Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 7: Blacklights & teams!

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Skin Wars Season 2 Episode 7 begins with a circus challenge. Kyle is an aerial ice skater, which I don’t quite get, but he’s really excited for this week’s challenge. This makes me nervous for his chances today. Don’t take away my quirky Kyle yet! (And don’t be so obvious. Contestant loves challenge = they’re going home. We get it.)

These classic circus paints are meant to appear in front of a circus themed background. Aryn goes with a person shooting out of a cannon. Avi does a lizard woman. Cheryl Ann does a balancing elephant. Lana does a sword swallower. Kyle does a big top clown. And Rio does the strongest man in the world. 10,000 pounds of black balls!

Aryn, Cheryl Ann and Rio are the top 3 painters for this mini-challenge with Aryn taking top honors & $5,000 worth of body paint & stuff.

Aryn Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

The mainstage challenge is a modern-day interpretation of the circus. Three performers from the Lucent Dossier Experience avant garde circus perform. They are going to be the models for this challenge, which means that teams of 2 get 3 models to paint in 6 hours. The teams are:

  • Avi and Aryn
  • Rio and Lana
  • Kyle and Cheryl Ann

These teams also have to incorporate UV paint – a paint you can’t see unless you’re in the blacklight. Fun!

Back at the painters house the teams talk about what problems the other teams will have. Very little is shown of the discussions the teams have about their own paints. I’m sure they talk about that.

Rio & Lana performance Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

Cheryl Ann consults with Kyle a lot. A lot more than one might expect. Certainly more than he was expecting. Kyle’s been seen being nice to Cheryl Ann. Not sure if that’s why she’s deferring to him. We’re having a bit of a character-switch with Cheryl Ann & I don’t feel like I’ve been adequately set up for that. Why isn’t her classically-trained alphaness kicking in?

Rio & Lana Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

This is the first time we’re seeing Avi sweat. He’s not used to hand painting so things are taking him a lot longer than usual. Pffft – whatever Avi.

Aryn & Avi performance Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

As this week’s guest judge, Frank Gatson, choreographer, brings more Drag Race to Skin Wars.

Aryn & Avi Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

The performers all really look amazing. The blacklight colors are super vibrant.

Kyle & Cheryl Ann performance Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

Rio and Lana are the winning team, unsurprisingly with Lana taking the top prize. The losing team is Cheryl Ann and Kyle, with Kyle (NOOOOOO!) going home because he took the lead on the project.

Kyle & Cheryl Ann Skin Wars season 2 episode 7

Does that paint above look like Kyle took the lead? No, no it does not. Apparently Cheryl Ann’s strategy continues – make Kyle think he’s taking the lead when he’s not really at all.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Can nothing take Cheryl Ann down?


  1. On skin wars it only showed up to season 2, show number 6. Why did it stop? I want more to watch….. Love the show….

  2. I really wish the judges would send Cheryl Ann home. She should’ve went home with that disgusting make over of Nicki Minaj. Why would they send Kyle home and not her? I hope Rio or Avi wins!!!! They’re the best two!!!!

  3. Lana and Rio hit it out of the ball park this week. I’m glad Lana won.

    I’ve accepted that they’re keeping Cheryl Ann around for the annoyance factor and that in and of itself annoys me.

    Frank Gatson as the guest judge – Woo-hoo!! Not only has he done Drag Race but he was on Drag U for all 3 years. I think we’re getting closer to Michelle being a guest judge. We may get our wish. If we do get our wish I think it will the last or second to last episode.

    • Well the show certainly isn’t giving Cheryl Ann any other storyline, so I guess we’re stuck with annoying! I can’t tell if she’s playing it up or if she’s really clueless as to how she comes across.

      You may be right about Michelle. We got Rebecca on Drag Race. Why not have Michelle on Skin Wars?

  4. I was sad to see Kyle go. I just can’t stand that “butter won’t melt in my mouth” Cheryl Ann. And that curtsy bit-please. I would really like to see Lana or Rio take it home.

    • Yeah, I thought Kyle was sweet, and the attitude shift was so dramatic from Cheryl Ann that I wondered if she was setting him up to take the fall. Seems a little unlikely though, because everyone seemed to like Kyle.

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