#TCA15: Who let the freaks out? Todrick!

Todrick Hall Ryan Berenz

On a Wednesday morning at the TCA Summer Press Tour, there’s nothing that will wake a person up faster than “Who Let the Freaks Out?”

I grew up in the 1980s, and it was my understanding that the freaks came out at night, not at 9am on a Wednesday. So I had to pose the question to YouTube star Todrick Hall, who is getting his own MTV series premiering Aug. 31.

ME: Hi, guys. Good morning. First question, who did let the freaks out, and who is, then, responsible for putting the freaks back in?

TODRICK HALL: Well, I think I should say I’m responsible for letting the freaks out. I have, like, created this group off of people I met from craigslist. I met Nicole one day at the MAC counter. I met Chester we did “Hairspray” together. He was the nicest kid. I was one of the black kids from across the street. We met up. We danced “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” and the rest is history. So I’m responsible for letting the freaks out, for sure. And no one is going let the freaks back in, to answer your second question.

Todrick Hall

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