Six Seeks Justice: Recap, Dark Matter, Episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

recap, dark matter, episode 8

The past of several Raza crew members comes into clearer focus in Episode 8, the best episode of the series so far, and we’re in the thick of it before the opening credits roll. Six is off the ship, hunting down the general responsible for the massacre of 10,000 civilians, and fatally shot – then disintegrates while the killers argue, as they needed him alive. Six is digging into his own past via Transfer Transit. He’s not dead, but his clone is. So Six sweet-talks the technician into sending him again without the mandatory 30 minute wait.

Android is in sick bay, where her internal repairs remain underway. Two checks her status as One sneaks up behind her for a surprise hug. Two takes him down. They may be lovers, but she wants him to stay professional.

With Android still under the weather, Two docks the Raza at the space station, and the crew disembarks with lists of supplies to purchase. But Four has to cajole Three into going – he’s busy cleaning his guns and beating himself up over Sarah’s death. First order of business on the space station: grub.

Six begs off -he’s starting his clone investigation, and won’t let Pixie join him. We see him get shot, then awake in the transfer pod with no memory of how it happened or who he was with. Since his clone didn’t make it back to the transfer pod before disintegration, Six has to try again to get the information he set out to get.

One, Two, Three and Four tie one on at dinner; Three’s drunk enough to start telling everyone why he likes them when Five arrives and tells them what Six is up to. She explains the Transfer Transit process – like “flesh and blood 3D printing,” sending your clone to any receiver pod in the galaxy.

recap, dark matter, episode 8

While Six make his second attempt, the rest of the Raza crew search his quarters. Five hacks his password and discovers he was researching the massacre.

Six’s clone is walking into a problem: they know he’s a clone and plan to torture him to learn the real Six’s location. But Six’s clone is ready for them. He takes control of the situation and demands a shuttle.

Meanwhile the rest of Team Raza is coming to terms with what Six is accused of. Five doesn’t believe it; Three and Four do. Four suggests they follow Six and find out for sure. Two sends One and Four to do this. They bribe the technician to send them where Six went.

We get a look at One’s true appearance when his clone emerges. confirming Jace Corso’s contention that One had plastic surgery to look like him. Four punches him, and is ready to inflict more damage, when One realizes his face is no longer Jace Corso’s face. He has to come clean with Four, then they go after Six.

Android wakes up to an apology from Five, who informs the Android that she’s observed that Android has feelings. (Congratulations!) Android denies this. They hug it out.

recap, dark matter, episode 8

One and Four encounter the same gang that Six did and pretend they’re after him for revenge. Six’s clone is with the general responsible for the massacre, who justifies the slaughter: there are no bloodless revolutions; hundreds die under the MultiCorps every day. A fist fight ensues and Six gets the upper hand, strangling the general. Well, the general’s clone, which disintegrates when it dies. One and Four come to the rescue.

Back on the ship, Two confronts One about lying regarding Jace Corso. It’s apparently true that he altered his appearance to get aboard the Raza pre-memory loss; why remains a mystery.

Two lectures the crew on the importance of honesty while wearing the bandage she doesn’t need on her neck. She demands honesty and trust and faith in each other. She posits that whoever wiped their memories did it to make it hard for them to work with each other, work together. Then she flounces.

Two checks Android’s health: no discernable abnormalities. She’s good as new.

Two tells Android about the crew’s need for trust and honesty; Android challenges her to come clean, which rattles Two, who didn’t realize anyone knew her secret.

Five chases down Six after his workout. The rest of the crew is going to a move on the space station: “Star Wars 36, remastered in full VR. They say it’s a classic.” Six turns her down.

Four contacts the Yashida Directorate and demands to speak with Hiro. He’s put through.

One runs the DNA scan from Transfer Transit through a genetic matching service. He’s really Derrick Moss, heir to Moss fortune, and married to Catherine, who was killed, allegedly by Marcus Boone, aka, Three.

Let’s hope they pick up here for Episode 9 – I want to be in the room when One and Three talk this out.