Total Divas Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: Divas on Overdrive

Scott Fishman

The saying “sisters before misters” was tested this week on Total Divas in two different scenarios.

First, Alicia Fox was none too happy when Paige backed out of moving in with her.Instead the raven-haired beauty decided to shack up with boyfriend Kevin Skaff, who just so happens to be in the band A Day to Remember. This leads to an uncomfortable scene at Alicia’s housewarming party where the host, clearly more than a little buzzed, basically ran down Paige and her choice in men.


Paige brought up the situation during a car ride to a show, which led to an argument between the two. Poor fellow diva Emma had a front row seat to this verbal spat in the backseat. It got so heated Paige actually left the car to ride with Trinity and her husband Jon. Trinity once again shows her Oprah side, serving as the voice of reason and laying down some solid advice to Paige. We later find out Alicia feels a little left out with everyone around her being in a relationship. She realizes strong feelings remain for her ex Wade Barrett, and Foxy was taking it out on Paige. The two make up.

total-divas-season-4-episode-4Elsewhere the little jabs Daniel Bryan gives to his sister-in-law Nikki Bella start to sting. So much in fact Nikki starts to wonder if Daniel really doesn’t like her. I mean I would question it too if someone put my clothes in a barn. Brie insists this isn’t the case and during a car ride puts him on speaker to confirm this. Daniel says his jokes are all in fun and he really does love her. Brie reminds Nikki of the time Daniel sent flowers to her on Valentine’s Day when she didn’t have a valentine.

Natalya lives up to her cat lady reputation when she takes in 18 felines from Rebels Rescue in an effort to find them homes. Even when his wife has the best intentions, husband TJ begins to notice a pattern with her always saying yes. The Yes! woman agrees to let Adam Rose, Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater ride with them to the next town. Slater mentions a friend he knows who owns a restaurant they can stop for dinner. When they get there, it’s revealed to be a strip club. TJ is not happy and exits back to the car. Natalya comes to the realization that she needs to adopt less of Daniel’s Yes! into her vocabulary.

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