Animal Planet statement on passing of Kipenzi the Giraffe

kipenzi-giraffeBack in April, Animal Planet live-streamed and aired live the birth of a giraffe at the Dallas Zoo. Yesterday, sadly, that young giraffe — named Kipenzi — died in an accident that occurred while she was running in her enclosure.

Animal Planet issued the following statement this morning:

“Like our friends and fellow animal lovers at the Dallas Zoo and around the world, Animal Planet is completely heartbroken after learning of the tragic news of Kipenzi’s death.

“The 24×7 coverage we offered of Katie’s pregnancy and Kipenzi’s birth was one of the most exciting and beautiful projects we have undertaken in our network’s history. In her short time, Kipenzi provided an intensely powerful reminder of the miracle of birth and the beauty of the natural world.

“This extremely sad news underscores nature’s fragility. Our sincerest sympathy goes out to all of our partners in Texas and to everyone with whom we shared Kipenzi’s momentous arrival earlier this year.”


Photo courtesy of Dallas Zoo