Scream episode 5 recap: Broken ties

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On the last episode of MTV’s Scream, Emma’s first time with Will was uploaded to everyone’s phone through Nina’s laptop. While trying to figure out who was responsible for recording her, she gets a phone call from Ghostface. Seems like he might be a suspect. as well. My guess is that Jake has something to do with this little video and Nina wasn’t so innocent either.

Scream-EP5-EmmaThere’s a new detective on the case — an old friend of the Sheriff’s. While at the vigil she asks Emma if she’d be able to stop by the sheriff’s office to speak with her. During Emma’s speech about Riley, she realizes Ghostface is watching her in the crowd when she gets a video from him. She then gets a text warning her that if she rats him out to this new detective, she’ll receive her mother’s heart in a box next.

Yikes! What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? Emma becomes so paranoid that she thinks she sees Ghostface in the crowd and starts to panic.

During her chat with the detective, Emma dismisses anything weird happening between her and the private caller who has been harassing her. The detective tells Emma that she thinks the connection between all the murders has something to do with her and her family. There were clues left behind for only the medical examiner to detect — which happens to be Emma’s mom. The only survivor of the Brandon James killing spree is Emma’s father and now Emma is left to pick up the remaining pieces. She does have a point.

Brooke meets with Jake to let him know that she can’t keep lying to Emma about what happened freshman year with the tape that was released. He warns her not to tell Emma anything without Will knowing but it looks like the cat’s already out of the bag. Emma walks in to hear Brooke talking about the situation and now it’s caught her attention. You just can’t keep your mouth shut, can you Brooke?

Turns out Nina made a bet with Will that he couldn’t get Emma to sleep with him within a month. Will took the bet and he immediately took action. He walked over to Emma to talk to her for the first time and invited her to his game. Wow you gave up that easily, Emma? You should’ve known something was up if this was the first time you guys had ever talked.

The Mayor goes to meet with his blackmailer to give him the money. Turns out his blackmailer doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t have the full amount that he asked for. He threatens the Mayor by putting a knife up to his neck and makes sure to show the Mayor he’s still in charge. He shows the Mayor that he still has the video and can use it to his advantage to exploit the Mayor. The Mayor is given another day to get the full amount of money he promised. The people behind this blackmailing ordeal, none other than Jake and Will. Doesn’t surprise me that Will wants to walk away with the cash they have but Jake pressures him to stay in for the gold.

While Mr. Branson is away from his computer at school, Noah and Audrey get a chance to sneak in and check out what he has on it. Noah finds out that Jake, Nina, and Riley all had gained access to it and he thinks that he might have killed them in order to keep the secrets hidden. It wouldn’t surprise me that the teacher who is sleeping around with his student also has some kind of involvement with his students’ murders. This Mr. Branson guy is really starting to give me the creeps.

Scream-EP5-KieranOld relationships are breaking and new ones are budding. Since Will lied about knowing what happened with the tape, Emma made it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Looks like she’s moved on to the new guy, Kieran instead. Don’t blame you for dumping Will but remember to keep your guard up. Emma’s mom Maggie also starts a new relationship, with Kieran’s father. Yeah, that’s kind of creepy that she and her daughter are dating in the same family but at least it’s the Sheriff?

Jake goes over to Brooke’s house with pizza as a peace offering for what he’s about to tell her. He lets her know that he’s thinking about improving himself too so that’s why he’s going to let her in on a secret that he’s known for a while. Jake tells Brooke that Tyler and Nina had a video of her dad doing things he shouldn’t be and that the late couple were blackmailing her dad with it. To continue the journey on the lie train, Jake tells Brooke that he’s never seen this video and that Will picked up right where the two left off when they died. Sure, Will is the one interested in blackmailing the letter not Jake. I think Jake mentioned all this at Brooke’s house on purpose because her dad overheard the conversation through the cameras and now has it out for Will.

Scream-EP5-Jake-Brooke-videoJake shows Brooke the video and it is quite alarming to watch. It shows Brooke’s father dragging a body out of his trunk into the house. The even scarier part is that with the timestamp, this puts the video at a day after her mom supposedly left. Her father recently told her that he lied about her mother’s whereabouts and instead had to put her in rehab. It doesn’t look like she’s in rehab or on vacation near the beach anywhere.

Kieran takes Emma to a deserted location in the woods at night which would freak me out. At this point I’d be waiting for the right time to run away and call the cops because it looks like he’s going to kill her! He even brings a gun along with them but he tells her it’s for her to get over her fears. He has her do a little target practice with some cans but she’s new at this. Kieran on the other hand doesn’t miss a single can. Makes you kind of wonder. He tries to offer her the gun for her protection but she tells him she can’t take it. Things get fired up after their little shooting session making it clear Emma has moved on from Will.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Scream? The new detective was able to hack into Nina’s laptop so what do you think they found? It seems like this new detective is actually making progress in the murders which the Sheriff wasn’t able to do. I wonder if that’s because he’s trying to hide something or just bad at his job. What do you think Jake has planned for Will now that he’s lied about not being involved with the blackmailing? It may look a bit odd if the blackmailing continues and something happens to Will. Do you really think the Mayor killed his wife? I wouldn’t want to live in the same house if I were Brooke. What do you think will happen with Kieran and Emma’s new relationship? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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