way to make up for the way she acted towards him the other day, but once she finds out that he’d be working for Michael’s crazy stalker ex-wife Olivia, she reconsiders. Olivia lets herself into Marisol’s house to chat with her and learn whether or not Jesse is a good candidate. Marisol doesn’t know what to do since she wants to help Jesse but also keep him far away from Olivia. Marisol ends up telling Olivia that Jesse is great but she’s not sure if she’d be a good match for him. Good call, Marisol. Let the psycho down easy.

Sure enough, Jesse is upset with Marisol for not landing him the job with Olivia, because she was willing to pay him a high salary and Marisol tries warning him about Olivia. That’s when Jesse makes it clear that they aren’t going to be getting back together any time soon. I guess Marisol was the one who had mentioned that Jesse needed more time but she didn’t realize what she said and now she regrets it. So that means the two are single again? I just want to know if Jesse is hiding anything because if not, they need to get back together. I ship them so hard! Marisol tells Jesse that she’ll talk to Olivia and make sure he gets the job.

Rosie has been noticing Taylor’s sudden interest in going to the gym. However, it’s odd when she comes home and never has a gym bag with her and looks like she’s just come off the runway. Rosie thinks Taylor is having an affair with her personal trainer but unfortunately I think it’s someone Rosie personally knows.

After Taylor leaves for the gym one day, Rosie rushes Miguel to put his shoes on so she can go follow her. I don’t think Rosie knows that when you’re following someone, you want to stay unseen. Instead, Rosie thinks it’s a Fast and Furious scene and blows through a stop sign to catch up. The two stop at a nearby park and that’s when Rosie finds out the truth. She spots Taylor sitting at a bench with Spence, but their visit is quick as Taylor gets up and leaves after smacking Spence across the face. I wonder what that was all about. Pobrecita, Rosie! She didn’t need to find out like this. I hope she confronts one of them about it.

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP10-Adrian-DeonEvelyn and Adrian need to be evaluated at their home by someone from the adoption agency to ensure Deion is in a good home. Evelyn doesn’t like the idea, because she knows how Adrian feels about the boy and if they interview him, they’ll take Deion back. Crazy Olivia offers some advice — along with pills to drug Adrian during the interview so he’ll be as happy as a clam. What Evelyn doesn’t know is that — surprisingly— Adrian and Deion have begun to bond with each other. Turns out Adrian didn’t know about the power an adoptive child has in a rich community.

When the time comes for the interview, Evelyn makes the drugged drink for Adrian. The only problem is Adrian wasn’t able to drink it — the lady from the adoption agency did. I think they’ll pass this interview at the moment since the lady seems to think feeding a little boy glass and poison is okay. Adrian tells Evelyn that he’d welcome Deion into the family if that’s what she wants. This clearly makes Evelyn beyond happy, but I hope Adrian truly cares for the boy in the end.

Carmen told Sebastien that they weren’t going to be able to see each other for a while because she had to focus on her getting her album life. Of course, Sebastien had to get one last romantic evening before their time away from each other. The entire time I was thinking someone was recording the two, but after not seeing anything the next day I thought Carmen got lucky.

Turns out Carmen wasn’t so lucky because she did have a Peeping Tom in the room while she was with Sebastien. During what was supposed to be her first live television interview to promote her album, Jacklyn debuted Carmen’s sex tape with Sebastien. I understand Jacklyn was trying to get back at Carmen, but didn’t she just break a ton of laws by doing this?

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP10-Rosie-TaylorRosie went to confront Spence, but he didn’t have much to say. He denied having an affair with Taylor but didn’t stop Rosie from leaving after she continued to accuse him. Taylor is the one who goes to Rosie and clears everything up. She tells Rosie that she isn’t having an affair with Spence. The two are in an addiction support group together and Taylor asked Spence to be her sponsor. She slapped Spence because he told her that with Rosie working for her, he thought things were getting too complicated and he couldn’t sponsor her anymore. Spence couldn’t say anything because the group is anonymous and he was protecting her. Taylor lets Rosie know how lucky she is to have such a great guy like Spence. I’ll believe this story … for now.

Dr. Neff really is a weirdo. He somehow figured out that his mother’s urn weighed less and when he opened it, knew that wasn’t his mother inside. Zoila took the blame for Joy, saying she was cleaning the urn when it dropped and she spilled some of the ashes. Dr. Neff is beyond furious and tells Zoila that he’ll be mentioning this to Genevieve once she returns home from visiting with Remi and Valentina. Dr. Neff lets Joy know that he has a plan up his sleeves to get rid of Zoila. In the end, he’s going to make Genevieve choose between him or her and he needs Joy’s help to convince Genevieve to pick him. I knew I didn’t like this guy!

Devious-Maids-Season3-EP10-CarmenAfter her life was ruined on national television, Carmen ends things with Sebastien. He tries convincing her that they can finally be together because Jacklyn wants a divorce but Carmen is through with Sebastien. Carmen tries to apologize to Jacklyn, but it’s clear she doesn’t care to hear anything Carmen has to say. What Jacklyn cares about is how she owns Carmen with the contract she signed. Now her revenge will live on forever since Carmen can’t make music with anyone else and her album will sit on a shelf to rot. Yikes, I knew Jacklyn was one tough lady you wouldn’t want to mess with!

Marisol and Rosie share some new gossip about the Stappords. Marisol tells Rosie about her meeting with Olivia and how she mentioned that she was having an affair with Michael. Rosie automatically thinks that Blanca knew about this and that’s why she was killed. Marisol then tells Rosie that they aren’t the only ones who think Blanca was murdered. During Marisol’s chat with Olivia, she mentioned how the Stappord’s maid was murdered. Everyone else thinks Blanca killed herself but Olivia just hinted that Blanca could have been murdered. It’s possible that Olivia could be the killer. I think these two maids are on to something but I hope they don’t end up like Blanca.

One thing is for sure- Olivia is a nutcase! We see her on the phone with someone talking about transferring money and how she’ll be taking over the job. Not only is that questionable but she then pulls a Britney Spears by shaving her head bald. I don’t know what she has planned with her new ’do but if she wanted to wear a wig she could’ve kept her hair.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Joy will come clean about the urn situation so she can try to save Zoila? She should at least try to defend her instead of trying to make Genevieve pick Dr. Neff over Zoila. Do you think Deion completes the Powell family? I think he really is a Powell with the way he’s able to get what he wants from people. Do you think Taylor and Spence are telling the truth? I think I believe them but I still think she’s seeing someone else. What will happen to Carmen’s career? Will Marisol warn Jesse about psycho Olivia now that she might be a murderer?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Devious Maids airs Mondays at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

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  1. How in the world did Jacklyn get Carmen & Sebastian on tape? Doesn’t Carmen have a room at the Powell’s home?

    • That’s what I was thinking! Then I thought, maybe Sebastien had something to do with it? With today’s technology, I’m sure Jacklyn could’ve easily hacked into Carmen’s computer and accessed her webcam.

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